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Jenin: the last few days of attack

12-10-2003 20:49

"give me liberty or give me death"
the massive arrests in Jenin area and curfew on the town this week

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Why the ''Free Market'' despises Open Source software

12-10-2003 20:31

The Microsoft's assualt on open source is like the WTO "free trade" conflict -- a massively subsidised, genetically modified, machinery and chemical-warfare wielding colossus at war with a tiny malnourished day labourer armed with a mattock.

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Stop GW Bush's visit - Gtr Manchester Activist meeting 16th Oct

12-10-2003 18:26

The Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War is hosting an open meeting and brain- storming session to plan for a whole range of different protests for GW Bush's state visit to the UK on 19th, 20th,21st Nov.
Venue The Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester city centre. Thursday 16th October @ 7pm . Absolutely everybody welcome.
(pdf flyer for meeting with this message)

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Free the Thessaloniki 8 news Broadcasts

12-10-2003 18:12

Qucktime videos of the London Tonight broadcasts and interviews re Thessaloniki 8 hunger strike.

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Gi Special! - promotion call-out

12-10-2003 17:21

2/Majority Of Americans Say Iraq War Not Worth It
5/Outrage Over Making Soldiers Pay For Leave Tickets;Bush Should Pay!!
6/Pentagon Incompetence Killed U.S. Soldiers; Cancelled Friendly Fire Protection “Too Costly”
7/101st Airborne In Deep Shit;Nobody Ready To Replace Them In February
8/British Reservists Getting Out ASAP Long Tours Of Duty In Iraq Too Much
10/Democratic Party Unanimously Votes For More Dead American Troops;


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Incitement 2... Monthly Radical Film Showings In Leeds

12-10-2003 16:39

Monthly radical film Showings come to Leeds' Packhorse Pub.

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12-10-2003 15:18

AT this moment, nobody doubts that the Bush administration’s new foreign policy is basically one of military intervention, without respecting international institutions or world public opinion. The excuse of fighting terrorism has been demonstrated as the perfect alibi to substitute the previous one: the threat of Communism during the Cold war. Other less effective reasons lie behind it, not so effective as the anti-drug fight. The silence of the United Nations after the Iraq invasion, the European Union (EU)’s copycat behavior and the ferocious control it maintains on the great majority of Arab countries via puppet dictators thus guaranteeing impunity to the U.S. government.
The United States has not forgotten to send out sound bites on its next military objectives — Syria, Korea, Iran and Cuba. Just as in Iraq, the strategy begins by sowing seeds in international institutions, friendly governments and world public opinion suggesting complicity with international terrorism in those countries that are the object of intervention.

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The Sunday Papers

12-10-2003 14:34

creepy crawly six legs good antenna brilliant hive links wow & the smell thing?!
It has been long observed that people for some reason on their non-banking days readily absorb shite about Dangerous Places, Famous People, Sensible Saving Options, Holidays, Interesting facts, Sport results, Media, gardening and health as well looking ahead at “incoming issues” including the period between 1492 and today.

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Is the United States of America plotting to murder Venezuela’s President?

12-10-2003 14:29

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez cancelled a planned trip last month to the United Nations General Assembly’s opening debate, explaining that he did so because of a potential threat on his life. His government’s intelligence agencies had reportedly warned of a plot backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to sabotage his plane in flight from Caracas to New York City.

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ISM Olive harvest: 5 ISM Volunteers Snatched By Israeli Soldiers

12-10-2003 13:37

October 12, 2003; 1430 hrs Jerusalem Time

For Immediate Release


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Funeral Options: Cremation, Burial or Perhaps, Freeze Dry?

12-10-2003 12:02

A Disturbing Presence by Joy Lee Rutter
Again, pets have more options than humans do. Why is it acceptable to have our deceased pets preserved for display, but not our loved ones?

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Crack the WEF

12-10-2003 11:45

Das WEF in Davos, widerspenstig und auch im Jahre 2004 wieder aktuell!
Die Mobilisierung für den Protest gegen das WEF 2004 laufen auf Hochtouren.
Deswegen haben wir die Informationsplattform Dort findet man aktuelle News und Text, Workshops, Bilder, Termine und
Links zum Thema WEF. Zusätzlich wird eine CD-Rom gestaltet, auf
welcher die wichtigsten Inhalte der Page publiziert werden und welche
auch zur Mobilisation verwendet werden soll.
Wenn ihr Lokal öffentliche Veranstaltungen durchführt, so meldet uns
dies doch bitte! Für diskrete Informationen bitte den Datenaustausch
oder email per PGP verschlüsseln, da unsere Freunde vom SS sicherlich
nicht auf den Zufall vertrauen werden.

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Save Stonehenge!!! World Heritage Site threatened by roadbuilding scheme..

12-10-2003 11:28

The British government wants to build a new 4-lane highway through the Stonehenge World Heritage site and its surrounding landscape.
We want to stop them.
Less than 20% of the highway will be in a tunnel.
Over 80% will be bulldozed at ground level or in deep cuttings.
This highway will be massively destructive of the landscape around Stonehenge.
"...barbaric... No other country in the world would contemplate treating a site which is a world icon in such a way." Lord Kennet

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Oxford man in Afghanistan

12-10-2003 10:21

I have been in Kabul for a month now working for the UN concerning the elections due next year and am monitoring the political situation in a country with Bush as the real president. Luckerly Afghans are fercely independant.

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Activist groups at Oxford University Freshers' Fair

11-10-2003 23:29

The Oxford University Freshers' Fair was a real success for the social justice and anti corporate globalization groups.

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What are the danger's of being microchipped....

11-10-2003 22:58

this is about the danger's of being microchipped copied from another site the commentary follows the first article.

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Return to Menwith

11-10-2003 22:35


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11-10-2003 21:54

PHONY LETTERS FROM OUR SOLDIERS IN IRAQ?: This is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a while. I was tipped off by the folks at American Politics Journal about the appalling possibility that someone wrote a letter about how wonderful things are in Iraq, near Kirkuk, and signed several soldiers' names to the letter without them approving it, or their knowledge.