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"Genoa Red Zone" screening in Cambridge

04-05-2004 17:40

Hi folks, another film offering for your discerning vision, 7.30pm this Sunday (May 9th) in the back room of the Locomotive on Mill Road.

Genoa Red Zone
80 minutes

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The False Promises of Finance Capitalism: Interview with Walden Bello

04-05-2004 17:07

"Capitalism in the North had a clear Keynesian orientation up to the 1980s. In the time after the great world economic crisis and after the Second World War, state interventions played a dominant role for stabilizing the economy..Globalization is nothing but a new subjugation of the South.." Walden Bello was awarded the 2003 Alternative Nobel Prize.

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Person of the Year - The American Soldier

04-05-2004 16:51

Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2003 was.....The American Soldier.

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STOP THE WALL: Palestinians Uniting in Fight Against the Apartheid Wall!

04-05-2004 16:36

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
May 02, 2004

Palestinians Uniting in Fight Against the Apartheid Wall!

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[Nablus] Casualty Toll Mounts as Sharon Turns up the Heat

04-05-2004 16:26

May 2, 2004

Casualty Toll Mounts as Sharon Turns up the Heat, by Kole/ISM Nablus

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Plymouth Unite Launch

04-05-2004 15:36

The May Bank Holiday saw the official launch of Plymouth's Unite Against Fascism branch.
Bands, DJ's and speakers played to about 150 people, and stalls did a brisk trade in leaflets, stickers, bdges and T-shirts.

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Terrorised Into Being Consumers

04-05-2004 14:46

Camcorder Guerillas presents

A film by Erik Gandini
Duration: 52 minutes
10th May, 8.30pm, Mono, Glasgow

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Legalise cannabis march and free festival

04-05-2004 14:19

This sixth annual legalise cannabis march and festival takes places in south London this Saturday, the 8th of May. This years event is expected to be the biggest yet.

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Leeds Peaceniks

04-05-2004 14:18

Leeds Peaceniks for nonviolent resistance to war and militarism

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an odd show of RESPECT

04-05-2004 13:34

after having a look on the net, I found an interesting article in relation to the leader of MAB Anas Al-Tikriti and his "reasons for standing" for RESPECT.

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Sea Shepherd Crew Save Sea Turtle from Taiwanese Long-Line

04-05-2004 13:30

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society flagship Farley Mowat came across and confiscated 25 kiilometers of monofilament long-line on April 30, 2004.

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Rev Billy on the Radio

04-05-2004 13:29

Video clips of Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel choir on the ain in NYC. Billy and the Choir will be in London this summer

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Gulf War Veteran starts hunger protest

04-05-2004 13:00

As of midnight May 1st 2004 Mr Alex Izett a former
soldier and veteran of the 1990-91 Gulf War has commenced a personal protest at the treatment of Gulf War Syndrome veterans by the UK Ministry of Defence by going on hunger strike.

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URGENT ACTION: In Colombia, Police attack on May Day Demonstrators

04-05-2004 12:51

Demonstrators in Cali turned out in record numbers on May 1st to oppose the privatisation of public services including education and health care and the criminalisation of social protest imposed by the neoliberal policies of President Alvaro Uribe Velez. However, on more than five occasions during what was an otherwise peaceful protest officers from the special police force ESMAD (Anti-disturbance Squadron) employed CS and tear gas, pepper spray and used excessive force against demonstrators. The worst of such attack occurred at 12am on Calle 5, Carrera 34 outside the Parque de las Banderas.

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Help needed with film about India and Bhutan

04-05-2004 12:03

Help is needed from the West Country in making a film about the forces behind and reasons why people are moving from the rural areas to the cities in India and Bhutan.

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REEL CHANGE film screening

04-05-2004 11:57

REEL CHANGE is back on the 4th of May for a night of radical films and inspiration for independent film-makers, die-hard idealists and love making revolutionaries.

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Foreign Nationals in Cambridge

04-05-2004 10:58

Earlier this morning I was sat in the foyer of Cambridge Parkside police station when my gaze fell upon a notice on the wall regarding `Reporting to the Police...'

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Dutroux: questions about autopsy-report

04-05-2004 10:37

Any weeks ago 'The Sprout' published a photo of two children of the so named Dutroux-case (Belgium) that were murdered. The official version says that Julie and Melissa 'starved to death' but the photo proved that they were murdered on a horrible way. Are the belgian media free to write openly and what may be the reason that they are obliged to silence about some subjects? What is the situation in the other European countries ?

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council keen to help cafe afrika

04-05-2004 10:18

The council is being quite helpful to cafe afrika it seems.

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Des Warren died April 24th, his funeral this Wednesday 5th May

04-05-2004 08:37

Des Warren died on April 24th, his funeral is this Wednesday 5th May 11.15am at Blacon Crematorium Chester.