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In London for Anarchist bookfair this weekend? Rubbish!

20-10-2005 16:45

If you are going to be in London for the anarchist boof fair then...

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Trial of B J Murdoch

20-10-2005 15:40

May be sensational - but
Joanne Lees has, in spite of all these factual misgivings listed above about her own credibility and her account of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Peter Falconio, been granted leave to testify in court - albeit against a man whose past life style tends to pre-judge him.

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Deaths in Custody - 7th UFFC Remembrance Procession - October 29th London

20-10-2005 15:33

Saturday 29th October 2005 is the United Friends and Family Campaign’s annual Remembrance Procession in London for those who have died in custody.

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Hanover Square Squatted Social Centre

20-10-2005 14:55

Hanover Square is a squatted social centre near Leeds City Centre.

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Secret agents brief Bracks on 'seditious' protest

20-10-2005 14:39

"Our intelligence suggests that certain individuals disaffected with Premier Bracks and other State and Territory leaders will gather at Parliament House at 1pm on Saturday 22 October," said an agency spokesperson.

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Resist the expansion of Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport

20-10-2005 14:17

A ‘masterplan’ has been produced detailing plans to massively expand passenger numbers at Southampton Airport despite the fact that aviation is the fastest growing emitter of greenhouse gases. You can get a copy of the masterplan sent to you by phoning 02380 627141. No formal planning application has been put in yet, but it is worth noting out that the decision on any planning application will be with Eastleigh Borough Council, not Southampton.

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Anchor Cultural Diversity in International Law!

20-10-2005 12:54

Making the theme cultural diversity the subject of a convention was urgent through the extension of the WTO and its services agreement GATS to education, culture, social necessities and the media. Culturally-specific rules in a UNESCO convention should be set alongside commercial law.

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Hunt master hit three protesters with whip

20-10-2005 12:15

a huntsman was convicted on tuesday of assault after being caught on video beating sabs with his whip.

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UK's shoot-to-kill policy #LAST UPDATED 19/09/05

20-10-2005 11:40

Analysis and commentary on the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and subsequent events.

The author is experiencing difficulties [censorship] posting to usenet although this article has been posted previously.


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Fight for a living wage

20-10-2005 10:32

After battles upon battles, Queen Mary's College still hasn't got the message! Demo planned for Thursday 27th October, 4pm, Bancroft Road E1

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Social Economy Conference 2005

20-10-2005 09:56

The Social Economy conference is an important step in trying to marry real social change (through the social economy) with the illusionary arts of art, media and design. This is not to hoodwink people but make the social economy visible, thus allowing people to make an educated choice about what they want.

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Financial Times: Cheney 'cabal' hijacked US foreign policy

20-10-2005 09:42

“What I saw was a cabal between the vice-president of the United States, Richard Cheney, and the secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld on critical issues, that made decisions that the bureaucracy did not know were being made."

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Zapatistas Request Aid for Storm Victims

20-10-2005 09:20

This was has been posted from the Chiapas95 list. To subscribe to the list, go to:

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small WORLD interview with Bobbie Pires, George Bush voodoo dolls

20-10-2005 08:11

Interview with artist, Bobbie Pires.

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Smoking Bans: Liabilty Dodge By Big Cig...and Pesticides etc

20-10-2005 01:19

"Smoking" bans are presented as "wholesome" and "concerned" about health. They are nothing of the sort. They put blame and burdens of law on victims of the broad cigarette cartel...including many pesticide firms etc and all their insurers and investors and gov't allies.

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RAF officer faces jail over ‘illegal war’

20-10-2005 00:18

AN RAF officer could be jailed for refusing to serve in Iraq because he believes that the war there was illegal.

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Urgent Call for Relief: Guatemala

19-10-2005 23:09

debris from a landslide
All over southern Mexico and Central American thousands have lost loved ones, homes and crops from Hurricane Stan's devastation. These communities may never recover.

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Websense blocks Indy Media

19-10-2005 21:48

Websense internet filter
Indy Media blocked due to being categorised as an 'advocacy group'

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Halloween Arms Industry Dinner

19-10-2005 20:18

it's halloween, so dress appropriately
The Defence Industry Dinner is being hosted by General Sir Michael Walker, the Chief of Defence Staff. It will take place in the elegant surroundings of The Banqueting House.

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The ill childhood of Ari Vatanen's son at UK's boarding school

19-10-2005 19:55

Today's YP writes about reveals Kim Vatanen's - the son of Ari Vatanen - ill childhood based on nature writer Juha Jormanen's book "Hell Isle - Kim Vatanen's seven years in Boarding School [Helvetinsaari - Kim Vatasen seitsemän vuotta sisäoppilaitoksessa (Gummerus)]". Article also reveals how Kim Vatanen had to use therapy improving his mental health.