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irish protester tortured in genoa speaks on national radio in ireland

22-08-2001 18:50

An Irish protester who was tortured in jail appears on drivetime radio on national Irish Radio. Apalling things happened to him. Very Orwellian in all the worst ways. He speaks for ten minutes about 17 minutes into this realaudio clip. the address is

RTE is Irelands national broadcaster and this is from the show 5/7 live which is one of the most widely listened to radio shows in Ireland. I was amazed when I heard this and you'll see why. Cracks are beginning to appear everywhere.

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Sighthill The Way Forward - Unity Against Racism & Poverty

22-08-2001 18:33

Following the recent tragic events in Sighthill, Glasgow, with one asylum seeker Firsat Dag killed, others attacked, inflammatory media coverage, and a demand for resources ignored by the Council, the people of Sighthill tenants, asylum seekers and refugees, have come together to organise a march this Saturday.

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IMC Israel Journalist XXXXTortured, Forced In Army, Flees to Palestine

22-08-2001 18:00

I have fled into Palestinian controlled “Area A” after being involuntarily inducted into the Israeli military.
I fled because I was involuntarily drafted into the army and have been tortured by Israeli security service agents.

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Los Angeles Sheriffs train Genoa Police - not the LAPD

22-08-2001 16:49

The LASD, not the LAPD trained Genoa police in Baton Use

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Darcus in Davos C4 Tonight

22-08-2001 13:15

Darcus Howe, self proclaimed "Devil's Advocate", is proving to be one of Britain's most incisive commentators. His current series "Slave Nation" will cast a critical, sympathetic eye on the recent action in Davos; Channel 4, Wedensday, 21:00.

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Kazakhstan: Workers Suicide Sparks Mass Protests

22-08-2001 12:25

Kazakhstan is the testing-ground where the giants of big business try out their plans to subjugate workers in Russia and other parts of the ex-Soviet Union. These plans include the most severe repression, beatings and jailings of trade unionists, who sometimes die as a result of the appalling
prison conditions. But the desperate poverty, non-payment of wages etc, has driven workers to carry on fighting regardless of the consequences.

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Benefit this Friday for 'Chilean night' of Genoa

22-08-2001 11:23

Music, Food, Videos, exhibition, infostalls

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Work of Arabunna Peacemaker Recognised

22-08-2001 11:15

Australian Aboriginal Peacekeeper Kevin Buzzacott to recieve
2001 Nuclear-Free Future Award in Eire.

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22-08-2001 11:08

Roberto Fiore , on the run for the Bologna bombing
Blair refused to extradite him.

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22-08-2001 11:06

A compilation of notices, stories and opinions posted to
the Independent Media Center network, concerning the United States' prison-industrial complex, inspired by the Philadelphia IMC's coverage of last week's American Correctional Association yearly convention.

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Alternative media up against CNN

22-08-2001 10:01

We need your help

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Write to Euan Blair!!!

21-08-2001 21:02

Idea for a new campaign.
Write letters to Euan Blair and try to "convert him to the cause". We'll make an anticapitalist out of that lad!

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The Dragon Strikes Back!

21-08-2001 20:52

Non Corporate writer!

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More pics from Genova

21-08-2001 20:41


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Boxfresh Zapatista Victory!

21-08-2001 19:28

Boxfresh Zapatista Victory!
After a campaign consisting of internet activity, graffiti and eventually dressing up and leafleting, the Space Hijackers have managed to get Boxfresh to change their ways.

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J. David Galland's "A Macedonia Style of Peace"

21-08-2001 18:16

NATO deludes the world to believe that Peace springs eternal in Macedonia. Read The Truth... J.David Galland

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After Genoa: Asking the Right Questions - by Starhawk

21-08-2001 16:38

Okay, I really do promise to stop ranting and raving and sending emails about Genoa, but not just yet...Starhawk

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A 20 in Germany

21-08-2001 14:42

Actions, demos, rallies etc. took place in more than 30 German towns and cities as part of the Global Day of Action on 20 August 2001.

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Solidarity protests

21-08-2001 14:13

Solidarity protests
Monday saw a day of solidarity actions happen around the world as concerned citizens voiced their objections to the Italian authorities brutal defence of the G8 summit in Genoa and the abuse of protesters detained.

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Terrorist Thug Boasts: "Thanks to Uncle Sam, Macedonians are no match for us!"

21-08-2001 12:07

Terrorist Thug Boasts
"Thanks to Uncle Sam, Macedonians are no match for us!"

Eyewitness report by Scott Taylor