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Sangatte to be closed

27-09-2002 17:26

Press release from the home office: French and British government will close the refugee camp in Sangatte. Refugees will be returned by the UNHCR and the International Organisation for Migration.

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Bush admin planned "regime change" before election

27-09-2002 15:47

The hawkish clique around Bush has been advocating regime change in Iraq for the last decade, look at the papers produced by their right-wing think tanks. Who is in any doubt that regime change in Iraq has less to do with weapons of mass desruction or getting rid of nasty dictators and far more to do with a policy aggresive US self interest.

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Video of Manchester's Johno to miss City play to fight war in Iraq

27-09-2002 15:41

Filmed in Johno's flat - this short illustrates Dodgy TV's presenter Johno's commitment to the Anti War Cause.

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Hundreds arrested already in DC IMF / World Bank protests

27-09-2002 15:10

by 10am washington time today over 300 had already been arrested...

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One Solution...Revolution

27-09-2002 15:02

If you hate bush and blair and stand for revolution join the SPARK contigent on the 'don't attack Iraq' demo sat 28th embankment 1pm. 'One solution...Revolution'

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Latest from World Bank/IMF protests in Washington DC

27-09-2002 14:49

Breaking News 9/27/02

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27-09-2002 13:05

Final information about the Anticapitalist Bloc on tomorrow's Don't Attack Iraq/Freedom for Palestine demo about meet-up

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WORLD BANK & IMF Protests in DC

27-09-2002 12:43

Indymedia reporters being targeted and arrested at protests
its now 8.45 am in Washington DC

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Tube strike: refund, hurt them twice!

27-09-2002 12:41

Claim back your tube fairs from the management, and give it to the tubeworkers to keep up their fight against privatisation of our transport system.

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Iraq/Israel double standards confusion

27-09-2002 12:40

The oft repeated argument is that there are double standards being applied by the international community concerning resolutions on Israel and Iraq. To clear up some widespread misconceptions these are the facts about those relevent UN resolutions.

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Zionazis are starting world War to Seize All The Middle East and World

27-09-2002 11:59

Zionazis are starting world War to Seize All The Middle East and World

The task was simple, deny the evidence, cover-up the embarrassing arrest of two Israelis with an explosives-tainted truck, and give the media a reason to return to the mantra of "all terror is caused by Muslims" But what started as a simply attempt to spin the news away from the Israelis arrested in Washington State has backfired on the Bush administration in a big way.

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27-09-2002 11:50

It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

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Smacks of Conspiracy

27-09-2002 11:38

Achievements of the war on terror and drugs.

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More Than a Flag

27-09-2002 10:52

When two Israeli soldiers stood at the ruins of what was once called the Presidential Compound in Ramallah, and as they raised the flag of the "victor", they hardly knew that the flag of Palestine was also raised.

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Australians against the war

27-09-2002 09:58

former Australian heads of state and Chiefs of the Defence Force condem unjustified war with Iraq in open letter to The Australian (paper)

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Israel: Above the Law (by Latuff)

27-09-2002 09:58

Israel: Above the Law (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Groups Organizing NVCD To Oppose Iraq War

27-09-2002 09:49

Groups Opposed to a New U.S. War Against Iraq
Organizing For Nonviolent Civil Disobedience
Desert Storm II is already heavily resembling Nam - at least that's how
it seems to those of us who had relatives fighting in Nam!
From the radio newsmagazine
Between The Lines

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The United States supplied Iraq with Bioweapons

27-09-2002 09:43

West Nile Virus, E. coli, anthrax and botulism were among the potentially fatal biological cultures that a U.S. company sent under U.S. Commerce Department licenses ......

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News management.

27-09-2002 09:32

Press Freedom in England has been destroyed since the Tabloid Hack and Failed Actor started to run the country.