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Aust condemns Pakistan missile tests

31-03-2007 06:36

Australia's disappointment about its missile testing
Mr Downer has told Southern Cross Radio he does not believe that the US would consider a pre-emptive strike on nuclear facilities within Pakistan.

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David Hicks receives Sentence

31-03-2007 04:54

Notice the use of language -- Australian news radio (12 noon) today broadcast that “convicted terrorist, David Hicks, receives nine month sentence...” – shame on ABC news radio, one can only wonder whether the choice of wording reflected the fundamentalist conservative, evangelical christian values of the Howard-loving producer, who will remain nameless in this report. Unlike American loving evangelical christians, most Australians accept “convictions” as a result of fair trials and due legal process NOT sordid kangaroo court 'determinations'.

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Latest on police appeal against London's Critical Mass.

31-03-2007 03:45

What if the police win their appeal? Could it be the end of this Critical Mass, after 12 years of monthly rides, or the beginning of a strategic rebellion?

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Democracy’s Last Stand Four: A bad case of COC

31-03-2007 03:01

Oscar Beard returns to Horseferry Court with the Parliament Square peace campaigners for round 2000 of the twisted and debauched circus known as UK democracy.

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Is UK-Iran marine incident part of larger war provocation plan?

31-03-2007 01:02

While Western media coverage has done little beyond echo and embellish Tony Blair’s immediate shrieking and bellicose assertions (“there was no justification whatsoever . . . completely unacceptable, wrong and illegal”), and the predictable Bush administration support for Blair (the White House “fully backs Tony Blair and our allies in Britain”), and the impending political onslaught against Tehran, little if any analysis has been devoted to the context of what has led up to this incident.

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“The crisis of Iraqi Turkmen with land Confiscation and the Iraqi Constitution”

31-03-2007 00:41

The crisis of the Iraqi Turkmen is still persisting in their own lands under the present Kurdish regime who dominates the region by the militia of the two main Kurdish parties KDP and PUK. The human rights of the Turkmen, therefore, are violated and the situation may get worst if it continuous without a fair solution. The European Parliament and all other international organizations are urged to consider our concerns and calls.

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What has happened to the 5 Iranians kidnapped by the US?

31-03-2007 00:00

As the Western media turns its attention
to the fate of 15 Britons detained for allegedly
trespassing into Iranian waters over the weekend, the
status of five Iranian officials captured in a U.S.
military raid on a liaison office in northern Iraq on
Jan. 11 remains a mystery.

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DJ Wickham - guilty of contempt against humanity

30-03-2007 20:32

Seeing is believing... for those who would question the veracity of events, a journey down Horseshit Road to Westminster Magistrates Courts is most illuminating when trying to understand why Tony has not yet been sent to the Hague.

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Do you expect yourself to fail trying?

30-03-2007 19:30

IDEA: Let’s get our show up and running, by allowing open
public investigations To be conducted internationally, with
open line challenges, so we can publicly isolate each and
every bushmobster personally responsible for 911, and then,
all of everything else still left outstanding murdering
ourselves. Whatdoyahsay??

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Hemp Expo - Coming Soon!

30-03-2007 19:20

Embracing the wondrous virtues of the Hemp plant!

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This Week In Palestine – Week 13 2007

30-03-2007 18:52

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for March 24 through 30, 2007.

The Arabs re-launch their five-year-old peace offer to normalize relations with Israel, Israel rejects the deal. Meanwhile, the Palestinians commemorate Land Day. These stories and more coming up, stay tuned.

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Deliberate provocation by Royal Navy - Iran prisoner crisis

30-03-2007 18:50

What really happened to Royal Navy boarding party?

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Prince Charles to visit Toxteth Town Hall

30-03-2007 18:10

It seems the rumour on Liverpool Indymedia in February has been confirmed. If recent activity at Toxteth Town Hall is anything to go by, Prince Charles will be visiting on 23rd April.

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Behind The Wall 16 hours for 30 minutes' contact

30-03-2007 17:25

This report comes from Occupied Palestine from someone whose identity I must protect. They wrote this article - I merely forward it. It tells of what an ordinary Palestinian mmother has to go through to visit a son in an israeli jail, and the chicanery and deliberate tactics used by the Israeli Army to ensure that visiting time is short indeed. Please post feedback if you wish to read further eyewitness reports on other aspects of life that the manistream media are simply not interested in. Thank you.

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Try out indymedia mobile on your mobile phone or PDA

30-03-2007 16:51

Over the last few weeks a crack team of developers have been slaving away on an experimental new version of the indymedia site that aims to deliver improved access for the growing number of internet enabled mobile devices. Try it out yourself...

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Photos - Police, student protesters clash in Chilean capital

30-03-2007 16:23

Santiago, March 30, 2007

The government said 159 students had been detained shortly after noon and some clashes continued.

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Action days in Germany June 1st (Bombodrom) and 5th (Rostock-Laage)

30-03-2007 16:01

Antimilitarist actions days in Germany, on 1st June 2007 in the Kyritz-Ruppin Heathland, and on
5th June 2007 in Rostock-Laage. Both actions intend to show the connection between G8 and war.

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UK all Parliament Committee calls for an end to the detention of children

30-03-2007 15:46

NCADC welcomes today's publication by the Joint Committee On Human
Rights of the House of Commons and Lords on their findings on the
treatment of asylum seekers in the UK.
The report roundly condemns the present system of dealing with those
seeking asylum in the UK, not just by the Government but also by the

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12 April 2007: Day of action in support of imprisoned CO Halil Savda

30-03-2007 15:45

Halil Savda
On 12 April 2007, Halil Savda faces sentencing for a second charge of disobedience as a result of his conscientious objection - a clear violation not only of the human right to conscientious objection, but also of Article 14 paragraph 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Halil Savda needs international support, to break the vicious cycle of imprisonment, "release", transfer to military barracks, being given a military order, disobedience, and imprisonment. But support will also be crucial to achieve the recognition of the right to conscientious objection in Turkey.

For these reasons, activists in Turkey and War Resisters' International call for an international day of action on 12 April 2007, in support of Halil Savda and all COs in Turkey.

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Call for articles for new newspaper

30-03-2007 15:31

Contribute to RUMBLE, Britain's latest radical newspaper