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Bush plans 'space bomber'

29-07-2001 17:55

Taken from The Observer.
Proof that NMD is just the tip of the not very defensive and rather offensive "Son of Star Wars" iceberg.

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Earth First! Summer Gathering

29-07-2001 17:34

summer gathering - the place to discuss and share skills and ideas for ecological direct action.

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Belgium arrests genocide suspect

29-07-2001 17:32

Police in Belgium have arrested a Rwandan man carrying a French passport who is wanted on charges of taking part in the Rwandan genocide seven years ago.

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Volunteers needed for Genoa O20

29-07-2001 16:59

Request for volunteers to organize October 20-21 Mobilization in Genoa

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29-07-2001 16:55

if any of you has a good knowledge of italian and a better command of english than I have, please do all of us a favour, download this book and translate it for us.

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Genoa Fighting Fund

29-07-2001 16:31

Appeal for funds

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Round and round and round we go . . .

29-07-2001 16:13

When the police decided to follow the Wombles after their anti-G8 demonstration on Saturday, I decided to follow the police. Here's what happened.

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Blockade Brighton 30 September

29-07-2001 15:45

Genoa. Gothenburg, Nice, now Brighton. Should direct action be used to blockade the opening of Labour Party Conference?

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An Indian's view of Genoa

29-07-2001 14:42

This letter from an Indian writer appeared in the Guardian letters page on 25 July.

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Tune into

29-07-2001 14:38

Most of the latest news is going on Indy media Italy
We have all the articles from the UK sunday papers expect the
Sunday Torygraf. the article by,Kevin Myers will be seen as offensive to anyone who was in Genova and their relatives.

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Interview by Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus.

29-07-2001 14:23

Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with GAIA's founder and president, Bill Rankin, about his organization's work and the challenges posed by cultural and social discrimination against women(A RealAudio Version of this interview may be found At

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The Observer

29-07-2001 14:01

Has anyone read The Observer today? It's absolutely PACKED with anticapitalist stuff! (relatively speaking).
In particular it's got a two page spread on police brutality in Genoa and it has compiled a file which it has passed on to the Foreign office who haven't bothered to interview any of the victims yet. So good for them :-)

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Bonn Climate Accord Signed by 178 Nations But comprises...

29-07-2001 13:45

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Alex Veitch, of the Sierra Club, who examines the strengths and weaknesses of the accord and the effect U.S. rejection will have on reaching Kyoto's goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions(A RealAudio Version of this interview may be found At

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Small Scale Capitalism is alright: Discuss

29-07-2001 13:39

This is a letter from our 'least unfavourite' mainstream newspaper. What does everyone think?

It seems to me that small businesses, as long as they abide by certain rules and regulations are alright.

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police suffer trauma - and so do their victims!!

29-07-2001 11:36

Language of marginalisation: The mainstream media coverage on police suffering trauma in riots while putting out photographs of 14 Bradforders and the police violence in Italy is creepy!

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:: Genoa :: Requiem in Italy and the World :: 20 July 2001 ::

29-07-2001 08:44

A web page (new location) dedicated to Carlo Giuliani who died in Genoa on 20 July 2001.

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Where does that wheat in your bread come from?

29-07-2001 01:36

Canadian Ministry of Agriculture colludes with Novartis to pollute Canadian wheat. The location of test plots for genetically modified wheat on Prince Edward Island has been kept so secret that even the provincial agriculture minister has been kept in the dark.

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photographic identification

29-07-2001 00:20

publication of photos of 'ringleaders' of bradford riots leads to 4 people surrendering to police custody

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Kidnapped and tortured by the Italian state - an eyewitness account

28-07-2001 22:24

Account of police raid on GSF, detention, brutality,and final release without charge

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March against Climate Change - London

28-07-2001 20:18

A 300 strong march against climate change walked from Lincoln Inns Field to the US Embassy today (28th july) to protest Bush's continuing refusal to face up to environmental problems.