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Bali climate conference ends in farce as US vetoes emission targets

17-12-2007 05:50

The UN-sponsored climate change conference held on the Indonesian island of Bali ended on the weekend without any agreement on combatting global warming other than vague generalities. A last-minute, face-saving communiqué was issued but, at the insistence of the Bush administration and its allies, it made no mention of specific carbon emission reduction targets. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had recommended a cut in carbon emissions of 25 to 40 percent in the advanced industrial countries by 2020 and a total world emissions reduction of 50 percent by 2050.

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Menwith Hill - Illegal and Indecent Surveillance are Routine

16-12-2007 23:43

If you shout too loudly about sensitive issues, The Boys up at Menwith Hill may make their presence felt in your life.

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80,000 march against US airbase construction at Dal Molin, Italy

16-12-2007 23:20

One of the most important movements right now in Italy is the inspiring coalition to prevent the US from building a military base at Dal Molin, Vicenza in Northern Italy. On Saturday 15th December, an estimated 80,000 people marched in cold weather to say No to the base. This was virtually ignored in the mainstream Italian press and TV. Prodi's "centre left" government, supported by parties that say they are against the war, said "The base will be approved". It's a national issue!

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Sequani Labs March & Blockade in Ledbury

16-12-2007 22:08

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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Venetian intelligence methods and their impact today

16-12-2007 22:04

Audio Webster Tarpley
An examination of oligarchical intelligence methods by US author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley

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120 March against the Sequani vivisection lab in Ledbury

16-12-2007 21:47

Yesterday (Sat 15 Dec) 120 animal activists marched through the town of Ledbury against the Sequani vivisection lab on the edge of the town.

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Bath demo on anti foie-gras day of action

16-12-2007 18:20

To mark the national day of action against the sick torture 'treat' otherwise known as foie gras, Bath Animal Action and Bath Activist Network demo'd a local deli.

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CrossRail has contaminated fragile climate of legality in UK parliament

16-12-2007 15:46

How? By the secret promoters of CrossRail hole plot [‘the CrossRail Bill’, now set to be formally 'considered' in the House of Lords following the 'Third Reading' see more below], Big Business interests and agenda-setters like the USA giant Bechtel, to dictate how the ‘sovereign’ UK and its ‘elected’ parliament and Govt should behave! This is what has been seen in the latest exhibition of ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ as displayed in the House of Commons three days ago when MPs of all parties acted openly as poodles with not a singe recorded move by a single MP against CrossRail at this finalizing procedural stage! The ‘Party’ which has been alleged to have introduced ‘Mr Bean’ into the so-called lexicon learned discourse in ‘ the mother of parliaments’, exposed its own infinite idiocy by competing fur space to show just how pathetically full of ignorance and lack of substance it was…. This is why the Khoodeelaar! Campaign has to carry on with the task that fills that gap s brazenly created by the bankruptcy of the time serving, unrepresentative and overpaid MPs…

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Urgent Action: Bucaramanga Coca-Cola Workers Receive Imminent Death Threat

16-12-2007 15:06

Nelson Perez, Luis Eduardo Garcia, Jose Domingo Flores, Javier Correa
In the last fortnight, three Coca-Cola workers in Bucaramanga, Colombia have
been told that before the end of December they will be killed and buried in
a mass grave. The threat demands that their union cease all protest against
Coca-Cola. Join us in emergency action to defend their lives!

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Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of Bolom Ajaw

16-12-2007 14:56

The Other Campaign Mobilizes in Response to Aggressions Against the Zapatistas of
Bolom Ajaw
Authorities, Working Through an Alleged Paramilitary Group, Plan to "Relocate" the
Inhabitants; Civil Groups Called to Boycott Tourism of the Agua Azul Falls

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Rising Tide Rooftop Protest at Newquay Airport - 15.1.08

16-12-2007 13:08

Report from yesterday's action at Newquay airport

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South Africa blamed for Lockerbie

16-12-2007 11:40

A new petition urges the goivernment to support a full UN investigation into the Lockerbie bombing, on the grounds a UN Commissioner for Nambia was on-board.

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Comment on the Commentators - Propaganda in Our Times

16-12-2007 08:16

This is comment on the commentators: comment on propaganda in the Sunday Papers. This week, in this ocassional series, we (that´s me and Lulu) look at Henry Porters column, in todays Observer:, Tiltled :"At last the great divide is coming into focus:It's not left versus right that matters any more. The real division is between authority and personal liberty" - Henry Porter: Sunday 16/12, 2007 The Observer:,,2228437,00.html

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The fiat currency of confidence

16-12-2007 06:46

I’ve been snooping around in the top banker’s drawer.

At their speeches, world reports and tabled figures

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Santas of Excessive Consumption on Oxford Street

15-12-2007 22:02

Santas singing alternative carols on Oxford street in London today (15 December).

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post-G8: Hamburg against state repression

15-12-2007 21:23

Up to 5000 people, more than half of them classified as a "potentially violent" part of the 'Autonome' movement, have participated in a demonstration against "security madness and surveillance state". Clashes between riot police and protestor occured in the early evening hours.

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Bristol podcast - Stop Hinkley Nukes & Merry Christmas All

15-12-2007 21:19

Weekly internet radio arts and current affairs podcast from the Bristol Broadband Co-Operative

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Galloway and Respect are a fraud - Crossrail is just one example

15-12-2007 20:20

George Galloway MP did not attend the Third Reading of the Crossrail Bill which might affect residents in Bethnal Green & Bow who might be affected, why could this be? Because him and his nasty breakaway and non-breakaway party are political opportunist frauds who deserve more contempt than Oona King who he ousted. Cannot wait till the misogynistic, self-righteous twat gets his comeuppance.

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First woman convicted under Terrorism Act

15-12-2007 19:39

On December 6, Samina Malik, a 23-year-old from Southall, West London, became the first woman in the UK to be sentenced under the Terrorism Act 2000. Malik was sentenced to 9 months, suspended for 18 months, with the condition that she be supervised for the whole period and undertake unpaid work. She has already spent 5 months in custody and 1 month under house arrest after her conviction.

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Italy. Hand off the Rrom children

15-12-2007 19:25

EveryOne Group has reason to believe, after listening to the testimony of many Rrom families and Italian citizens who are in contact with Rrom families, that a further violation of the rights of the Rroms is about to take place.