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Asylum betrayed

16-12-2005 11:06

The Home Office asylum system is corrupt, with applications prejudged and lawyers prevented from properly representing their clients. By Peter Tatchell

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Nuclear Deployment for an Attack on Iran

16-12-2005 10:53

The threat of nuclear attack against Iran

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Solidarity Cafe Night - 34 Broadway Market TONIGHT

16-12-2005 10:38

Solidarity Cafe Night in support of the occupation of Tony's Cafe in Hackney.

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NuLabour announce 7/7 cover up

16-12-2005 10:33

The decision by NuLabour not to hold an official enquiry into the events of 7/7 has taken their contempt for the public to a new level.

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Global Food Trade & the New Slave Labour

16-12-2005 10:19

See for How globalisation links UK’s Tesco supermarket chain to colonial-style farming in South Africa that exploits farm-workers especially women and perpetrates poverty.

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An Ethical Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Christmas Gifts

16-12-2005 07:17

There's a new ethical way to get rid of unwanted Christmas gifts - swap them for stuff you do want, online.

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HoWARd's Muslim scapegoat captives ask for mercy!

16-12-2005 06:02

Shame hoWARd shame on you!
So the only difference here is that these men are being used as scapegoats by ASIO via john hoWARd to wipe their arse on, anytime they feel like it, based on what this group allegedly said in a private conversation. Shame hoWARd shame on you!

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The Plague Upon Eden

16-12-2005 04:25

A thorough analysis of humanity's role in the destruction of the environment and acceleration of global warming

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Italian activist destroyed US F-16 jets with a hammer !

16-12-2005 03:52

Netherlands: Italian peace activist Turi Salvatore Vaccaro smashed the cockpits of two US/NATO F-16 jets with a hammer. Damage: 5.000.000 Euro.

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16-12-2005 02:26

Aspartame Battle in NM shifts from Boards to Attorney General's Opinion on how an FDA approved product and neurotoxic food and medicine additive can be
challenged despite industry claims of federal preemption.

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Victory against New Labour: Edinburgh says NO to privatisation of Council Housing Stock Transfer

16-12-2005 00:40

logo of Britain-wide Defend Council Housing Campaign

Grassroots tenants groups have celebrated today the "no" vote against transfering Council Houses in Edinburgh to a newly founded Housing Association.
The City of Edinburgh Council publicised the outcome of the ballot.
53% of eligable tenants voted "No" in the ballot which had a turnout of about 60%.
The grassroot groups took on a battle against an estimated £21 million PR campaign funded by the Scottish executive - and won!
The ballot was brought forward from Spring 2006 to November 2005 to avoid unpleasant findings by Audit Scotland, which researches the effects of council housing stock transfer at the moment, and then furthermore brought the vote forward another six days to make a possible legal challenge by the Scottish Tenants Organisation impossible.
[Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House! | Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: feature | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: article | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: feature | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: article]

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"Peak Oil" - the global crisis?' LSE Debate Review

15-12-2005 23:59

Peak Oil - the global crisis
Peak Oil arrived at the London School of Economics on Wednesday night with a debate organised by and co-ordinated by Merlin Matthews.

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15-12-2005 23:14

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, and Cuba.

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news from the streets of Hong Kong

15-12-2005 23:02

news from the streets of Hong Kong during protests against the WTO

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15-12-2005 21:00

Few are talking about, but the truth is out there.

Santa Claus is in deep do do.

As global warming melts his Arctic homes, Rudolph and his brother and sister reindeer are under threat, along with - polar bears, ice-dwelling seals and several forms of Arctic vegetation - not to mention the many indigenous human inhabitants of the area.

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Uruguay's political prisoners freed

15-12-2005 20:59

Fellow activists and family members celebrated the release of Uruguay’s four political prisoners in Montevideo’s central plaza moments after the detainees’ release on Friday.

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Walking Catatonically into Armageddon

15-12-2005 18:49

Unless people begin to question--and think of rational alternatives to the lies of--the media, the politicians and the theologians, this civilization will never escape the horrors of Armageddon.

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Member of Parliament Calls for Ban on Aspartame

15-12-2005 18:49

Italian peer reviewed study shows aspartame (marketed as an artificial sweetener) to be a multi-potential carcinogen. Click on the link below to hear how Donald Rumsfeld used politics instead of science to get aspartame approved when the FDA said NO!

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US Psychological Warfare Operation

15-12-2005 18:06

US government admit to "psychological warfare operation".

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South American Death Squads and Tasers

15-12-2005 16:49

Chile swings from hard right to hard left
The connection between Taser International and the country of Chile dates to before the millennium. Shortly after assignment of their Middle Eastern sales territory to former Steman International representative, Malcolm Shermer, the South American territories were awarded.