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Activists target golf courses for wasting water

08-04-2006 12:09

Eco-warriors having successfully trashed GM crops, are now turning their attentions to the profligate waste of natural resources by golf courses.

Golf courses are being told to cut their use of water, return part of their courses to wildlife, else direct action will be taken. One golf course has already experienced direct action.

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Tsunami aid money in World Bank while people live in rotting tents

08-04-2006 12:08

250,000 people died in the Tsunami but millions of Tsunami victims have received little aid and much of it is being held by the World Bank, UN bodies and charities. Agencies like Red Cross were critical of other charities vying for money and Britain is asking for a return policy. Personally I note that Medicins San Frontiere refused to take money for the Tsunami after a while but charities like Oxfam, Save The Children and others continued.

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noborders demo 3

08-04-2006 12:06

detainees talking to us thru mobile and megaphone

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dissident blogger discusses the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes

08-04-2006 12:05

Posted below are some of this guy's writings. There are plenty more for a little searching. I am quite impressed with his writing. I'm sure that he's caused loads of trouble for the Fascists and all within the law. That's the theory of law, not the practice.

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noborders demo2

08-04-2006 11:54

the crowd still listening to talks of former detainees and calls from inside detention.

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08-04-2006 11:49

The Make Poverty History white wristbands which were sold at the event in 2005 for £1 with 70p going to charities were made by Chinese sweatshop workers contrary to even Chinese law and the so-called Ethical Trading Initiative. Send your wristbands to cronies at the charities and donate money for real change.

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The mystery of the cut video seized during the Diaz raid

08-04-2006 10:39

The author of the video testifies: the sequence of a beating was cut.
After his testimony the videomaker from Bologna was stopped by two
policemen: “They threatened me”


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Harmondworth Demo - timeline

08-04-2006 08:46

This timeline for the demonstration at the Harmondsworth detention camp on 8 April was produced in collaboration between those at the demo and people in the Indymedia chatrooms.

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BPP Man Arrested

08-04-2006 07:02

Breaking News - BPP South Wales organizer arrested

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Rossport Five send Shell to Hell in Mayo, Ireland....again!

07-04-2006 21:03

This is the latest twist in the fight between Shell, Stat Oil and the Irish Government, and Rossport, County Mayo, on the West Coast of Ireland, over corrupt plans to build a ludicrous gas pipeline through the area.

This is a campaign that has won significant victories. Shell was supposed to have already built the pipeline last year, the blockading by local people of the pipeline and refinery site effectively meant that no building has occurred since last summer. There is massive local, national and international opposition to this project. Shell and its partners must be stopped, and they will be stopped here, on the west coast of Ireland.

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Sign the petition against the deportation of Annie Rizal

07-04-2006 20:49

We, the undersigned, ask the British Government to allow. Annie Kurniati Rizal and her two children to stay permanently in the UK.

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Washington fed propaganda against Venezuela: call for action

07-04-2006 18:57

On March 27, UK's Channel 4 aired a propaganda report on Venezuela aimed at softening up the scene for a future US attack. Action is recommended, before all major corporate media follow the lead.

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Alert to the media campaign in Venezuela

07-04-2006 18:54

Warning signs in Venezuela of another coup d'etat like that of 2002.

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Stage-managed drill re: bird flu - important news!

07-04-2006 18:12

Stage managed drill re bird flue - a must read!

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coverage of April 8th No Borders Action

07-04-2006 18:06

From 10pm till 3pm (approx) on Saturday 8th April, we'll be doing live coverage of the No Border's demo taking place near Heathrow airport.

The streams used will be (mono ~16kbps) (mono ~64kbps)

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Medic Trainings in London and Leeds

07-04-2006 17:17

Would you know how to help someone if:
* They collapsed at a demo?
* They were hit by a police baton?
* They were suffering from the cold on a protest site?

Would you like to know?


April 21/22/23 London
May 19/20/21 Leeds
June 2/3/4 London

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Glasgow Police Try to Stop UNITY Rally, March Still On!

07-04-2006 17:16

In a last-minute move, Glasgow's Trades Hall has cancelled the booked rally of asylum seekers and friends there tomorrow afternoon. Strathclyde Police appear to have had a role in the decision a No Borders activist condemned as "racist".

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Council increases risk of flooding

07-04-2006 15:47

flooded golf course winter 2001/2002
The proposals by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor to waste £170,000 of taxpayers money on unwanted drainage and irrigation works at Southwood Golf Course will increase the risk of flooding in the winter for those downstream, waste precious water in the summer. £170,000 of taxpayers money to be literally poured down the drain.

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Struggle against capitalism in france

07-04-2006 14:36

The last two month a social mouvement grow up in france. At the begening, it was a studiant struggle against the "CPE", a new working contract, and now it grows as an anticapitalist mouvemen

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Blair's inner circle and its ferocious grab for power

07-04-2006 14:34

From forcing through ID cards to the erosion of parliamentary scrutiny, a determined clique is hijacking our democracy...