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Edinburgh takes action on climate chaos!

11-07-2001 22:48

Climate Talks
Trade Talks
Money Talks
All talk and no ACTION!

But not in Edinburgh! Street party, critical mass and conference planned as part of UK week of climate action called by Rising Tide UK

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J7 Anti-Red Zone action

11-07-2001 17:32

Real Video clip of the July &th Action in the centre of Genoa.

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Comprehensive info on genoa. please read if you are coming!

11-07-2001 17:22

Confirmed info issued by Genoa Social Forum and other networks.

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11-07-2001 16:31

I am really glad to see a huge debate on the fantastic community uprising in Bradford below is my contribution to the debate following chats with those involved.

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Cyberaction against ExxonMobil (Esso)

11-07-2001 15:14

Today in over 100 cities around the world, ExxonMobil will be the
target of protests because of their dismal environmental and human
rights records.

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11-07-2001 13:43

Susan George continua echando leña en la hoguera del divisionismo.

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Bradford youth take on facists.

11-07-2001 08:26

great photo on imc Brazil!

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Mediterranean Solidarity Ship arrives in Italian Waters. Genoa G8

11-07-2001 05:29

10 years in preparation, 20 countries to be visited in the Mediterranean, one of the most politically unstable regions of the world this is the sound of the Constanta, A Roumanian Navy Helicopter carrier converted to a peace and solidarity vessel steaming out of Marseille harbour in France this week.

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Graphics and Posters for Anti-Capitalist Convergence available

10-07-2001 21:44

The organizing continues for the Fall protests in Washington, DC against the World Bank and IMF. The
Anti-Capitalist Convergence, one of two coalitions organizing the protests, has several posters and graphics available for download and outeach.

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Defend Paul Robinson

10-07-2001 20:59

Solidarity picket for Paul Robinson
July 12th Thursday
5pm - 7pm
Swedish Embassy
11 Montagu Place
London W1
(near baker street)

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Elliot Abrams And His Three Monkeys

10-07-2001 19:49

Elliot Abrams And His Three Monkeys
It's been over a week now since President www. Bush made his appointment of Elliot Abrams to senior director of the National Security Council's office of democracy, human rights, and international operations (if that isn't an office stuffed full of adopted idealism!)....

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Stop Stars Wars, say no to the militarization of space

10-07-2001 16:20

The last leg of the walk is from Whitby to Fylingdales on Sat 4th August. Assemble Whitby 09:00.

Rally at Fylingdales at 13:00

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Dawn of the Dead

10-07-2001 16:13

Blair is Prime Minister. What went wrong ? Why were the warning signs unheeded ?

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Shut Down Bonsai Kitten

10-07-2001 15:44

Shut Down Bonsai Kitten

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"Grand Designs of the Granada Group?"

10-07-2001 15:03

My inquiring of my old employer, DAKA Food Service at the Hotel School here led to my posting an article on DAKA and two articles on Granada Corporation, which seems to have absorbed DAKA.

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Global action day against Esso: London 11.07.2001

10-07-2001 14:21

Join the Campaign Against Climate Change demo outside the Esso
headquarters in London, 2 Kingsway (Junction with Aldwych).
Date: 11.o7.2001 From 5pm - 7pm

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Eyewhitness Report & Non-violent DA in Palestine

10-07-2001 14:06

Eyewhitness report of Israeli violence and update on non-violent direct action in Palestine.

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Nazis to blame for Bradford

10-07-2001 08:52

The debate over who is to 'blame' for the Bradford riots in the media is
lacking any analysis of the role of Nazi organisations.

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Dead Dogma Sketch (apologies to Monty Python)

10-07-2001 08:37

Anarchist parody of Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch inspired by going to the SWP's Marxism 2001.

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FAKE! On Some "Famous" Quotations Ascribed to Ya Basta!

10-07-2001 03:25

A clear explanation of the origins of a smear