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Chávez, Blair and a Knife in the Back

27-09-2004 02:28

short message to Labour grassroots this Conference week (HOV speaking at LRC fringe meeting Wednesday 7pm, Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, all welcome)

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Mass grave In Fallujah - possibly US soldiers

26-09-2004 22:18

The Detection of Sixteen Dead Bodies in A mass Grave in Falluja probably belong to American soldiers who were buried in a ditch in the North West sector of the city.

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4 to the Floor. Benefit gig for Leeds Social Centre. Thurs 8th Oct

26-09-2004 21:05

Thurs Oct 7th @ the amazinf Brudenell Social Club (nr Royal Park Pub, Hyde Park, Leeds) from 8pm till bedtime. Come early for a better chnace of playing

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WOMEN AGAINST PIT CLOSURES - 20th Anniversary Event

26-09-2004 19:29

Pit head
Women from all round the world join together with WAPC to celebrate women's contributions to class struggles in the 20th century. The conference includes speakers, theatre productions, films, songs/music, workshops, a photographic exhibition and socials. And the weekend's proceedings will be filmed as a permanent record.

Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire, Organised by National Women Against Pit Closures, 1st, 2nd & 3rd OCTOBER 2004.

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26-09-2004 18:09

For ages now, they've been trying to build a road around Hereford, causing yet further damage to the environment. Things now seem to be progressing now...this was taken from the Hereford Times...

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Stop Climate Chaos Now

26-09-2004 17:04

Rising Tide the Climate Justice Network, is having a gathering for all those who want to tackle climate change. The event will have a varied and exciting programme with theatre and cabaret to break up the more serious stuff. It is at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham from 4pm Friday 1st October to 2m Sunday 3ed October. Price £15 - £35 depending on income.

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 4

26-09-2004 16:42

free your mind
Photos of graffiti from around Oxford city, part 4 of a series

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26-09-2004 15:55

hi i hate copyright

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woman arrested in front of Labour Party conference

26-09-2004 15:34

a woman was arrested in front of labour party conference in Brighton, thanks to the good offices of the Trade Justice movement.

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Indymedia Call for Participation Around ESF

26-09-2004 15:18

Indymedia @ the ESF: Four Days of Tactical Media Production

Come and join us from October 14th – 17th in London.

We need your reporting, radio, photography, cables, ideas, enthusiasm and more!

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 3

26-09-2004 14:49

Excellent graffiti from Cowley Rd
Photos of graffiti from around Oxford city, part 3 of a series

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TallyHo's glory in the fox demo violence.

26-09-2004 13:33

Yoiks! We got away with it... Tally ho for more fox hunts ??

(Not if MP's and those cuddly hunt sabs have anything to do with it...)

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Shameful interview by Papadopoulos, President of Greek community in Cyprus

26-09-2004 12:45

Paramilitary Sampson, in 1963, leading a triumphal procession into Nicosia

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Wannabe BNP councillor has a bad night

26-09-2004 11:51

After an election defeat, a wannabe BNP councillor's night gets even worse.

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Bush Nazi link in the Guardian: questions...

26-09-2004 10:28

is it the timing that is strange or the lack of dot connecting going on
here from supposed investigative journalists...

well done for doing something...even though it's NOT ENOUGH!

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Dancing on Injustice at Labour Conference

26-09-2004 08:56

Banner over the bar
(Sat 25.09.04) In tribute to a little remembered bible verse where Christians are told to "Dance Upon Injustice", a group who were in Brighton for the Labour Conference demo's did just that. From 7pm to 1am they put on a club night in a seafront bar with the aim of raising awareness of "trade injustices" (or the effects of capitalism, as some might put it).

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Cyclists arrested again at NY Critical Mass.

26-09-2004 06:09

Eight NY Critical Mass cyclists were arrested last night and cycles were confiscated.

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Massacre "American Style"

26-09-2004 02:30

Video: "Massacre of Civilians in Fallujah"
24-09-2004 22:52

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More Iraqi civilians killed by US forces than insurgents

25-09-2004 23:18

More iraqi civilians killed by US forces than by insurgents

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Blood Brothers ?

25-09-2004 22:36

Fight all racism