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Bedouin As Well As Palestinians Suffer Under Netanyahu's Rule

18-10-2013 19:16

Israeli creation of homelessness
thousands deported, homes bulldozed, villages 'disappeared'

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Anti-Fascist sent "Go home" text by Home Office

18-10-2013 17:49

UKBA left red-faced after anti-racism campaigner and anti-fascist Suresh Grover and immigration caseworker Bobby Chan were sent text messages telling them to leave the country

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Who is Nancy Platts?

18-10-2013 14:53

Jaqui Smith Nancy Plats
We know she’s the Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown in the expected 2015 general election, and we know she once stood in the 2010 Brighton Pavilion election but lost against Caroline Lucas from the Green Party by a margin of 7.5%.

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Never Mind the Tories...Here's to the Anarchist Book Fair 2013 (the remix!)

18-10-2013 12:23

Posties,Teachers,Sex Workers,Unemployed and the list goes on...Get your heads filled with solutions to Torries pollution at Anarchist Book Fair 19/10/13 from 10am to 7pm and then the now annual Party after...pass me that bottle and a peanut!:@)

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Anti-Fracking protests escalate in Canada

18-10-2013 01:11

Serious clashes in Canada between First Nations and the cops. Anti-Fracking protests have come to an escalation. Solidarity is needed.

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17-10-2013 23:24

The Prison system’s treatment of Kevan Thakrar, who has been kept in almost total solitary confinement for more than 5 years, has now become a straight forward and systematic attempt to destroy him completely

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Refugee Strike Berlin: Call for Solidarity

17-10-2013 21:15

Refugee strike at the Brandenburger Tor Berlin
At this moment about 25 refugees are in 'dry hunger strike' in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

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UG#666 - The Cancer in Occupy (What is Violence?)

17-10-2013 01:38

After the last show on Chris Hedges, this week we hear a discussion about his controversial 2012 Truthdig article in which referred to "Black Bloc anarchists" as "the cancer of the Occupy movement". He debates with Crimethinc on just how violent is it acceptable (or advisable) to be. Along the way we discuss the purpose of occupy and who defines what violence is anyway?

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Happy Birthday Veggies!!!!

16-10-2013 17:24

Veggies food in court,McBurgers V's Veggies burgers(McLIbel Trial),Rain,sun,snow,blood,sweat,tears,love,laughter,exhaustion,Brighton to Scotland and more....

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On the Out – New Zine about life after prison

16-10-2013 12:59

A new publication has recently been produced by Bristol ABC. On the Out is a collection of writings by ex-prisoners and their supporters on life after prison.

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Taking on the arms trade in Bristol

16-10-2013 10:36

5pm on Sunday 20th October at Kebele Community Co-operative, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY.

Come along and help us take a stand!

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From Hiroshima to Syria .....

16-10-2013 10:16

Von Hiroshima bis Syrien: Der Feind, dessen Namen wir nicht auszusprechen wagen An meiner Wand hängt das Titelblatt des Daily Express vom 5. September 1945, dazu die Worte: „Ich schreibe dies als eine Warnung an die Welt.“ Das war die Einleitung von Wilfred Burchetts Bericht über Hiroshima. Es war die Nachricht des Jahrhunderts. Für seine einsame und gefährliche Reise, die sich der US-Besatzungsbehörde widersetzte, wurde Burchett von seinen in das Militär eingebetteten Kollegen an den Pranger gestellt. Er warnte davor, dass mit einem geplanten Massenmord von gigantischen Ausmaßen eine neue Ära des Terrors begonnen hatte.

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Italy, Seveso dioxine disaster July 10, 1976

16-10-2013 01:09

The Seveso disaster was an industrial accident that occurred around 12:37 pm July 10, 1976, in a small chemical manufacturing plant approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Milan in the Lombardy region in Italy.

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Why Having Children Should Be Illegal:

16-10-2013 00:21

Despite all the cultural and religious indoctrination (and presumption) to the contrary, to be born Homo sapiens onto this planet, even in these modern times of materialist comfort, is still far too much a curse. Of course no one will tell you you’ve been condemned to a life of questionable worth and meaning, albeit with plenty need to toil for one’s un-mitigating desires. Rather its expected you’ll inculcate the accepted lies, such as how precious life is, in general, as it is always presumed to be—and never question its ordained status or sacred value. Conditioned are you then to think you “should” be grateful for having been born into this human mess (more properly referred to as the insanity of humanity).

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Fighting to save Cambridge Picturehouse.

15-10-2013 22:07

Out in the rain, but nobody cared.
Last Wednesday afternoon about a hundred people and fifty huddled onto the pavement in front of the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge to fight for its survival.

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Sex workers shouldn't be dead to be on film!

15-10-2013 14:43

This Sunday Sex workers and allies would gather at the Rio Cinema to fight Stigma and Criminalisation. Support the London’s Sex Worker Film Festival!

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Calais Migrant Solidarity callout

15-10-2013 13:07

Winter is coming, shelter is a priority in Calais. The police have evicted and destroyed almost our shelter – buildings, camps, tents – in the past weeks.

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The left and women's rights: leading RMT member accused

15-10-2013 12:00

RMT leader Steve Hedley has been accused of domestic violence, and documented as making deeply misogynistic comments towards a young women. This case is just as serious as the SWP/Martin Smiths sexual assault cases.

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Kazoo protest over Camden’s draconian new busking bye-laws

14-10-2013 22:40

This afternoon, Mark Thomas joined a ‘Citizens’ Kazoo Orchestra’ of buskers in Camden, to highlight and protest proposed new bye-laws criminalising street music of all kinds. The presence of senior officers and intelligence suggested to me the possibility of future use against protestors.

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Smash EDO Halloween Demo against the arms trade

14-10-2013 19:18

On 31st October at 4pm there will be the usual Halloween Demo at EDO arms factory in Brighton.