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The Windsors: 23 reasons why they must be compelled to answer police questions

17-11-2014 21:35

The British Royal Family is connected to at least 23 individuals suspected, or convicted, of sex offences.

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Can Beijing Fool the Climate Scientists?

17-11-2014 15:58

This is a serious concern, despite the fact that there are much worse traps waiting for the same targets. The Chinese-American climate treaty, whose occurrence indicates that both currencies are chained to the same throne, which was sufficiently shaken by the impact of attention directed against it, proves with certainty that Jinping can fool Obama (and thereby keep his even more reactionary competitors at bay). The essence of the treaty is that each side puts a blind eye towards the other side´s accounting trick, which is in the American case the backward projection of the calculation baseline to a date before peak oil, and in the Chinese case the forward shifting of it to a date after peak coal. Of course any meaningful climate treaty would use the date of signature as the common accounting baseline for emission reduction measurements, not only to create an incentive for everyone to sign in at the same time but also to sign in as soon as possible before unavoidable reductions fall behind the entry of competition. This is not the case with the “Beijing Protocol,” and although in this one at least backward projection is not mutual, deprecating the entire treaty, the trade-off of the two different scams leaves a “fossil gap” between the two peaks of the length of one generation that mirrors the uneven consumption of the two substances due to the grotesque energy thirst of a century of militarism. It is not only that the negotiated result makes Unitedstates look stupid because they have to reach their declared targets before the other side even begins to wind down, which leaves the Chinese regime with zero risk. It also leaves the international public with the situation that there is a diplomatic framework but with no effect, because it neither involves targeted competition nor reality-based planning. Only the please-boss-do-something-crowd can spell “cool for our time” as if they had their right of political engagement delivered to them by governments and corporations.

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Government Waste Policy Is Half-Baked

17-11-2014 11:42

The Waste Hierarchy needs enforcement or incentivisation if it’s ever really going to make a difference. Rufus Hirsch, from London-based Clearance Solutions (, talks about government policy surrounding The Waste Hierarchy, and the need for changing perspectives around its enforcement.

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The Siege of Julian Assange is a Farce

17-11-2014 10:45

Julian Assange

The siege of Knightsbridge is a farce. For two years, an exaggerated, costly police presence around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. Their quarry is an Australian charged with no crime, a refugee from gross injustice whose only security is the room given him by a brave South American country. His true crime is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism and war.

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Not guilty verdict for Barclays Newport protestors

17-11-2014 00:13

Outside the court
Statement from the anti-Nato protestors who were charged during the occupation of Barclays Bank in Newport.

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Brisbane G20 - Ciaron O'Reilly prohibited then arrested speaking out for Assange, Manning, Snowden

16-11-2014 21:46

vigil for Julian Assange prior to G20 summit

G20 resistance all but evaporates in Brisbane heatwave.

Policing for the G20 summit in Brisbane this past weekend was of overkill proportions. There was very little in the way of serious resistance, the Guardian reported that cops (6,000) outnumbered protesters and only 14 arrests were made. One of these was Manning and Assange solidarity activist Ciaron O'Reilly, who has been held in custody all weekend and will be brought before Brisbane Magistrates on Monday morning.

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The Darker Side of Development!!! Why did Rémy Fraisse have to die?

13-11-2014 10:53

This article reviews the construction and controversies on Sivans Water Project and death of a student activist Remi Fraisse to argue coloniality, modernity, and civilizing tactics of the development state. The death of Rémi Fraisse and the brutal assault of armed police against the non-violent environmental demonstrators make this sufficiently clear that the logic of polycentric capitalist neoliberal world can be historically and currently traced in the ‘civilized’ European metropoles.

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G4S' shares fall down after an anti racist action

12-11-2014 18:39

Today G4S has been victim of a fake press release spread in the name of the company, which made circulate the false rumour of a serious accountancy scandal concerning G4S. This false release induced G4S' shares to temporary fall down.

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G4S' shares fall down after an action against G4S

12-11-2014 17:55

Today G4S has been victim of a fake press release spread in the name of the company, which made circulate the false rumour of a serious accountancy scandal concerning G4S. This false release induced G4S' shares to temporary fall down.

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Eric Pickles "vs" George Galloway! Galloway's RETURN to East London!

12-11-2014 17:14

Eric Pickles is featured more than once about the “rotten borough” of Tower Hamlets, London in the next issue of “Private Eye” (Issue 1379) (dated 14 Nov to 27 Nov 2014). Does the "Private Eye" coverage take the "crisis" to any resolution?

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Media ignores coming world famine

12-11-2014 17:08

The mainstream media routinely ignore the threat of world famine in the coming decades, while focussing on economic predictions about the future. Here’s a complaint I made about this today to the BBC.

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Oil War: Another Parrot Bites the Sand

11-11-2014 16:37

The incredible has happened: After the British leader, the Unitedstates commander-in-chief is directly picking up from this platform. This is about the animal feeding advice in last week´s analysis, particularly the part about spreading out food given to captive animals because they cannot make a fair division like free ones. On top of the current imperialist provocation in the Persian Gulf, Unitedstates leader Obama has now chosen to spread out his overseers (so-called military advisers) over the remaining territory of the shrinking Iraqi state instead of keeping them concentrated in the capital. In other words, in losing its grip on the country the foreign military-industrial complex is spreading out its funding in order to micromanage the remainder of the Iraqi military. It is not only that this reveals how the imperialist perceives its allies as domesticated commensals driven by short-sighted instincts. It is also an admission that the terror bombings from the air have failed their intended purpose, instead of which they sucked in its accomplices. Apparently triggered by putting the stethoscope of online research on a stability keeping mechanism of the supply chain, evidence was obtained that “Iraq” is a stable state not quite in the sense the Baghdad regime would like to explain to the population. By someone throwing a coin on the internet, one percent of the dollar empire´s annual military budget was neutralised with the push of a button, and the nature of the puppet state revealed. But first of all it is an indication that the imperialist´s overall calculation is contained in this analysis. The empire has arrived in the strategy of defeat: No longer being able to decide independently, it is openly imitating its irreversible opponent, speculating it was possible to hide the direct reference from the public although it cannot hide it from any other regimes. Yet the mantra goes “too little, too late” – apparently the so-called nation building effort had never been spread out.

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A Sheffield-based Death Squad?

11-11-2014 08:00

It seems that a whistleblower is making some major revelations about an ultra "black ops" death squad organised around an extended family based in Sheffield.

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DISGUSTING FARAGE HAS A TASTE FOR SLIME @otanislove @exposing_ukip @edlnews

11-11-2014 00:11

Since Farage and UKIP friends have revelled in stitching-up a former UKIP member with Met harassment, the UKIP leader has developed a fond taste for the unpalatable.

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One Feeds Two Makes the Final of Ben & Jerry's Global 'Join Our Core' Competition

10-11-2014 17:28

JP Campbell, Edinburgh-based co-founder of One Feeds Two reaches the finals of Ben & Jerry's Join Our Core 2014 competition.

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The political party the British establishment want to ban

10-11-2014 10:15

The NOTA Party, which has been a registered political party name since March 2009, have now been told NOTA contravenes Electoral Commission rules

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Oppose Britain Fir still 15 November

09-11-2014 19:49

Everyone's favourite comedy nazi's, Britain First are making their way back to Rochester to avenge the humiliation they received last time they were in our town. Please help us embarrass them a second time.

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The King's New Clothes (with a twist!)

09-11-2014 12:38

"After this King – why bother with a sequel?
Enough of being subjects! Instead - let’s all be equal!"

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Philippines: One Year after Typhoon Haiyan

09-11-2014 12:23

Statement of Akbayan Chairperson Risa Hontiveros