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British police arrest 41 protesters at Esso depot

27-07-2001 09:47

LONDON - Greenpeace activists ended a 15-hour-long blockade at an Esso fuel distribution centre in eastern England overnight after 41 protesters were arrested, police said yesterday.

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The SWP, the Black Block and Italian Anarchism

27-07-2001 07:23

An analysis of the SWP's pathetic and sectarian
attack on the Black Block and Italian Anarchism.
Draws the links between the SWP article and the
mainstream media. Visit the webpage for an
introduction to the Black Block tactic and
see if the SWP are fair about it.

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How much Blood on Jack Straw's hands

27-07-2001 06:59

Although The Blairian, The Independent, even The Telegraph (yes it's true) lead on the treatment of the Genoa Protesters and the strategy of Italian Police do they really expect uis to believe tat the UK security forces have no role whatsover in policing strategy at a G7 summit with the P.M. present? I think we should be told

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Water cannon could be used in Britain

27-07-2001 05:12

The use of water cannon, recently seen in action against anti-capitalist demonstrators in Genoa, is being examined as a "priority" by a police and Home Office working party as a "less than lethal" option to firearms.

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Jail Conditions in Genoa.

27-07-2001 04:36

A concerted effort was made to co-ordinate the jail conditons and experiences of activists in Prague and
list them as a group for research purposes.

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time for genoa to own up to numbers of dead.

27-07-2001 02:03

it is time for genoa police to release the actual number of people who died during the protests in genoa and it is time
to take stock of those still missing in genoa.

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27-07-2001 01:57

If 150,000 protest in the streets, and the media doesn't cover it, did it really happen?

REAL NEWS BRIEF: #1 (July 25/01) [Real News Network, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada]

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Report on police raid in Genoa

27-07-2001 00:53

Witness statement about raid on GSF/imc offices and school opposite written from inside the imc, Sunday night.

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FREE Marcus Covell

27-07-2001 00:20

Demand that the Italian government immediately release Marcus Covell and provide for his safe transport out of Italy. Listen to Mark's first interview from within hospital.

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Italian pigs were planning car boot sale

26-07-2001 23:30

where the italian police really going to have a car boot with all the tat they confiscated from the school/media center

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Wecome to Genoa, citizens of the world (pic)

26-07-2001 23:13

Wecome to Genoa, citizens of the world (pic)
Banner hanging from a building welcomes the demonstrators in Genoa.

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A video report of the police raid on the GSF & IMC buildings - Genoa

26-07-2001 22:33

Video of the police going into GSF on sunday night and and an interview. Genoa G8

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Met Police ask for new preventative detention law

26-07-2001 22:26

Met Police ask for new laws to legalise the cordon tactics used at Mayday - on BBC News SE 10pm 26/7/01

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The injured from sunday morning - Genoa

26-07-2001 21:02

The injured in the GSF building a few hours before the police raid.

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IMC Chile

26-07-2001 21:00

IMC Chile

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border camp frankfurt

26-07-2001 20:54

the summer of resistance goes on - the anti-racist border camp in frankfurt (germany) starts tomorrow!

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carlo's funeral

26-07-2001 20:14

carlo's funeral
a picture from carlo's funeral. good bye caro! *

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Belgium "Defense" Industry Softens Indonesians for Globalization

26-07-2001 20:01

The Jane's Defense story below describes a sale of weapons to the Indonesian military by a Belgian "defense" firm. For a history of human rights abuses by the Indonesian military and police, visit Harvard University's website for their Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Studies Program at:
See, especially, Appendix A.

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LDMG Legal Update Genoa/Gothenburg 26.07.01

26-07-2001 19:53


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bad news of PublixTheatreCaravan

26-07-2001 18:49

The 25 activists have to stay in prison. The court acts on the assumption, that they were the core of the "black bloc".