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28-10-2002 05:26

Margaret Thatcher, the then British prime minister, was prepared to accept the death toll of 30 per cent of the hostages during the storming of the Iranian embassy in 1980. Russians, however, managed to carry out a more successful hostage-releasing operation.

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Bin Laden is dead

28-10-2002 03:36

Bin Laden is dead

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Chirac blasts Blair in summit confrontation

28-10-2002 03:28

Jacques Chirac, the French president, and Tony Blair had a stand-up row at the European Union summit in Brussels, it has emerged, exposing tensions between France and Britain over issues including European farm subsidies and Iraq.

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iraq denies expelling reporters

28-10-2002 02:05

US media telling lies?

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28-10-2002 00:35


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Jim Page Interview (audio)

27-10-2002 23:27

An interview with Seatle based singer, songwriter and activist Jim Page. (article 1)

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Open Letter to UK Indymedia

27-10-2002 22:44

The idea that fuels independent media centres is that the media belongs to us all.

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Ex-CIA BOSS to regulate US auditors

27-10-2002 22:38

Mr Webster's appointment was confirmed on Friday after
the commissioners of the Securities and Exchange
Commission - the stock market regulator in charge of
setting up the new audit watchdog - voted 3-2 in his

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Gore Vidal vindicates conspiracy theorists in UK press

27-10-2002 21:57

It's taken more than a year for the true 911 story to get into the UK press, but today the Observer prints Gore Vidal's articles which quotes articles from Stan Goff, Zwicker and others that I and other nutters have posted on this line up to a year ago. Very satisfying.

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White House Surrounded, Bush Refuses to Surrender

27-10-2002 18:17

Saturday 26 October saw hundreds of thousands demonstrating in many US cities against Bush's war on Iraq.

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AA's do the steps, OK!

27-10-2002 17:01

Most AA's have never done the 12 step programme

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Amnesty asks for inquiry into Russian slaughter

27-10-2002 15:50

The Human Rights Association Amnesty International has called for an inquiry into how the Russian government killed tens of people in a theatre by pumping in an unidentified toxic gas. The theatre was occupied at the time by an armed milita holding the audience hostage.

There are also reports that hostage takers were murdered by Russian security services while unconscious.

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Shayler supporters gathering Monday morning

27-10-2002 14:39

David Shayler's trial has been covered by a gagging order. Even though it was supposed to be starting on October 7th it has taken two weeks to sort out legal wrangles. Actually they haven't been sorted out, Shaylers justified complaints against the incompetance of MI5 are beinmg swept under the carpet. And gagging orders imposed to make sure we - who are paying for MI5 and this travesty of democracy trial - don't find out!

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senator's assassination predicted

27-10-2002 13:58

This article was written May 25, 2001 before 911.

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Bedfordshire haloween eviction alert

27-10-2002 13:05

Bedfordshire haloween eviction alert
Ethnic Cleansing, Nazi Labour style - after John Prescott rejected a planning application by about sixty Romany gypsies - Mid-Beds. council have decided to spend over a quater of a million pounds evicting them FROM THEIR OWN LAND - saying they can live in lay-by's. They will have 60 caravans and between 80 and 100 vehicles to remove.
The planning department's orders state the site must be 'cleared' describing the people who live there as rubbish to be bulldozed out of the way. Nuff said - be there.

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27-10-2002 12:41

It is reported this morning (27:10:02) in "La Nazione" the ultra conservative right wing local / national newspaper printed in florence. That the Italian army will be deployed along side the various police forces during the ESF

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The sad truth about Argentina

27-10-2002 12:11

Being Argentinian I can tell you. All I can see happening is a fascist coup at anytime. There is absolutely no organisation here, but anarchy. The people are unarmed and have no leadership. There are frequent assassinations and "dissappearances" committed by state agents and the left here are divided. The situation is being overestimated and exploited by trotskyists and anarchists. Please help spread the truth.

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US peace marches

27-10-2002 11:47

Tens of thousands of people have marched in the US cities of Washington and San Francisco as part of a day of worldwide protests against a possible American-led war against Iraq.

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Technical analysis of Pentagon crash

27-10-2002 10:42

A tchnical analysis of the alleged crash of AA 77 into the Pentagon on sept 11 2001. Entry angle, wing tilt angle, fuel load analysis etc.

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The history of the guerilla movement in Colombia

27-10-2002 09:36

The guerilla in Colombia has not been invented by the left. It dates further back and is the answer of the lower classes to the violence of the rich and mighty.