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Tent City Parliament Square.

21-06-2008 15:37

Unauthorised* 24-hour "Tent City" in Parliament Square to Protest Against Ongoing Deportations to Iraq. There are some 15 tents and a Gazebo now pitched on the grass.

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Application of Islamic Shari'a in US Courts

21-06-2008 13:37

In 2004 a crash of Blackwater Flight 61 occurred in the rugged mountains of central Afghanistan, killing three soldiers and three-man crew. The widows of the soldiers sued Presidential Airways, Blackwater’s sister company, which was under contract with the U.S. military to fly cargo and personnel around Afghanistan.

Lawyers for the company has asked a federal court to decide the case using provisions from the Islamic Shari’a, not the U.S. laws. They argue that the Shari’a “does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work.”

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On the Pogroms in South Africa

21-06-2008 12:52

An essay on the May 2008 pogroms in South Africa.

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Anti McD Day comes to Cambridge!

21-06-2008 12:52

At approximately 12:10pm today (Saturday 21/06/2008) half a dozen protestors upheld the illustrious tradition of invading McDonalds and reminding them just what rotters they are to people and the planet by walking into the Rose Crescent, Cambridge branch of the megacorp.

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Labour refuses to answer Davis’s by-election challenge

21-06-2008 12:05

Labour will not contest the by-election forced by the resignation of shadow home secretary David Davis, which he says is intended to initiate a public debate on the government’s attack on democratic rights.

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Action Altert: Contact Eagle Asset - HLS Investor

21-06-2008 11:57

Action Alert: Contact Eagle Assets and tell them to divest from LSR! They are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares.

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Coming war against Iran: Increasing Anglo-American pressure on Turkey

21-06-2008 11:54

Covering the period of March-June 2008, this article will try to highlight the political pressure applied by the US and UK governments on Turkey in view of their war plans against Iran. It is complementary to an earlier article titled “Will Turkey be Complicit in Another War Against Another Neighbour?”

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Demonstration for democracy, rights and freedom for Zimbabwe

21-06-2008 11:36

organised by ACTSA and the TUC

Monday 23 June 2008


Outside the Zimbabwe Embassy
429 Strand, London, WC2R OJR
Nearest tube Charing Cross

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Canada's apology to Native Peoples: 'NOT ACCEPTED'!

21-06-2008 08:55

Canada's neo-con bushpuppet Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently 'apologized' to Indigenous peoples or did he...? Sorry for Genocide...? Apology 'NOT ACCEPTED'

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The Priviledged Classes of Malta and Gozo

21-06-2008 08:32

Amidst all this chaos in which we are currently in, one can easily remember how the police force are getting away with all their violent acts and thus adding to this miserable situation of no discipline in this society.

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Carmel occupied! Israeli settlement exporter shut down.

21-06-2008 06:13

Protestors have shut down operations at the Carmel Agrexco warehouse near Heathrow Airport. Two protestors are locked to a vehicle barrier, one to a truck and one to a main gate. Two protestors have climbed on top of the truck to further immobilise any loading or unloading work, and suspended banners. The Israeli flag that usually flies over the Carmel compound has been replaced with a black flag in mourning for Gaza.

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Sign The Petition To Lift Travel Restrictions on Palestinian Journalist

21-06-2008 01:59

Please sign this petition to help lift travel restrictions placed in this palestinian journalist.

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Truth & Justice for Victims of State Murder

21-06-2008 00:29

This is to tell you about a speaking tour to expose the British Government's policy of colluding with loyalist paramilitaries in the north of Ireland to kill people opposed to British rule

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Ambush the Ambassador

20-06-2008 21:59

Join us to 'greet' the Israeli Ambassador as he arrives at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff at 5pm on Tuesday 24th June

Let's give the man the reception he really deserves.

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Actions against; Novartis, hunting, fishing & liberations

20-06-2008 20:23


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Demo in Oaxaca in solidarity with Zapatista Communities

20-06-2008 19:29

Demo in Oaxaca
Yesterday at 6:30pm a march from the Emiliano Zapata monument towards the Oaxacan Zócalo in solidarity with the Zapatista Communities threatened by the army the past 4th of June.

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International Congolese Day Demonstration 30th June

20-06-2008 18:43

The 30th June commemorates the day in 1960 when the Democratic Republic of
Congo gained independence from colonial domination. However, the country has
never truly enjoyed independence from predatory superpowers and remains
under seige from vested interests in both the West and the East.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 25 2008

20-06-2008 18:37

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 14th, through June 20th , 2008.

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Dissident Island - Food Special tonight

20-06-2008 17:23

Food Special

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Radical History Discussion - Resistance in the UK's Detention Centres in the La

20-06-2008 15:49

Radical History Discussion

Resistance in the UK's Detention Centres in the Last Decade

Time: 7 pm, Tuesday 24 June 2008
Venue: T&G, Transport House, 128 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8TN