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Islington council kept in dark over "Death Lab" on border with Camden.

11-04-2008 14:41

We contacted Islington council who it appears have not been informed by Camden council {or anyone else} about the plans for "The World's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility and animal testing lab" to be built in Kings Cross on the Camden side just a few footsteps from the border with Islington. We wonder, what contingency plans, if any have been drawn up in the event of terror attack or virus leak at the site, scene of 7/7 and 21/7 bombings. Foot and Mouth disease was a govt lab leak.

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New issue of Last Hours!

11-04-2008 14:15

Hey everyone,

The new issue of Last Hours is on sale now!! You can buy a copy from the Last Hours website shop (

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War and the "New Middle East": US Coalition Building and the Arab League

11-04-2008 14:01

In the collective memory of many inside and outside the Arab World, the summits of the Arab League have a tradition of inconsistency and contradiction. They symbolize the dysfunction that has plagued the Arab World since the First World War. The importance of these Arab League summits are in their roles in paving the political grounds for U.S. war plans in the Middle East.

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Nottingham New Squat Occupied: opp. Galleries of Justice

11-04-2008 13:28

The new squat, which has been occupied as part of the weekend of action for free culture and squatted autonomous spaces has been successfully taken. The place is listed grade II building, but is uncared for, decrepit and in much need of renovations. Squatters having moved in, were today doing much tidying, fixing, washing, sweeping and preparing.

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Novartis - Allergenic Asthma Applied to Rats

11-04-2008 12:34

This information campaign is dedicated to the victims of Novartis AG: Gunned-down Brazilian farmers - Tortured, maimed and killed animals in labs - Victims of sexual exploitation by the management - Africans left to die for profit - Patients poisoned and killed with harmful drugs - Babies fed with unhealthy food

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Student Climate Campaigners protest at Strathclyde Management

11-04-2008 12:27

Strathclyde Climate Banner Hang
Students and workers opposed to University environmental practices have scaled the roof of the famous Rottenrow Garden Arches, the focal point of the University of Strathclyde and hung protest banners directly before the Senior Managements building.

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Nottingham's Old County Hall Occupied

11-04-2008 12:21

Nottinghams Old County Hall, also known as the Judge's residence is now occupied

Since a few days, a group of people have occupied the Old County Hall in Nottingham as part of the international days of action for free culture and autonomous spaces. Also see feature article. The building, also known as 'the Judges' Lodgings' has both a fascinating history and is a building of outstanding beauty. So what is its history? Who's been living there over the years? And why has been sitting empty for so many years?

"For many years it was used as the Judge's Lodgings, and behind it is a really charming garden which forms an oasis of greenery which it is very difficult to see from anywhere else than the windows of the schoolrooms of Halifax Place Chapel. It is a 17th century house which was greatly altered about 1833, about which time it was purchased from the Fellows family, who had removed thither from a smaller house a little to the west. Before their time it was occupied by Lady Hutchinson, the mother of Colonel Hutchinson." That's an extract from an article on Notts History, an online collection of copyleft articles on Nottinghamshire's vibrant history. Reading through articles about the history of the Judge's Lodgings, one thing is certain. And that is that some very high ranked individuals have lived here over the centuries.

Links: Nottinghamshire History | Announcing The New Squat: Location (Nottingham) | Nottingham Braced For Squat Actions (feature) | Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

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Climate Action Movement Building - Sat 19th

11-04-2008 11:57

A day of networking, skillsharing and organising Saturday 19th April, Sheffield, 10am - 5pm

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Oaxaca: indigenous, autonomous community radio journalists shot

11-04-2008 11:46

(ARTICLE 19/CENCOS/IFEX) - Two announcers of La Voz que Rompe el Silencio community radio station, which is based in San Juan Copala, Oaxaca state, in southeast Mexico, were shot dead when traveling on the highway connecting Joya del Mamey to Putla de Guerrero, two settlements in Oaxaca. Dead are Felicitas Martinez Sachez, 21, and Teresa Bautista Merino, 24. Four other people were wounded.

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Wed 16th: Demo in solidarity to the Harmondsworth detainees

11-04-2008 11:31

Althogh many detainees have resumed eating following the repression, some are still on hunger strike. The repression continues, we just had news that another of the hunger strikers has been taken and put in isolation. The detainees want us to demonstrate and make their voice heard.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 11th April

11-04-2008 11:20

Vera Manda Kunde and Kenni Musada Back home in Leicester
Amidst all the trouble in Yarl's Wood yesterday, some good news. Vera had a bail hearing by video link with Birmingham immigration court and was granted bail.

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Guantanamo: US embassy Baghdad 'liberation' vigil tonight + other actions

11-04-2008 11:02

Recent protest outside Starbucks in Oxford Street
Details of the London Guantanamo Campaign's upcoming activities in the capital.

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Justice For Ama Sumani / Demonstration in her Memory

11-04-2008 10:56

Saturday 19th April 2008
Assemble 1:00pm
Nye Bevan Statue
Queen Street

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Bristolians take part in International homelessness/squatters action day

11-04-2008 10:24

A vacant city centre building, the Little Theatre in Colston Street, was occupied this morning by homeless Bristolians as part of a co-ordinated day of action round the world.

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Cannabis Campaigners Complain about Spinning Brains

11-04-2008 09:44

Alun Buffry BSc, of the LCA, said: “This is serious scientific research and must be followed up immediately, yet it is being ignored by this Government. Likewise, the recommendations of the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). After asking for a review on cannabis classification in law, it appears about to be tossed aside for expedient short term electoral gains.”

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Announcing The New Squat: Location (Nottingham)

11-04-2008 08:30

Old County Hall, 23 High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1
The new squat, which has been occupied as part of the weekend of action for free culture and autonomous spaces has so far been successfully taken. Please come along, we really need people to help clear the space and make it one of our own! So where is it? The building is known as the Old County Hall, 23 High Pavement, Nottingham City, NG1. It is the building straight opposite the Galleries of Justice. For general info or directions, please ring us on 075 3449 6679. For a map see:

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Another TOTAL demo in Chester

11-04-2008 07:52

Completely empty forecourt
Members and supporters of Wrexham Women for Peace and Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum visited the TOTAL petrol station in Hoole, Chester again last night as part of the continuing calls for TOTAL to get out of Burma.

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JUSTICE FOR AMA SUMANI - End Deportations Protest in Cardiff

11-04-2008 07:50

The demonstration will take place on Saturday April 19, exactly one month after Ama passed away. It will assemble at 1pm at the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street. Speakers and supporters will be announced soon.

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Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

11-04-2008 07:47

Washington has obviously decided on an ultra-high risk geopolitical game with Beijing’s by fanning the flames of violence in Tibet just at this sensitive time in their relations and on the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. It’s part of an escalating strategy of destabilization of China which has been initiated by the Bush Administration over the past months. It also includes the attempt to ignite an anti-China Saffron Revolution in the neighboring Myanmar region, bringing US-led NATO troops into Darfur where China’s oil companies are developing potentially huge oil reserves. It includes counter moves across mineral-rich Africa. And it includes strenuous efforts to turn India into a major new US forward base on the Asian sub-continent to be deployed against China.