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An Appeal To The Court of Public Opinon

04-01-2009 11:13

No Lawbreaker can be a Law Enforcer!

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Ismers remain in Gaza during ground operation

04-01-2009 10:03

On the 2nd Israel offered to allow foreign passport holders the opportunity
to leave Gaza for safety, about 400 foreigners took them up.

ISMers didn't. those staying in Gaza are:
Alberto Arce - SpainEwa
Jasiewicz - Poland/Britain
Dr. Haider Eid - South Africa
Sharon Lock - AustraliaVittorio Arrigoni - ItalyJenny Linnel - Britain
Natalie Abu Shakra - Lebanon
Eva Bartlett - Canada

"we wonder what they have planned next that they don’t want outsiders
here to witness. To be absolutely honest, if this goes on for weeks, I
don’t think all of my ISM group will make it out alive. But are our lives
worth any more than those of the people of Gaza?" Sharon

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Solidarity with Palestine and Israeli embassy, London - pictures.

04-01-2009 09:05

The Israeli flag burns outside Downing Street.
As Israel carries out its long planned invasion of Gaza, tens of thousands gather in London to voice their anger at the tragedy which will now take place in the region.

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Tanks rolling over Gaza (by Latuff)

04-01-2009 05:57

Panzers into Gaza
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraeHell's state terror.

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04-01-2009 03:25

Condemn and protest the Wall Street-Bush-Zionist megaterrorist border-occupation and invasion of Gaza and the atrocities against civilians!

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The courage to speak the truth about the Isreal / Palestine conflict

04-01-2009 02:45

Who has the courage to speak the truth about the I/P conflict?

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Call for continued demonstrations for Palestine and more democratic organising

04-01-2009 02:05

Please see the text of a leaflet distributed at todays London Palestine solidarity demonstrations. Since this leaflet was written more demonstrations have been called, and they have been timed at 5.30 pm from the 5 - 9 January - which makes sense. However the main points of the leaflet are still interesting to read: about us needing more open decision making and more control of the demonstrations. We also need to network better to show solidarity with Gaza: get in touch!

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EU condemnation of Gaza & Realpolitik

04-01-2009 01:16

The EU today called the Israeli invasion of Gaza as a 'defensive, not offensive action'. President Sarkozy of France, someone most people here would see as a right-winger, immediately took the opposite stance and called for an immediate ceasefire. So why the split?

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Israeli Embassy Protest against the invasion of Gaza - Sunday 4 January 2pm

04-01-2009 00:27

Sunday 4 January 2pm outside the Israeli Embassy, Kensington High Street

Nearest tube: Kensington High Street

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police brutality

04-01-2009 00:17

police brutality once more in london

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2008 overview of Shell to Sea campaign

04-01-2009 00:09

An in depth account of significant events in 2008 from someone involved in the community led campaign in County Mayo, Ireland to prevent Shell building a gas refinery and high pressure pipeline in the region.

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Israel invades Gaza - Emergency Demonstration Sun 4 January 2pm

04-01-2009 00:03

Emergency Demonstration Sun 4 January 2pm
Israeli Embassy, High St, Kensington, London
(Nearest tube High Street Kensington.)

Keep up the pressure on the UK government.

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Israel - protest and resistance

03-01-2009 23:59

Israeli protests against the bloodshed in Gaza

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Speech delivered by anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews at the Gaza protest in London

03-01-2009 23:53

Throughout their history, the Zionists have resorted to intimidation, war, ethnic cleansing and state—sponsored terrorism to achieve their goals. But among this movement's greatest crimes, is that it has claimed to carry out these nefarious actions in the name of holiness, in the name of the Almighty, in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people !!

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Report of Emergency Protest in Newcastle ‘Stop the Massacre in Gaza’

03-01-2009 23:16

Photo 1
Rally held at Grey's Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne, in solidarity with the people of Palestine and their resistance and to end the occupation of Palestine and the siege on Gaza.

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Hundreds Condemn Gaza Slaughter In Liverpool

03-01-2009 22:32

As the young conscripts of the Israeli Defense Forces prepared for a ground invasion, about three hundred people protested in Liverpool against the now week-long military assault on Gaza Strip Palestinians.

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Demonstration against Israeli killings in Gaza, Trafalgar Square 03.01.09

03-01-2009 22:29

mass rally at Trafalgar Square
Appr 50.000 marched against the Israeli slaughter in Gaza in London

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Palestine Solidarity-Oaxacan Libertarians Arrested

03-01-2009 22:04

Anarchists and libertarians arrested as they march in solidarity with Gaza. Solidarity actions needed urgently.

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Banner hang and vigil in Shrewsbury for Gaza

03-01-2009 21:46

Banner hang
A large banner - "Enough death. Stop this bloody war" - recycled from other conflicts, was hung over a main road in Shrewsbury town centre today for several hours. Meanwhile, in the Square, around 60 people gathered in the freezing fog for a vigil to draw attention to the disaster that is being inflicted by Israel on Gaza.