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Third World Solidarity Movement | 04.01.2009 03:25 | Repression | Terror War

Condemn and protest the Wall Street-Bush-Zionist megaterrorist border-occupation and invasion of Gaza and the atrocities against civilians!


The Israeli armed forces, a proxy force for U.S. imperialism in the region, has began to invade Gaza after its continuing siege, land-and-sea blockade. border-occupation and captivity of the region. Aside from a criminal enforced starvation of the Gaza economy people, it has unleashed a criminal and holocaust-like mega-terrorist attack against and collective punishment of Gaza civilians, including the killing of over 100 children from bombing with U.S. aircraft, artillery, tanks, explosives and satellite assistance. And yet, it trumpets the lie that there is no humanitarian disaster in Gaza, despite the United Nations conclusion that there is.

It is Wall Street, U.S. imperialism and the neo-con Bush regime that is the principal backer, funder (4 billion dollars per year in military aid), war-technology supplier of the Zionist state, that renders non-Jews, Arabs and Palestinians as second-class citizens, refugees and colonial subjects. Bush aims to add to Iraq and Afghanistan a victim of his neocon and pro-Zionist agenda and a concentration camp of U.S., British and proxy Israeli troops. With American taxpayer money, Bush continues to bail out the Zionist aggression machinery.

Obama is now revealing his true colors as a closet neocon and pro-Zionist Bushite, nurtured by his ties to top Zionist lobbyist Ram Emmanuel and Axelrod. He virtually endorsed and gave the green light to the massacres and invasion with his statement that Israel has a right to defend itself against Palestinian rocket attacks, and his deafeningly silent acquiescence to the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

The Bush-Obama imperialist war machine and its Israeli Zionist proxy forces are able to persecute the border-occupation of Gaza and the internal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem with the aid of their puppets and agents controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency: Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Karzai of Afghanistan, Malaki of Iraq, and the collaborator Mahmoud Abbas, who has utterly betrayed the Palestinian cause. The current events show that there is no Middle East solution that involves a Zionist state, and only a no-Zionist-state will solve the Palestinian problem.

We therefore call for the following actions:

1. Condemn and protest the Wall Street-Bush-Zionist megaterrorist border-occupation and invasion of Gaza!

2. Condemn and protest the Wall Street-Bush-Zionist anti-civilian atrocities against the people of Gaza and Palestine!

3. Protest the Obama continuation of and acquiescence to the neocon Bush pro-Zionism and Israeli megaterrorism!

4. Reject, boycott and storm symbols of U.S. business and imperialism, including Citibank, Exxonmobil, Chevron, McDonalds!!!

5. Reject and boycott Israeli exports, such as diamonds!

6. Condemn, reject and remove U.S.-CIA puppets in the Middle East, including Abbas in Palestine, Mubarak in Egypt, Abdullah in Jordan, Karzai in Afghanistan, and Malaki in Iraq!

7. Stop the neocon Bushite and Zionist bailout of the Israeli war machine with U.S. taxpayer money!!!

8. Reject a Zionist state solution and support a no-Zionist-state solution!!

9. Support the heroic Palestinian resistance to smash the U.S.-Israeli occupation and drive away the Zionist aggressors!!!


Third World Solidarity Movement


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