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Report-Back on Oxford Stop the War Conference

31-10-2005 11:39


Saturday 29th October.

Report back by Dan Glazebrook

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Government deliberately subverting the Freedom of Information Act

31-10-2005 11:35

The Government is using the Central Clearing House, a
unit within the Dept for Constitutional Affairs, to deliberately subvert the intention of the FOIA

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31-10-2005 11:21


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Blunkett +Blonde

31-10-2005 09:49

Blunkett + Blond
Blunkett is typical New-Labour sleeze.

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31-10-2005 07:35

Libby in Prison
Let's hope he is not treated like this.

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Talk/Discussion on F.I.E.S & Italian repression at Cowley Club, Brighton

31-10-2005 03:57


Repression and resistance in Italy.



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Wild Thyme photos

31-10-2005 01:55

Setting up the hall
Photos from Wild Thyme

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Hariri: Disturbing questions about UN's 'assassination investigator

31-10-2005 00:01

The Mehlis report provides the Bush and Sharon administrations the ammunition needed to galvanise support for the neoconservative plan for military action against Syria. Given his role in the 1986 La Belle bombing, the possibility remains that his investigation has firstly concealed the role of US and Israeli intelligence interests in relation to the Hariri assassination, and secondly been politicized to support US and Israeli grand regional designs.

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Heathrow's Third Runway challenged by villagers.

30-10-2005 22:18

More than 250 people take to the streets
Picture a typical activist protest - DSEI, G8 or Critical Mass.
Blend in a movie with villagers, flaming torches and pitchforks.

Welcome to NOTRAG, No to the Third Runway Action Group,

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Die-in at Edinburgh Consulate Saturday 29th October 2005

30-10-2005 22:16

This a short report with 12 photos of the naming of the dead ceremony and die-in at the US Consulate in Edinburgh on Saturday 29th October 2005.

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Sincere thanks to superintendent Gomm of the Met. Police

30-10-2005 21:21

Credit where credit is due!

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30-10-2005 19:44

"Detlev Mehlis’ role in the investigation into the La Belle bombing raises disturbing questions about his role in the investigation of the assassination of Hariri. As Berlin public prosecutor, Mehlis inadvertently but consistently covered up the dubious involvement of US, Israeli and German intelligence interests in the 1986 terrorist attack; actively built a selective politically-motivated case against suspects without objective material proof

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Saorsa Open Day Pictures and Report

30-10-2005 17:37

Glasgow Zapatista Mural

The Saorsa Open Day was a full success. The G42 Collective provided t-shirt printing facilities, film screenings, internet access, a rebel cafe and a friendly welcoming atmosphere on the first floor of 674 Pollockshaws Road in the south of Glasgow.

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Saving Iceland gathering held in Forestfields

30-10-2005 15:38

Stop the dam
This weekend, at a venue in Forestfields people from accross the country came together to discuss the issues and ways of oposing the expansion of heavy industry in Iceland.

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Critical Massive

30-10-2005 15:28

The police tried to ban Critical Mass

We showed them who runs London

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Filthy Radical Show part 1

30-10-2005 12:44

lacking leftie zing? Feeling in need of a radical enema? Got nothing better to do for an hour than listen to a bunch of pillocks vicariously live the revolution through the medium of sound?

Then get yer aural tubes round the first installment of the Filthy Radical Show.

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Fasting in London in the last week of Ramadaan

30-10-2005 12:16

The month of Ramadaan is about to end... marked by Eid al Fitr .. not meant to be an excuse for excess or indulgence but for sharing the wealth and the means with others for an equitable and humane community and world.... while the BBC continues to neglect the victims of the Pakistan quake and undermines attempted ties between India and Pakistan.....

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Luxury airline with a Sting in the tail.

30-10-2005 11:19

Be one of the first 48 passengers to book a round trip to New York on Eos Airline's new luxury service, "and receive complimentary tickets to attend a private performance by Sting in New York City", says Eos Air's company's website.

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Wiped off the map

30-10-2005 09:31

Has Israel's stated intention of keeping Palestine off the map “indefinitely” caused Britain and the US any of the concern expressed this week at the remarks of the Iranian President?

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Jail Time

30-10-2005 09:18

jail Time
Jail Time for the war criminals