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Drum'n'bass mix

25-11-2002 15:42

Dj Mellow - Drum'n'Bass Mix

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Quote of the week

25-11-2002 15:35

Quote on Argentinian child malnutrition

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Labour NEC meeting tommorow North London: DEMONSTRATE

25-11-2002 15:13

A chance for an anti-war / pro-Firefighter protest directed at the Labour NEC including Prescott and quite possibly Blair tomorrow morning in Crouch End (North London).

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Scottish Nuclear trains open to attack

25-11-2002 15:12

Nuclear trains wide-open to terrorist attack – Scottish Greens find timetables, routes and pictures of nuclear rail freight

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25-11-2002 14:10

As he drags the world to pointless destruction...

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Bristol ABC News 24th Nov 2002

25-11-2002 13:18

Prisoner Support Bristol Anarchist Black Cross News Update

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Largest PC in the world built to save the planet

25-11-2002 13:02

Largest PC in world will save us from environmental disaster so sleep tight!

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A tacheles Bush-letter to Israel

25-11-2002 11:33

Damned, this Netanyahu!

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Support Refugees - Counter the racism of the media

25-11-2002 11:30

As the plight of refugees, the state's current scapegoats, continues to be ignored by "activists" in the UK, below is the racist propaganda that working class people are reading in the mainstream media.

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Israeli army attacks Christian worshipers outside Church of the Nativity

25-11-2002 07:07

Israeli occupation soldiers on Sunday pushed, beat and dragged to the ground Christian worshipers who were on their way to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

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25-11-2002 07:04

5 homes have been completely destroyed during the last 18 hours in Bethlehem. 150 Palestinian civilians lost their homes this week alone. Over 15 houses demolished in the past 7 days

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New racist policies against impoverished Gazan workers

25-11-2002 07:02

The Israeli Occupation Authorities has issued new work policies in the 'Eretz industrial zone' in the northern Gaza Strip, which forbid Gazans from wearing shoes, coats or bringing food from home.

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Bethlehem Under Siege

25-11-2002 04:31

Palestine Solidarity activist Kristen Ess reports deteriorating conditions in Bethlehem and the effects of continual abusive military occupation on the people of Palestine.
November 23- 34min 49sec
November 24- 14min 5sec (article 1)

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Michael Ruppert, Gary Null interview // Sept. 11 info

25-11-2002 03:31

Ruppert interview covering September 11 issues -- from the man powers that be are most interested in discrediting

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Bristol ABC November Update

25-11-2002 00:14

News Update from Bristol ABC Prison Support Group.

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basic stats for us imperialism

24-11-2002 23:23

a reference guide for activists.

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There Was Never Anything Wrong With Being a Communist,

24-11-2002 23:01

Communism is at the very heart of being human which fits the model that nature has hard wired us with, tribalism.

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PSNI Special branch chief Bill Lowry stood down

24-11-2002 22:59

PSNI Special branch chief Bill Lowry, in charge of leading the raid on the stormont offices of Sinn Fein, has been stood down, by PSNI Chief Cuntstable Hugh Orde. Hugh Order maintains that Bill Lowry, was responsible for leaking to press, uncorroborated wild speculations and unsubstantiated claims about so called evidence found at Sinn fein stormont offices, and the resultant untrue media speculations. Will Hugh play by the rules, this remains to be seen.

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Thousands of refugees to have support withdrawn

24-11-2002 22:47


Withdrawal of Support for "In-Country" Asylum Applicants

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Pacifica Radio: Fisk on the Mid-East

24-11-2002 22:20

One of the best Mid-Eastern journalists