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protest against warmonger TONIGHT

13-11-2003 10:32

John F. Lehman will be speaking at Magdalene College in the GKN lecture tonight.

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The First and Last Casualties of War are Civilians

13-11-2003 10:12

In 1917 a North American senator, Hiram Johnson, wrote, "The first casualty when war comes, is truth." In the light of recent events it would appear that truth was cloaked in secrecy long before official hostilities in Iraq began. The new mantra for the 21st Century should be "the first and last casualties of war are civilians."

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What ''Homeland Security'' is all about

13-11-2003 10:09

Please circulate:

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NEW EVIDENCE in thessaloniki case!

13-11-2003 04:16

according to this, simon's lawyers are going to present new video evidence of the cops filling bags with molotovs. now why would they be doing that?

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The Axis of Evil on the Interent

13-11-2003 03:06

The United Capitalist Front (UCF) is a coalition of right wingers, conservatives and pro-capitalists working together to divide and conquer the effectiveness of the internet through disinformation and psychological warfare as counterinsurgency (Stay tuned for updates).

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Bush Busting Carnival!!

13-11-2003 02:04

Samba-tista's party against Bush. A loose collection of non-hierarchical student groups are planning a bit of a party on the which you are ALL invited.

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13-11-2003 01:42

To all those who tried to shut us down .. we're back!! Namely Sequani animal testing labs, snivelling sh*ts that you are, you can run but you cannot hide from us! We'll expose everything we have learnt from observing your cruel, filthy, brutal, disgusting and inhumane practices.

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The case for a paramilitary police force

13-11-2003 01:16

South African Police Officers (pre 1994)
The case for a paramilitary national police force, feel free to comment, its a free debate!

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13-11-2003 01:08

DON'T BE AFRAID, BE READY!! June 2, 2003 LEIU Protests/Riots in Seattle, Wa USA
All over America, big billboards and loud television commercials are telling Americans "Don't be afraid, be ready." Americans are told to call 1-800-BE-READY or to go to This is a review of that website "by a raving radical," according to the L.A. IndyMedia.

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George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel campaign and protest list

13-11-2003 01:01

Join the on-line George W. Bush NOT WELCOME Pretzel campaign

And also check out the list of protest events surrounding Bush's visit.

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ESF Paris day 3

13-11-2003 00:39

This is the third report from the ESF in Paris. For the next few days, daily reports are going to be difficult due to the sheer size and intensity of the ESF, but one theme is now dominant - the organisation began too late and the ESF will not be ready in many aspects for when the debates and discussions begin properly.

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The wrong fool is in the palace

13-11-2003 00:08

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army call for for an action to get the fool Bush out of the palace, and get some real jesters in.

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FABO welcome BP boss Browne to IoD dinner tonight!

12-11-2003 23:20


2 big BP fish will be out and about on Thursday 13th November. As well as BP Chair Peter Sutherland at the Royal Commonwealth Society at lunchtime, BP boss Lord Browne will be addressing the centenary dinner of the Institute of Directors at the Royal Albert Hall in the evening. (Can this charm offensive be anything to do with the poor publicity generated by its planned Baku-Ceyhan pipeline?)

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Gardiner Report on the British and American manipulation of public opinion

12-11-2003 22:53

This is the link which leads to the full text of the report by Colonel Sam Gardiner: "Truth from These Podia: Summary of a Study of Strategic Influence, Perception Management,
Strategic Information Warfare and Strategic Psychological Operations
in Gulf II" which is the best concise account I have so far seen of the manipulation of public opinion in the democracies of Britain and the United States by the intelligence services and governments. READ AND CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY

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The Learning Experience of Rakan

12-11-2003 21:45

Defence of Children International has received previous reports of threatened sexual abuse, usually pronounced during extraction of a confession during interrogation. Threat of such a thing to a child, is a vile act by itself, but now allegedly there has been an actual incident, which took place in Ofer Military Prison just outside of Ramallah.

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BBC man offer Middle Eastern open dialogue

12-11-2003 21:28

BBC News
UK Jewish and Israeli groups have welcomed the BBC's decision to appoint an executive to look at its coverage of Middle Eastern issues. Malcolm Balen, former editor of the BBC's Nine O'Clock News, is to examine how the BBC is covering the region.

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fotos european social forum in paris

12-11-2003 20:32

On wednesday the ESF opens at four different locations. A women forum and demonstration took place today already, with five to tenthousands participants, very diverse and colourfull. Many people are arriving today - the subway was packed with backpackers- though there were no queing during noon today. The organisation received lots of money from the local government and spends it to reinforce capitalism, by using billboards and many other non-alternative ways for advertising the event.

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Operation enduring TERROR

12-11-2003 19:48

a new picture what i put together...

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International Calling from Galiza. NEVER AGAIN

12-11-2003 18:52

International Demonstration
2003 november 16
Santiago de Compostela

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Flyer for Nov 18th-20th in Cambridge

12-11-2003 18:15

Flyer for November 19th-20th events in Cambridge