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IDF Executes Children

30-09-2004 10:27

IDF scum executes children in school, for the crime of stone-throwing.

God save the children.

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Afghan election fiasco imminent

30-09-2004 09:03

Afghans in the southeastern province of Khost were given a stark warning this week in preparation for the 9 October presidential elections: Vote for Hamid Karzai or get your house burnt down.

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sainsburys distribution depot blocked 30.9.04

30-09-2004 01:20

GM blockade of Sainsburys depot Merseyside tonight

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U.k to track internal movement of citizens

30-09-2004 00:43



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Znet needs your help!

30-09-2004 00:38

We need to increase our revenues immediately to stave off growing costs that threaten our existence. Accomplishing that goal includes taking special steps such as posting this on our homepage

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Blair ready to talk with freedom fighters

30-09-2004 00:27

Mr Blair told reporters: "I don't think we can take any hope from anything until we know exactly what the intentions of these people are," he said. "They're not in contact with us, it's impossible for us to make contact with them."

Hello: I think without a guess that their intentions are to have US and British forces out of Iraq. As if Blair didn't know! But that's a worry if you won't negotiate with "freedom fighters" isn't it?

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Chavez Announces that Venezuelan State Will Switch to “Free Software”

30-09-2004 00:00

Chavez Announces that Venezuelan State Will Switch to “Free Software”

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Media Hacklab meeting this Sunday 3rd

29-09-2004 22:57

At 5pm this Sunday the 3rd of October there will be an open meeting of the Media Hacklab. It will take place upstairs in the reading room of the Ramparts social centre: 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (nearest tube Shadwell).

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George Bushes speech at the UN

29-09-2004 22:34

George Bush told lies to the UN. Here is what he meant

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Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre Update!

29-09-2004 21:58

Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre still fighting eviction!

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Animals Politics and the US Elections

29-09-2004 19:22

In America and other countries which promote the fallacy of democracy,
animals are totally disenfranchised.

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We think the arms industry is shit

29-09-2004 17:40

Persons or creatures unknown decided to show Brighton's friendly local arms manufacturers just what they think of them on monday evening . . .

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Afghanistan about to explode

29-09-2004 17:37

Prayers as the earth is broken
The elections are on 9th October and internationals are leaving. The security services have recommended internationals to go on leave or hibernate over the electoral period.

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29-09-2004 16:47


A film featuring Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Greg Pallast, George Galloway and Others.

From the makers of "Not in my Name"

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Thursday 7 October Birmingham Indymedia Cinema Night

29-09-2004 16:05

Thursday 7 October
Indymedia Cinema Night
An evening of independent documentary, features, shorts and clips

Preventive Warriors (Ctba)
Dir: Michael Burns USA 2003 Duration tbc
Featuring: Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Phil Donahue & Chalmers Johnson

Hexagon Theatre,MAC 8pm - This special screening will be introduced by the
director, Michael Burns and followed by a chance to discuss the issues
raised in the film.

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International Day of Action for the release of Cesar Zelada

29-09-2004 15:49

Cesar Zelada
On Friday, September 24, there was an international day of action for the release of Cesar Zelada, the Peruvian student and left wing activist jailed by the Bolivian authorities.

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Tonight! Wed 29th Sept, 7.15: FEX launch

29-09-2004 13:20

Today will see the launch of a Financial Inclusion Strategy for Sheffield.

Predatory lenders feed on poverty, and keep Sheffield people trapped there. One company - and this is just one of the legal ones - make 4 million pound in profit per year on loans totalling 8 million from lending to the poor in Sheffield. Interest rates vary from 483% to 2000%.

7.15, at Victoria Hall, opposite the Crucible theatre.

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Fox hunters march on Labour conference.

29-09-2004 11:19

There is something going seriously wrong when the biggest and loudest demo outside Labour's annual gig is by people who are even more reactionary!

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EOCC Kitchen

29-09-2004 10:58

As Treasurer of East Oxford Community Centre, I would like to support the
plan to relocate the proposed kitchen to the side of the building, on both
practical and aesthetic grounds.

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Planned new kitchen at EOCC

29-09-2004 10:49

This is a brief summary of what (seems to me to be) happening at EOCC. I'm going to try to keep my own ill-informed prejudices out of the picture, but I'm not exactly over-equipped with facts.