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Is UK investigative journalism dying or can the internet deliver?

09-04-2015 21:56

'Is Investigative Journalism Dead?' between Tim Tate, documentary maker and author, and Phil Chamberlain, Senior Journalism Lecturer at UWE and author of 'Blacklisted: The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists. Will the internet do the job of big documentary teams?

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair full details available now

09-04-2015 09:43

Bookfair poster
Welcome One & All to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, once again at the Trinity Centre in Bristol, on Saturday 25 April, from 11am – 6pm.

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No Party Manifesto wants to make victims get Svetlana Lokhova's awards

08-04-2015 03:08

Svetlana Lokhova’s award of £3.2 compensation against the Sberbank CIB
is interesting. The tribunal awarding the sum made a number of appropriate comments hitting hard on the sexist nature of the harassment that went on in that bank.

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Bristol March for Housing Saturday 11 April

07-04-2015 16:46

Bristol Housing Action Movement, a squat group established in the mid-80s, has called a March for Housing at 2pm Saturday 11 April from the Bearpit to College Green in Bristol. It's going to be the biggest demo in Bristol this year and a great start to the summer.

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Runnymede needs You! Eviction Resistance ॐ

06-04-2015 19:36

To one & all, an invitation and call out to activists and lovely people across the gamma for talks and discussion on thoughts feelings and strategy leading up to the court hearing on the 9th of April at the County Court at Guildford. We would like to invite anybody with experience or advice in our situation to join us in solidarity with our views for freedom, justice and equality for all.
All species and subspecies alike.

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Tower Hateful - the tales of the vulnerable, the disabled and the deprived

06-04-2015 15:10

Tower Hateful - the tales of the vulnerable, the disabled and the deprived

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60 days older and deeper in debt: postscript to "On SYRIZA and its victory"

06-04-2015 12:50

An update on the rule of SYRIZA in Greece

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The ‘Final Solution’ to the National Question in Ukraine?

06-04-2015 08:12

During the last decade of the 20th century discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, skin color, or sexual orientation seemed to be a dead and gone part of the history of Western civilization. But in the 21st century it does not look like anachronism at all.

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World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis Joins the Cry "Nous Sommes Bardo!"

06-04-2015 05:59

Nous sommes Bardo!
The World Social Forum in Tunis (24-28 March 2015) closes with resounding unity against global warming, neoliberalism, militarism, terrorism, and for the increasingly important role of women in making another world possible.

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Supporting The Whistleblowers @OccupyDemocracy Protest at the Ecuadorian Embassy

05-04-2015 13:48

Attached is a audio recording of Eileen from Compassion in Care, and Nicola from Woman Against Rape, speaking at a Occupy Democracy protest held on 4th April 2015 in support of whistle blowers outside the Embassy of Ecuador, Knightbridge, London, where Wikileaks founder Assange WikiLeaks has been stuck for almost 3 years.

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Cardiff Smash IPP Demo / Protest Chwalwch IPP

04-04-2015 20:23

Report from today's Smash IPP Demo in Cardiff / Adroddiad o'r protest heddiw yang Nghaerdydd

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New Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard

04-04-2015 19:29

Prisons do not work for anyone – except those who profit from them.

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UG#706 - When Are Terrorists Not Terrorists? (States assassinating by drones)

02-04-2015 16:13

We focus on drone technology, looking at the relationship between language and law. A range of speakers explain how the framing of the War On Terror has served the US military's purposes, and note that the US keeps details of its pretexts for state sponsored assassinations by drone as vague as possible. Plausible deniability is only needed if people are in a position where their actions are subject to informed questions. The core of this week's show is made up with a set of speeches from a 2015 meeting about the use of drone warfare, introduced by Bruce Gagnon and augmented by SAS whistleblower, Ben Griffin and a few classic words of Chris Hedges on how war affects its participants.

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Greece Proposes Plans to Tackle Tax Evasion and Corruption

02-04-2015 14:09

Greece submitted a list of economic reforms to the European Union (EU) in an effort to secure emergency financing

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IMF Funds for the Sopranos?

02-04-2015 12:20

IMF continues largely supplying new credits to the country, “death-marked for freedom”.

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Look... Community Talk On African British history and Racism & 'White' Jesus

02-04-2015 04:18

Look DVD Launch Teaser
One year on from the Look How Far We’'ve Come: Getting Racism Back On The Agenda? Conference, BTWSC and African Histories Revisited (AHR) return to the Abbey Centre in Westminster, for a special three-in-one event on May 14.

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The Allies at Gallipoli: Defeat in 1915, Disgrace in 2015

01-04-2015 23:14

Erdogan's smoke-screen
Turkey enjoys the spectacle of defeated foreigners trudging to Gallipoli.

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[VIDEO] Greece: Anarchists “invade” the greek parliament

01-04-2015 14:41

Anarchists “invade” the greek parliament in solidarity to the mass hunger strike since March 2nd, 2015.