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Tower Hateful - the tales of the vulnerable, the disabled and the deprived

CDGWJSWS2015 | 06.04.2015 15:10 | Analysis | Anti-racism | London | World

Tower Hateful - the tales of the vulnerable, the disabled and the deprived

Tower Hateful - the tales of the vulnerable, the disabled and the deprived.

With the General Election due in a month’s time, David Cameron, Edward Miliband and the local MP-candidates will be justified to feel that Tower Hamlets, sometimes ;’hailed’ as the county’s poorest borough, is in fact doing fine.

Hatred is rife but is denied.
Hate is rife but is denied.
Crime is increasing but is not publicised.
Violence is persistent but isn’t admitted at all.
The item shown on Sunday in the every friendly Channel S News had a number of faces from Tower Hamlets giving their supposed views on the Elections.
The presenter, Mohammed Jubair, had nothing to say about any of the above.

Then he never had anything to say about negative things going on Tower Hamlets.

The man was probably the most often cited community media adviser employed by Tower Hamlets Council.

In that role he has featured in news himself, written by Ted Jeory, Andrew Gilligan and the others who loyally follow those two distinguished writers on Tower Hamlets.

In Wapping, Shadwell and the Docklands, the names Ted Jeory and Andrew Gilligan are treated as next to saints.
Ted Jeory and Andrew Gilligan cannot write anything that’s untrue.
Both have featured in the hearing that ended last month on allegations of vote fraud.
Both share a quality with Tower Hamlets Council that is killing the East End quietly-
Neither Ted Jeory nor Andrew Gilligan ahs heard of a local Council that is in place to serve the ordinary man and woman on mundane needs.
Both Jeory and Gilligan treat Tower Hamlets as a symbol that is equal to one that can be conjured up by surveying the latest Western media view of the Middle East (or the Near east as the Indians prefer to call the region).

Hence the historic, transparently multi-Agencies-linked stunt staged in 2014 by Ted Jeory over at the Wilcrooks Estate.

A Council housing estate that had previously never been heard of – hit the Concerned Media of Washington, Denver Colorado (where the USA Presidents make occasional trips to) were added to the lists of names that Civilisation must be concerned about for the future...

Wilcrooks Estate has faced off the news list but it is there in the record books.

Everything from start to finish about that was a staged thing.

That helps maintain the presence of Tower Hamlets as a place that the West must be Concerned about.
Which leaves hardly any space for Ted Jeory or Andrew Gilligan to talk about the Cleanings programme.
The massive incompetence of the Council at all levels.
Deprivation continues to grow but is denied.

Denial of rights festers at all levels of the Council but is not recorded by the two names in Western Crusading Journalism who have become synonyms for the front-line covering the threat that is Tower Hamlets.

That there is a threat in the name of Tower Hamlets is true but not in the way that the Ted Jeory or Andrew Gilligan-followers think.

The threat is increasing by the day to the little people who are being ousted, pushed out of their homes and what sued to be their communities.

From Aldgate East’s Apartheid Doors to the border of the borough with Newham near Stratford, Tower Hamlets has been being annexed to the massive project being financed by billionaires.
Generations are being denied and the former East End borough is just a few years away before it is made part of the bigger extended city of London.

Nobody is showing any concern on this.

The Tower Hamlets Council is performing a role that will please Michael Heseltine and Eric Pickles and everyone else in between.

The Council is rubber stamping planning applications that are openly about driving the communities out.

Against such a background, there is also a denial of basic civic rights and projections to the ordinary man and woman.

On this Easter Bank Holiday Monday his streets of the East End of London are less than busy.
Even less signs of ‘community safety’ photo-calls this extended Holiday weekend than could be imagined in a normal one.
Councillor Ohid Ahmed, who has made it his signature of success to hold walkabouts that he then publicises courtesy of the in-house Tower Hamlets Council Pravda East End Life – is not on show.

He hardly is before the stunts.
But then Cllr Ohid does not need to tell the community ahead of his promotional walks.
The stats on community safety in Tower Hamlets tell their own story of Cllr Ohid’s achievements.

The local rag East London Advertiser is now even more unremarkable than it ever was.

With a professional like Mike Brookes in charge of things Tower Hamlets, there is no danger of the Council worrying about negative stats.
And the Met police are doing wonderfully well in Tower Hamlets too.

No bad news at all about Tower Hamlets.

That is, there is no crime.
No hate.
No denials.

With the London Hospital being added to the complex that will serve as a timely focus and target for the likes of the EDL, there are no illnesses, no need for hospital.

The EDL has proven an ally for the local Tower Hamlets election candidates.

Every time there is an election, the EDL stages a threat to march on Whitechapel.

His gives the candidates a platform that comes across as protecting the area from the racists.

It is a good, profitable arrangement that benefits both the bankrupt racists and their allies in the target areas.

Now, with Home Secretary Theresa May’s joining the list, may be Anjem Chawdhary - who has been given a beneficial profile by Ted Jeory who treats Anjem almost as a member of the fanatic family they have installed over the image of Tower Hamlets - will be able to attract some of the EDL’s rivals in the racist marches arena.
Tower Hamlets people will continue to be denied service by Tower Hamlets Council on day to day needs.
This is a borough where hatred of all kinds has been made parts of the culture



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