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We are all extremists now

23-02-2009 11:28

For most of the past century, Britain's secret state bugged, blacklisted and spied on leftists, trade unionists and peace campaigners, as well as Irish republicans and anyone else regarded as a "subversive" threat to the established order.

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The Hidden Wounds of War!

23-02-2009 11:06


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Waking the Dead

23-02-2009 09:55

According to the FT, the Government has decided to extend more credit to Northern Wreck as a way of propping up the falling housing market. The bank is also to be broken up into a good bank and a bad bank with taxpayers left to cover the losses on the toxic waste, whilst the private sector will no doubt be allowed to pick up the healthy part on the cheap.

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Camden People have decided that the campaign remains local & not London AR

23-02-2009 03:21

There are plans to build a deadly virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden Council house estate, alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. The threat of virus leak is very real, Foot & Mouth disease was leaked form govt facility Pirbright in Surrey into the water supply. Camden needs council homes and community facilites not a deadly lab.

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Palestinians take Miliband, Mandelson & Hutton to court re Gaza -Tue 24 Feb 11am

23-02-2009 00:28

You may wish to come on Tuesday 24th February at 11.00 am to the High Court of Justice to show your support for Gaza and protest against the British Government's failure to stop supporting the Israeli aggressor.

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Anti-militarist movement second gathering

22-02-2009 23:58

In November 2008 a gathering of reflection and planning for a new anti-militarist movement took place in Edinburgh. Having taken a critical look at the current state of the anti-militarist/anti-war/peace movement in the UK whilst celebrating the movement's successes and analysing its shortcomings, the Anti- Militarist Network (AMN) was formed.

Join us for the second gathering to further discuss how we can build an anti-militarist movement capable of resisting and stopping current and future militarism and aggressive state violence.

This gathering will also continue to bring together a broad-based network of groups and individuals to begin mobilising for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly that will take place 13th-17th November 2009.

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Two Days of SHAC Netherlands Tour

22-02-2009 22:53

Thursday, 19th February - Eight HLS customers and a supplier are demoed
Friday, 20th February - Another nine HLS customers are demoed

'Our mission is clear, our demands simple and straight forward, our motivation indestructible. We will not sit idly by or look the other way whilst animals pine away and suffer inside HLS!'

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UN's Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) clarifies misleading media reports on Iran

22-02-2009 21:55

Following the release of IAEA's latest report on Iran last week, a number of scaremongering anti-Iran headlines appeared in the Western media.

In response to questions by Dr. Kaveh Afrasiabi, the IAEA spokesperson, Melissa Fleming, has issued a statement clarifying the IAEA's position regarding the misleading articles in the US and European press concerning Iran's production of low-enriched uranium.

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Hope happening - Palestine Cafe Event Southampton

22-02-2009 21:44

You are invited to the second Palestine Cafe Happening in Southampton

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Boycott and Disinvest in Israel, in Solidarity and Self-Defense

22-02-2009 21:15

"Black Americans, who have experienced apartheid at home and fought successfully against it in Africa," feel most intensely the need to register their opposition to Israel's version of apartheid. Yet their elected officials cower at the feet of the pro-Israel lobby, which has successfully targeted independent-minded Black officials for defeat.

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Four Peaceful Anti-Vivisectionists Arrested - California

22-02-2009 20:58

For Immediate Release
February 22, 2009

Federal Authorities Arrest Peaceful Protesters
Animal Liberation Front, Other Clandestine Groups Prosper as Result

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Old bill phone bill sixty mill

22-02-2009 19:50

Fun with spreadsheets
These are the amounts Scottish police forces have paid companies like Vodaphone, O2 and T-Mobile for gathering data on often trivial investigations. I've included an average cost per application as that is indicative of what depth of data is being gathered.

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Binyam Mohamed’s Coming Home From Guantánamo, As Torture Allegations Mount

22-02-2009 19:37

The Washington Post broke the news on Friday that Binyam Mohamed, British resident, Guantánamo prisoner, victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture, and the subject of high-profile court cases on both sides of the Atlantic, will be returning to the UK “early next week,” according to “a source involved in the process, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the subject.”

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Dark Nights #5 (EU Prison Struggle & Insurrection)

22-02-2009 19:07

A new issue of Dark Nights is available for download as a PDF file, it is an anarchist freesheet covering recent repression and resistance news (4 pages, folded A3).

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St Andrews: Student Occupation Rallies, Enters Fifth Day

22-02-2009 17:43

To mark the fifth day in occupation of a key university building, student protestors held a rally to gather support for the campaign before a meeting with University officials on Monday.

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George Bush Should Be Arrested In Calgary, Canada

22-02-2009 17:32

"While legal perils swirl around George W Bush's White House lawyers for their role in empowering torturers, Bush will cross an international border--possibly for the first time--as a free and private citizen." Bush should be arrested for war crimes, in Canada, March 17

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Swedish activists remanded over fur/leathershop arson

22-02-2009 14:57

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (21st February 2009)

Dear Friends

ELP has just heard that two Swedish boys/young men have been remanded into custody today accused of an arson against a fur/leathershop in Orebro.

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VIDEO Israelis shoot palestinian farmer

22-02-2009 14:04

ISM Gaza Strip

Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer - 18th February 2009 Israeli forces shot a twenty year-old Palestinian farmer as he worked his land in the village of Al-Faraheen, east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. International Human Rights Activists were accompanying the group of farmers

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“Let them eat cake!”

22-02-2009 13:34

Free Markets. That’s what we are supposed to have: free markets. Free markets are where one person can exchange something of value with another person, all without any encumbrances by the government. We have never had free markets, nor will we ever. Worse, you wouldn’t want a truly free market.