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A Review of John Ross' Zapatistas

22-03-2007 20:11

Review of Zapatistas' struggle for autonomy and freedom.

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Take Action Against Illegal Tree Felling in Liverpool!

22-03-2007 20:05

Woodchipper for felled trees - Liverpool Garden Festival Site March 2007
Langtree McLean are currently cutting their way through trees at the former Garden Festival site in Liverpool, even though they don't have planning permission yet and they don't own the site yet! If they get their way, the site will be almost completely clear-felled!

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Kirklees Unity Day of Action

22-03-2007 19:57

Kirklees Unity Day of Action

Saturday April 7th 2007

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Fighter Training

22-03-2007 17:39

An upcoming conferenec on Fighter pilot training, sponsored by Israeli Aerospace industries may be of interest to readers

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Cultural Barbarians are at the Gate

22-03-2007 17:25

Presently we Iranian are facing two facets of US militaristic doctrine, on one hand, we can see their exercise of hard power and our country being encircled by US armies to the east, west and south. On the other hand, they are constantly flexing their soft power and there is no day that western media are filled with rumour, exaggerated claims and bare faced lie.

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Sheikh Ahamed Yassin Assassination, The Three-Year Anniversary

22-03-2007 17:04

In Brussels, the European Union condemned Israel's "extra-judicial killing" as illegal and likely to further inflame violence.

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Welfare Reform: The ‘unthinkable’ may be about to happen!

22-03-2007 16:41

biggest changes in welfare for over 60 years about to come...

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Q&A with John McDonnell MP

22-03-2007 14:30

Q&A with John McDonnell MP
Contender for the leadership of the Labour Party
Thursday 29 March 7.30pm
Trinity United Reformed Church Buck St, London NW1
Behind Sainsbury’s,
Camden Town tube
All welcome

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Global Warming On The Ropes

22-03-2007 14:00

Hysteria of climate cult begins to look increasingly inane

[according to the loons at prisonplanet that is! Please let this repost stand to show people the mindset of that commercial site]

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Proposed new powers for bailiffs: an attack on the poor and indebted

22-03-2007 13:56

The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, which had its second reading in the House of Commons in early March, proposes new powers that will enable the agents of bailiffs—court officers involved in the collection of debts and fines—to force entry into people’s homes, seize belongings and, in certain cases, restrain people.

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UK Zapatista Solidarity Gathering, Next Week, Brighton!

22-03-2007 13:38


// Sat 31st March, 10am till 6pm and Sun 1st April, 10am till 4pm.

// @ The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA

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National Grid feeling the pressure as time runs out on giant pipeline project

22-03-2007 13:31

Bogged down
National Grid's pet pipeline is way behind schedule. They are in a panicked rush to get it built and avoid hefty fines, but a determined protest campaign and the rugged welsh landscape are ganging up on the ill-fated pipe.

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Warmongers hang out in Washington DC: Helen Clark visits the US

22-03-2007 13:25

Helen Clark visits the US
As the fifth year of the occupation of Iraq approaches, the United States is busily re-evaluating its military strategy there and elsewhere. On the eve of Helen Clark's visit to the US, will the Labour Government take the opportunity to re-evaluate New Zealand's military relationship with the Bush administration?

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massive westminster security breach - won't be on mainstream

22-03-2007 13:11

yesterday afternoon, a lone protester drove her car through the main gates into the westminster compound, her aim to perform a citizen's arrest on tony blair. this was a massive breach of security, but police are anxious to keep it quiet for all sorts of reasons, so i doubt you'll hear about it on mainstream media.

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7 Demonstrations Against Deportations to DR Congo Wednesday 28th March 2007

22-03-2007 12:43

Earlier this month hundreds of protesters gathered at demonstrations at the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal and Enforcement Units in Manchester , Glasgow and beyond.
7 further demonstrations around the UK will take place on Wednesday March 28th.

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Respect Community Forum - Another Education is Possible

22-03-2007 10:34

Respect Community Forum - Another Education is Possible
7.30pm Tuesday 27th March
Ross Street Community Centre

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Aksu Family belong to Glasgow

22-03-2007 06:18

Yamur Aksu
Yamur didn't get a chance to blow out the candles on her cake. Instead her mum and dad were handcuffed and with her, her sister, 14-year-old Pinar, and her brother, 10-year-old Byram, were taken in a blacked out van to the Dungavel Detention Centre. Two days later they were transferred to Yarl's Wood IRC.

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Waku Family Must Stay

22-03-2007 06:15

Max Jean-Marc Grace Onoya
At 7.00am on Monday the 19th March 2007 the Waku family were awakened when Immigration Officers forcibly entered their home in Cardonald. The children watched their dad being handcuffed and led out of the house to a waiting van. The rest of the family were then removed one by one from their home and put into waiting vans. They are now in Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.

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Plea for help for Dagon family from Newcastle

22-03-2007 06:12

On Friday 23rd March 2007 yet another Kurdish Alevi family from Newcastle are due to be deported to Turkey against their will on British Airways flight BA676. Café Dagon has lived in England since 2000 and his wife Hatice and his children Aidin (18) and Aysun (15) joined him a year later in 2001.

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New World Order

22-03-2007 05:07

A recent article brought home the shocking truth of today’s new world order by contrasting the social outrage expressed against Richard Nixon for his minor offence of a break and enter (Watergate) with today's social complacency in the face of half-a-million civilian dead in Iraq. The office of president of the USA has become an experimental position where corporate placed buffoons are allowed to reign ruin on the world. The “bouquet of flowers, mission accomplished, WMD, give war a chance”, administration has got it wrong from the start yet ‘bouquet’ Wolfowitz has been promoted to the president of the World Bank, where he continues to bungle and lose to other interests (China). The incompetent clown, Bush, remains president and the criminals who benefit remain behind the scenes profiting on the misery of others!