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Direct action against the war: London, Thursday lunchtime

01-08-2006 23:21

Tonight's direct action planning meeting at the LSE attracted a wide cross-section of people, and was not without difficulties (as posted by someone at, but a plan for immediate action did emerge, and the machinery to facilitate further direct action was initiated. Details of an action called for this Thursday follow:

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Australia's Guantanamo

01-08-2006 22:54

Barwon Prison
Have the 13 Muslim men arrested under Australia's new anti-terror laws been subjected to Guantanamo Bay-style conditions? It's an allegation being made by Civil Rights Defence

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An Assembly of Well-Meaning People

01-08-2006 22:03

Tonight’s assembly in Central London for direct action against the invasion of Lebanon was not entirely unproductive. However the discussion often seemed to be going round in circles, with little progress being made towards the aim of ‘direct action’ and people feeling increasingly frustrated and drained. This scenario will have felt familiar to people who have attended similar meetings in the past. The problem, in a nutshell, is a fundamental flaw in the design of such meetings.

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'No Hezbollah Rockets Fired from Qana'

01-08-2006 21:21

QANA, Aug 1 (IPS) - Red Cross workers and residents of Qana, where Israeli bombing killed at least 60 civilians, have told IPS that no Hezbollah rockets were launched from the city before the Israeli air strike.

The Israeli military has said it bombed the building in which several people had taken shelter, more than half of them children, because the Army had faced rocket fire from Qana. The Israeli military has said that Hezbollah was therefore responsible for the deaths.

"There were no Hezbollah rockets fired from here," 32-year-old Ali Abdel told IPS. "Anyone in this village will tell you this, because it is the truth."

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Taxing Times for Inland Revenue Strikers

01-08-2006 19:51

Tax offices in Bootle, Glasgow, Newcastle, Salford, Wrexham, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Leicester, Bradford and Edinburgh were closed yesterday as up to 8,000 workers came out on strike against plans to make them fill in forms accounting for each hour they work.

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Operation Amethyst Collapse:"No trace of key child porn witness"

01-08-2006 19:23

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act - George Orwell. Writers and correspondents in New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, France, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and the US.

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Qana - Deir yassin; Ethnic Cleansing 1948 style.

01-08-2006 19:16

Qana-Deir yassin
Qana--memories of Deir yassin.

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Manchester Faslane 365 meeting tonight in the basement

01-08-2006 15:19

In response to Blair plans to waste billions more on britains illegal WMD Trident system, Faslane 365 is an ambitious plan to blockade the Faslane nuclear base in scotland for a whole year! The blockade will begin in October and Manchester has taken on the 7th and 8th of November. Tonight 7pm, The Basement, 24 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DW

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Yarl's Wood - Hunger strike continues

01-08-2006 14:23

Six parents at Yarl's Wood IRC are still on hunger strike. I have been speaking to them daily, and have noticed their voices are getting weaker and they have told me that they feel very ill. When I asked how long they intend to continue, they said until the Home Office comes and talks to them.

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01-08-2006 13:36


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01-08-2006 12:26


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New Labour New Terror

01-08-2006 11:53

Britain's positioning on the Israeli side by helping the sifting of bombs from the US has made us all participants in the murder of Lebanon’s children, in a clear act of terror on innocent civilians. Thank you New Labour for making me a terrorist.

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War Criminals of Israel, Lossing the War on Every Front

01-08-2006 11:07

At this stage in the war with Hezbollah, Israel cannot achieve anything except further international condemnation together with visceral hatred from Arabs and Muslims everywhere.

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Fluoride as a pesticide;

01-08-2006 10:44

Hey, if it kills insects, what does it do to people long term?

DOW Chemical has been lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow it to spray a new fluoride-based pesticide (sulfuryl fluoride) on hundreds of foods prepared in the US.

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Geo Engineering with Sulphur proposed:

01-08-2006 10:39

Scientist Publishes 'Escape Route' from Global Warming
by Steve Connor

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Defining Free Speech

01-08-2006 10:38

Why has the noun and right of free speech been removed from the 10th edition of the Oxford Dictionary? Does this have anything to do with Tony the Toad's rediculous Socpa Act? Are you old enough to remember Perry Mason, the detective? Do you like secret societies? I have a few questions in my mind...

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01-08-2006 10:12

TEPP is a network of English teachers, teacher trainers and materials-writers who have worked in Palestine, Lebanon or neighbouring countries. We wish as educators to express our outrage at the recent killing and destruction of infrastructure in Gaza and Lebanon.

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Operation Apocalypse

01-08-2006 10:08

A former US intelligence and public affairs officers asks a disturbing questions about "End Times" apocalyptic Christians in the US: Are they pre-programmed world warriors, and are they being turned on by the government/media operation that created them?

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Bush seeks to extend Guantánamo procedures to American citizens

01-08-2006 08:40

In draft legislation prepared in response to last month’s Supreme Court decision against the use of military tribunals for US prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, the Bush administration proposes to extend the practice of indefinite detention and summary trial by military commissions to include American citizens.

According to press accounts Friday, based on leaks from those with access to the draft, the bill would essentially legalize the military tribunals in the form decreed by Bush in 2001, with only minor changes, while for the first time making US citizens as well as foreign nationals subject to such summary proceedings.