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Struggle to close down military base military base on Diego Garcia

05-01-2004 01:36

[Here is a report of an action planned for a reclamation of a US military base in Mauritius. Sounds very inspiring and potentially groundbreaking. Report received through the Women in Black network.]

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A view from inside Israel

05-01-2004 01:22

A lot of reports of the situation within Palestine and Israel are coming out currently, either from people working in Palestine, or in the mainstream press from outside. As a Jewish person myself I found this report from inside Israel extremely important and reassuring, as it gives information about the strength of feeling by many Israelis in the country against what is going on. This is not a race issue, and most people who are upset by the army's behaviour and the governments policy in the occupied territories are reacting in humanitarian and political dimensions, including all those Jewish people outside of Israel who are campaigning against this system and this regime. So for the inspiration of others like myself, for the consideration of those who have seen only reports of Israelis as army members, and for those who argue aggressively and often hotheadedly that all criticism of Israel is somehow anti-semitic (themselves the only ones aplying this race-label), here is a report I received a couple of days ago from the Israeli Peace Group Gush Shalom, who do fantastic work in the midst of an increasingly fraught and in many areas degenerating society.

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FreeCycle Sheffield

05-01-2004 01:01 is an international network comprising of local groups. Sheffield FreeCycle was the first FreeCycle group in the UK, and now there is also a group in Stoke-on-Trent

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04-01-2004 22:37

During the day of action on Tuesday September 9 at about 3.30pm a group of 15 people sat down in the road and blocked the west entrance to DSEI arms sales event and were arrested.
The events were filmed by a young freelance TV cameraman on a bicycle who we need to contact.

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1 in 5

04-01-2004 22:31

More 1 person in 5 are live in poverty in the UK. 1 in 5 workers have suffered a pay cut in the last 10 years. Strong unions stop this. Time to organise!

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resistance anarchist bulletin issue 57

04-01-2004 22:09

resistance is the monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation, strethening resistance
to capitalism and the state.

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'Police have become a glorified extension of social services'

04-01-2004 21:14

Andy Kerr served with Essex police before being medically retired in 1990

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Watch Lists or Witch Hunts: American Terrorist Lists

04-01-2004 20:49

American terrorist lists of today, resemble the FBI's watch lists during the Red Scare in the 1950's. American intelligence agencies are notorious for mistakes, and this latest grounding of Britain to US flights may be due to terrorist list mistakes...Let's explore the recent past activities of American intelligence from the 1950's to today...

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Sheffield Zapatista Party

04-01-2004 20:47

Solidarity with the Zapatistas
Sheffield people celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising.

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Take action against Tesco's sickening animal abuse

04-01-2004 20:46

Dying piglet
When a VIVA! undercover investigator entered Cherry Tree pig farm - who supply Tesco with their "finest" pig meat - they filmed horrific neglect. Let Tesco know what you think of their animal abuse on the 24th of January.

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Anit-G8 Gathering - Feb 7th-8th

04-01-2004 20:38

An open invitation to a Gathering to discuss building resistance to the G8 Summit coming to the UK in 2005.

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Party at IKEA - the McDonald’s of home furnishing

04-01-2004 18:49

Some came in fancy dress to the Dutch party
On the 20th of December 2003, starting 5pm, parties were held at IKEA Amsterdam and Paris simultaneously.

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Oystercard Surveillance & Public Transport

04-01-2004 18:35

Fares go up. Fuck the Mayor. London - Panoptican city. Shoppers paradise. hell for the rest of us.

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The new year in palestine

04-01-2004 18:23

Shooting of Israeli anarchist during anti-wall protest; invasion of Nablus continues over the New Year.
Taken from

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Waiting - home demolitions in Balata Refugee Camp, Palestine

04-01-2004 18:09

Collective punishment continues in Balata Refugee Camp, as the Israeli Army takes out its frustration at not catching the Palestinian independence fighters on the local population.
Taken from

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Israeli military invasion of Nablus

04-01-2004 18:04

A short update on the extension of the Israeli invasion in the Nablus area from Balata Camp to Nablus City from a week ago. Taken from

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From Nablus Under Seige

04-01-2004 17:49

CALL TO ACTION Jan 4th and 5th

"We are not two different sides. We are rather one in our common struggle for justice in Palestine, for an end to the occupation, for peace for all."

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 4th January 2004

04-01-2004 17:40

BRISTOL-STOP-THE-WAR NEWS : 4th January 2004

*Updated Section **New Section
***National / International Events

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Join the National 9-11 Visibility Project - DEMAND 9-11 TRUTH - END WARS!!

04-01-2004 17:36


Demonstrations and action groups are forming across the country and world.

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Queen seeks the fealty of the web.

04-01-2004 17:14

Anti-Systemic Action