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Coalition Of Women for Peace

04-10-2003 13:36

On the website of the Coalition of Women for Peace: Thoughts for Yom Kipur * Host A Refuser! * 3 Years of Intifada Data * Reserve Pilots To Refuse Liquidations * Who Won (Gush Salom) * Electronic Intifada * and many more

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04-10-2003 13:05

I am having trouble registering for the esf. Can somebody help! ASAP

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Rome 4 Oct - Shut Down Fortress Europe

04-10-2003 12:17

Demo Against UE Summit

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Unions to march at Rome EU summit

04-10-2003 09:56


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33 member "white list" by 2005

04-10-2003 08:48

As the pigscum Blunkett pretends to ease on the onslaught for the national ID card (looks as if the timing is wrong again while the party political organs shout democracy) here comes the next wave.
EU as an explicit response to 9/11 events in NY has produced two draft regulations.
The division of humans through the "white list" interstingly has a 'globalisation' pattern too.

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Critics React to U.S. Plans to Privatize Iraq's Pharmaceutical Industry

04-10-2003 05:47

Medical officials in Iraq say U.S. privatization of Iraq's pharmaceutical industry will render prescription drugs unaffordable for many patients.

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Solidarity campaign -Stop deportation of Komi Akalo from Germany to Togo!

04-10-2003 00:18

But despite all my criticism against the Togolese Government and the dangers that I am certain to face if forcibly sent to Togo, the VG Gera (Administrative Court) has not recognized my application for asylum. Last week, the foreign authorities in Apolda announced my deportation. I’m now under acute deportation threat. The OVG (Higher Administrative Court) Weimar has until now not yet decided if my application for appeal is admitted.

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Chemical Kelly and Comical Kay

03-10-2003 20:41

"Dr. Kelly had worked for MI6, the CIA, the United Nations and UNSCOM. He had security clearance at the highest level and was authorized to speak to the media on WMD which in fact he had been doing throughout 2002. He was due to return to Iraq later in July to join the special coalition team headed by CIA adviser Dr. David Kay that began scouring Iraq in June for evidence of Saddam’s illegal weapons programs. " -- Debka File, August 16, 2003, 1:13 PM (GMT+02:00)

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get bush!

03-10-2003 18:23

Extraordinary Meeting of Edinburgh Stop The War Coalition.
7.30 pm, Wednesday 8th October,
Trade Union Resource Centre, basement 26 Albany Street, Edinburgh.

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How the Peace Movement Has Made a Difference in the World Despite Being Ignored

03-10-2003 17:42

Our combined voices have been heard around the world by many nations and widely separate and diverse cultures. We have all raised our voices against war in a chorus of many languages and tongues. We have cried out in one unified voice against the governments massing the greed filled, profit driven war machine of corporate enrichment.

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Iraqi Trade Unionist Addresses Sheffield Trades Council

03-10-2003 15:49

This excerpt from the minutes of the Sheffield TUC meeting on 23 Sept. is an address by an Iraqi trade unionist. The meeting also issued a press statement calling for UK Troops to be withdrawn

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Anti-GM bike pilgrimage comes through Sheffield

03-10-2003 15:34

Anti GM pilgrims journeys
Anti-GM activists cycle through to Sheffield en-route for London event.

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03-10-2003 15:29


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Call for Proposals 2004 NCOR - Washington DC

03-10-2003 14:24

NCOR is an annual confernce, held in Washington DC in January.

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Iraq and WMD

03-10-2003 13:40

I cannot emphasize too strongly that the Interim Progress Report, which has been made available to you, is a snapshot, in the context of an on-going investigation, of where we are after our first three months of work. The report does not represent a final reckoning of Iraq's WMD programs, nor are we at the point where we are prepared to close the file on any of these programs. While solid progress - I would say even remarkable progress considering the conditions that the ISG has had to work under - has been made in this initial period of operations, much remains to be done.

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Stop Bush !

03-10-2003 13:14

George Bush is set to visit Britain on November 19th-21st!

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Bayer hit again in anti-GM protests

03-10-2003 13:10

The offices of a Bayer subsidiary were occupied by protesters, in the escalating campaign to kick huge German multinational and UK genetically modified crop front runners out of GM in Britain.

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03-10-2003 09:38

Time for Phoney to consider his position.