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orwell :: barcelona :: 2001

01-08-2001 18:34

orwell :: barcelona :: 2001

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Queen mum a bit closer to dying

01-08-2001 17:11

Hopefully this royal parasite won't trouble us for much longer and she'll keel over and finally die. She's been sponging off the taxpayer for 101 years and lives a life of luxury while many of her subjects live below the poverty line.

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Simultaneous Policy: The Quiet Revolution

01-08-2001 16:54

What happens next? Another Gothenburg, another Genoa? The time has come for the global left to return to the tools of democratic theory as the most effective weapon against the tyranny of neo-liberal globalisation. The Simultaneous Policy campaign sketches the outlines of a truly alternative world. Join up and contribute your ideas...

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Advance ALERT: Media Democracy Day 19.10.01

01-08-2001 16:26

Media Democracy Day - Friday October 19th, 2001
A Day of Media Protest, Education and Change

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Another eyewitness account Saturday night IMC centre

01-08-2001 16:03

Eyewitness account of Police raid on IMC centre and Diaz school. Also account of seeing aftermath in school once police left.

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Genoa Media - highlights from

01-08-2001 15:56


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Our bloody coup in Indonesia

01-08-2001 15:55

Britain colluded in one of the worst massacres of the century. (for the special report see the website)

Isabel Hilton
Wednesday August 1, 2001
The Guardian

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Prosters could kill PFI

01-08-2001 15:51

The controversial Private Finance Initiative (PFI) could be "dead" if protests against it grow, key corporate partners have warned ministers.

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what about the missing people

01-08-2001 15:12

Does anyone has any info about the people missing after genoa?

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White Paper on the G8 in Kananaskis

01-08-2001 14:35

White Paper on the G8 in Kananaskis

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1939 Revisited

01-08-2001 14:11

Genoa: Alarming parallels with prewar rise of fascism

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Were you in Genoa? Tell us about what you saw.

01-08-2001 11:07

We want to hear your account of what happened in Genoa

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Met officers to be given 'stun guns'

01-08-2001 10:33

Time for us to consider grounded metal 'armour'? Or perhaps personal Faraday cages?

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UK Police to carry electric stun guns

01-08-2001 10:27

Police to carry electric stun guns for first time in UK

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Silvio Berlusconi: Convicted Twice in One Week!

01-08-2001 10:26

Silvio Bersculoni, convicted twice in one week prior to his election as Italy's Prime Minister.

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Italy/G8 Summit: Amnesty International calls for commission of inquiry

01-08-2001 10:25

Italy/G8 Summit: Amnesty International calls for commission of inquiry

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Italian Consulate in Amsterdam Occupied for Genoa Police Violence

01-08-2001 10:16

Aug 1 '01

Today, Wednesday August 1 2001 at 11:30, 50 activists from the "Ya Pasta! Collective" occupied the Italian consulate at Herengracht 581 in Amsterdam. The action is a protest against the violence used by the Italian police on protestors during the G8 summit in Genoa

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GENOA: Amnesty Calls for Inquiry Commission 31.07.01

01-08-2001 09:51


Italy/G8 Summit: Amnesty International calls for commission of inquiry

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GENOA Update: Sky + others served deportation orders!

01-08-2001 09:44

News from the hospital where sky is - at 2040hrs gmt tuesday 31st July 2001

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It's the suede/denim secret police!

01-08-2001 07:51

How long till they extend curfew to over 16s?

"... and when they came to take me away there was no one left to speak out!"