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Dissident blogger: The London Tube Bombings Fantasy July 7, 2005

20-01-2006 09:32

Dissident blogger criticises the official narrative of the London tube explosions of July 7 2005.

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20-01-2006 09:19

The Save Omar Campaign will join protesters from the Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign, Manchester Guantanamo, Belmarsh Campaign, among others, in central London on Saturday January 21 2006.

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Michael Winterbottom making a film on Guantanamo

20-01-2006 06:46

a feature film on Guantanamo bay is being made.

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"You are Germany" - how a campaign of the german government failed

20-01-2006 00:59

"`cause you are Germany" - a similar slogan was used in the 3rd Reich...
- how the german radical left managed to turn a many-million-euro governments´ campaign against the government -

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20-01-2006 00:58

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast.. Netherlands, China, Cuba, and Russia.

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The Emperor's Wizdum - New Bushisms:

20-01-2006 00:27

Woman in audience asks: 'I don't really understand. How is the new plan going to fix the problem?'
President George W. Bush responds:

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United States Planning Nuclear War on Iran Within 3 Months

20-01-2006 00:21

According to Michel Chossudovsky ( ) the launching of a nuclear war against Iran is in the final planning stages. You can read about it in the following article:

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Fire in Vladivostok - call for help

20-01-2006 00:03

Office block fire in Vladivostok (Russia)
The truth is being silenced.
On the 16th January 2006 at ca.11:45 fire broke out on the three top floors of an office block in Vladivostok. The fire brigade arrived an hour after the fire broke out and went straight for the side where the directors were.

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The missing Mural

19-01-2006 23:22

the wall wot went!
heres the photos of the main wall at the weekends graff jam

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Reclaim Bamakos street

19-01-2006 22:55

Soundsystem Crew
In what some people called the first ever "reclaim the streets" in Africa, activists from the Youth Camp and IMC Bamako joined the opening demonstration of the WSF in Bamako, Mali today with a proper local mobil soundsystem set up.

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Irish protest camp to restart in March

19-01-2006 22:41


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Ministers must stop Commission's u-turn on high concern pesticides

19-01-2006 22:39

Within the next ten days the European Commission is seeking approval by the Member States to authorise a number of dangerous pesticides* for use within Europe - several of which are mutagenic, hormone disrupting or toxic to reproduction

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Reading Gay Bishop Health Special

19-01-2006 22:21

Welcome to the latest issue of Gay Bishop, this month we have been looking at issues surrounding health services for residents in Reading.

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Google Earth fingers CIA rendition flights?

19-01-2006 21:52

Google Earth photo
Here's a absolute beauty for those of you who like the skies above Google Earth filled with black helicopters: what exactly was going on at Glasgow Prestwick airport the day the Google sat passed over?

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Griffin in court.

19-01-2006 21:19

The BNP, outnumbered by their Police protectors.
Before going any further it should (in the interests of accurate journalism) be made clear that there is no evidence to suggest that Mark Collett (Nick Griffins co-defendant) is anything but heterosexual. The fact that he spent much of his famous BBC documentary stripped to the waste doing weights and generally posing for the camera in a homoerotic way proves nothing. It must also be added that Collet being spotted by an anti-fascists mincing around ‘like Quentin Crisp’ is equally inconclusive.

Anyway now that is cleared up, Monday saw the beginning of the trial for ‘incitement to racial hatred’ of BNP leader Nick Griffin and his (not Gay) sidekick Mark Collet. For many it was like Groundhog Day in Leeds with an identical number of Nazis and Antifascists as last time. The Police operation was also breathtakingly similar to the last one with even the same FIT clowns from the MET being sent up to waste everybodys taxes. The weather was also the same as were the chants, placards, faces and politics. If you read the review of the previous demo:
Then you may as well stop here, as there are no new revelations other than the confirmation that Mark Collett does it with girls and definitely not boys or sheep.

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Acting for Animal Liberation

19-01-2006 19:00

A new animal rights group has been launched to take action for animal liberation. The Western Animal Rights Network (WARN) will act as an umbrella group for local grassroots animal rights groups in the West of England and South Wales.

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Here’s to the people of Baqa’a...Here’s Tomorrow!

19-01-2006 18:06

Please find a short article on the up-coming film Here's Tomorrow, which is on the issue of Baqa'a, a palestinian refugee camp which is host to over 120,000 refugees and is based in Jordan.

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remember Jean Charles de Menezes

19-01-2006 17:35

We remember Jean Charles de Menezes
7th January 1978 - 22 July 2005

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Review of Bin Ladens latest release

19-01-2006 17:21

With a surprise new audio cassette released this week, Bin Laden is back in the media spotlight. It seems to be a hit already even though few people have actually heard it, so we decided to check it out and bring you the score...

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Rendition: The UK Gov lied

19-01-2006 17:09

from page 1 of the memo
UK scandals are intertwined