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Manchester 4x4 Action - Riders of the Apocalypse:

07-02-2006 13:53

On Saturday, a group of cyclists pissed off with the ever increasing amount of dirty, dangerous and downright ridiculous 4x4s which are accelerating climate Armageddon took to their bikes and donned skeleton outfits to shame 4x4 drivers.

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This weeks SchNEWS - Charity Balls

07-02-2006 13:51

Gordon The Gravy Train

From the Bulgarian education system to the Bolivian water supply, capitalists love nothing more than turning an area of life previously financed by universal taxation into a source of profit. The announcement that the government’s new get-tough-on-disabled-people regime will not be implemented by a government department is an indicator of a much wider process - the wholesale privatisation of public services in Britain. The ‘assessment’ of disabled people, care homes, employment and training services, the justice system; all are up for grabs.

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Hamza convicted, Griffin cleared

07-02-2006 13:17

A pre-emptive strike before the usual suspects start ranting about this proving the legal system is corrupt and racist

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Black flags to Memorialize Victims of u.s. sponsored terrorist acts up in Cuba

07-02-2006 12:29


The Cuban People have unveiled a large New Monument outside the u.s. spy base in Havana.
The monument counters a scrolling illuminated propaganda - displayed on the building by u.s. agents.

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Free Iran's 800 jailed union activists

07-02-2006 10:20

Support the Tehran bus workers strike. Defend the right of Iranian workers to form labour unions.

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State of the Moron Address 2006

07-02-2006 10:13

The State of the Nation Address Bush would have given if left to his own devices

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Download here anti-war artworks

07-02-2006 08:09

Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Australian Police Force Trial Taser Weapon

07-02-2006 07:43

NSW police may kill or disable you with their taser trial regarless of the statistical death and injury previously recorded world wide?

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crossing the line

07-02-2006 07:31

come fall and bring a sweet harvest and avert the coming storm

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Permanent War

07-02-2006 05:51

US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, recently announced the ‘war on terror’ would be re-named “the long war”; this announcement has not surprised analysts who are aware that neo-con ideologues and strategists follow the Straussian (and perverted Trotskyist) doctrine of permanent war. Some interpret this as nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ of the Cold War in which a clearly defined enemy (communist bogeymen) kept the nation on permanent alert and amenable to the powers of the time.

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07-02-2006 05:37

Tasmanian Officials have blocked access to Tasmanian prisons for the International Conference On Penal Abolition XI delegates. There has been a history of access to prisons at previous ICOPA's putting focus on human rights in prisons in the local country and ensuring accountability.

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LET IT BE KNOWN - Propagandized stupider than the fates will allow

07-02-2006 02:08

Let it be known, that the senior management national news
reducers of CBC and CNN, know full well, they would rather
watch American Soldiers die as the thieving bad guys, than to
defend God's America by reporting that the demon enemy George
W. Bush, and his business partner General Ahmad, committed
the terrorist acts of 9/11, along with Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney,
and Myers.

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07-02-2006 01:10

Consideration should be given as to whether there are other, more machievellian forces at work in this storm in a tea cup, particularly as to how ripe it is to being used to support and advance the neo-con agenda.

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How did Yuasa Workers in Birmingham lose out?

06-02-2006 23:50

How did Yuasa workers lose out on the same employment, higher education and training opportunities as MG Rover workers?

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Brum's February Critical Mass Gains Momentum

06-02-2006 23:35

Critical Mass is an organised coincidence of bikes and other non-polluting forms of transport that come together on the first Friday of every month in Birmingham to collectively reclaim some of the city’s roads. Birmingham’s Critical Mass is normally dormant throughout the winter so it was inspiring to see nearly 20 people on this ride and a great response from pedestrians who were cheering us on. The monthly ride is picking up momentum and is set to snowball for spring and the summer. There are also plans to screen a CM film at Birmingham University and a ride afterwards feeding into the main mass sometime in the future.

Here are some photos of Brum’s February Critical Mass.

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Alternative Social Forum in Caracas: voices from the left

06-02-2006 23:17

* In Caracas, Venezuela between the 23rd and 29th of January 2006, 10 local socio-political organizations offered an alternative forum and critique of national politics in response to the World Social Forum. The result was a smaller-scale event but self-directed and reflective of current self-organizing capacity. The alternative forum was independent, self-managed and borne out of years of experience of organizing in the Venezuelan context.

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06-02-2006 20:43

A local activist get together . . .

Friday 10th February, 7.00 pm

RISC Global Cafe, 35-39 London St, Reading.

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2nd Renaissance -3

06-02-2006 19:55

Today I am filled with deep humility
Plichta writes of this model as follows. "There was a time I used to make fun of the Apocalypse of St John and believed it to be a totally unreliable historical source. Today I am filled with deep humility, perhaps because I am now able to give a concrete description of the foundation of the world as seen by St John with my mathematical discoveries, and thus possibly open a new way to all of humanity which has now reached a dead end."

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Peace Not War Residency @ Brixton Jamm

06-02-2006 19:51

Peace Not War returns to Brixton Jamm to launch their regular night on Friday 10th February 2006. With an eclectic group of conscious musicians and some of the best known names in the music scene, this residency promises to show case the best in live and urban music.

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Faslane Peace Camp : Call Out.

06-02-2006 18:30

Camp now in it's 24th Year, and in dire need of a breath of life.