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Fifth Kurd joins Plymouth Hunger Strike

07-06-2002 13:37

Fifth Kurd has now joined the Plymouth Hunger Strike and has sealed his mouth. Stopped taking food and fluids at 1.00pm today. More expected to join hunger strike later today.

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Haringey CDAS support for Plymouth Hungers Strikers

07-06-2002 13:09

The Haringey Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers send our support and solidarity to the Kurdish refugees on hunger strike in Plymouth.

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07-06-2002 12:57

Four Kurdish asylum seekers have began an indefinite hunger strike in protest against the Home Office and NASS treatment of Kurdish people trapped in the asylum system. They are camped on the pavement outside the IND offices in Plymouth and have been there since 10.00am yesterday.

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Banning the Innocent in the name of terror

07-06-2002 11:29


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Israelis massacred in Megiddo

07-06-2002 10:57

18 Israelis murdered in suicide bomb attack

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London Rising Tide Benefit Cafe and Info-Night, July 14th

07-06-2002 10:17

Films/Talk/Food/Drink/Information etc. to help launch a new London-based climate change action/education group,
From 6.30pm, Friday 14th June 2002
London Action Resource Centre (020 7377 9088)
62 Fieldgate St, London E1
(Whitechapel/Aldgate East tube)

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Toppling a Totalitarian Regime in America: What Can be Done?

07-06-2002 08:54

Orwell's Animal Farm is becoming reality in America...What can be done to change the government...

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US air force colonel suspended for saying Bush 'is a joke', 'he needed Osama'

07-06-2002 08:46

The U.S. air force has suspended a colonel who wrote a letter in which he ridiculed President George W. Bush for his response to terrorism, accusing him of allowing the Sept. 11 attacks to happen because "his presidency was going nowhere."

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Ruppert, Catherine Fitts, Mother of All Press Conferences

07-06-2002 07:19

An international press conference and formal web site launch for will be held on Monday, June 10th from 2-5 PM at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The goal of this unprecedented press event and public inquiry is ......9.......11.......

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Hitler s Jewish Soldiers

07-06-2002 05:37

To be featured on NBC-TV's Dateline in June 2002

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07-06-2002 05:23

Neither Balfour nor UN partition plan support any legal claim from zionists.

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Futility of the two-state solution

07-06-2002 05:20

Geographically and demographically, the two-State solution is nothing short of a gigantic scandal.

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Did you know?

07-06-2002 05:12

some startling facts about Israel

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30 Little-Known Facts About Israel

07-06-2002 05:09

30 Little-Known Facts About Israel

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Events of the past 24 hours in Palestine, 060602

07-06-2002 05:02

Israeli occupation soldiers force the Palestinians to stand on one leg for an hour while the soldiers beat and humiliate them under gun point. The IOF killed Osama Shabit (19) from Gaza, while his friend Ihab Hyder Gazal (17) was severely injured all over his body.

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Events of the past 24 hours (05 Jun) in Palestine

07-06-2002 04:57

More IOF's CRIMES and aggressions.

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"Our detention camps are similar to German concentration camps"

07-06-2002 04:53

"We have created this camp especially for you, it is built according to the same design of a concentration camp, and what the Nazis did to us, we will do to you, and after we punish you, maybe you will find another people whom you will persecute and torment like we are doing to you."

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Why do Palestinians enjoy slaughtering woman and children

07-06-2002 04:39

Why do Palestinians enjoy slaughtering woman and children

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Support Israel

07-06-2002 04:21

Good article below