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Pictures of london peace demo 13oct

14-10-2001 21:12

Pictures of london peace demo 13oct
another set of pics of the london demo of 13 oct

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Irish civil rights under attack as police crack down on anti War demo

14-10-2001 20:53

3 times in 2 weeks- Gardai violate civil rights in Dublin

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where are the photos of the bombing victims?!

14-10-2001 20:06

is there anywhere on the web where i can get images of the victims of the bombing in afghanistan?! what is this censorship?!

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London demo 13th October

14-10-2001 20:06

London demo 13th October
Pictures Saturday 13th October CND demo march for peace and justice

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more protests needed- USA is of no help

14-10-2001 19:37

there must be worldwide protest against this war on afghanistan

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Pictures of Peace demo on Sat 13th oct London

14-10-2001 19:01

Pictures of Peace demo on Sat 13th oct London
pictures of people and banners
punks,grannies,kids,students,workers,stiltwalkers,dogs you name them they were there (article 1)

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250 Thousand march in Assisi Italy against the war

14-10-2001 18:39

Assisi, 250 mila persone per dire no alla guerra
Una marcia imponente sorvegliata dagli elicotteri
Assisi, 250 thousand people say no to the war
A peacefull march with helicopters following throughout.

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Menwith Hill protest

14-10-2001 14:32

In addition to the large London demonstration people also gathered at Menwith Hill to show their opposition to the current war and Americas Star Wars programme.

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14-10-2001 14:10

Are you tired of simply complaining about our media system, or the fact that our "information age" is producing the most censored war in history? Here's your chance to do something!

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Rising Tide Gathering a Success

14-10-2001 13:24

Rising Tide Gathering a Success
The Riding Tide Gathering has been surfing the wave of information about Climate Change. We've spent the weekend in Manchester to work out what's happening next. Check the RisingTide Website.

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US covert action created findamentalist menace to lure Soviets to Afghanistan

14-10-2001 13:03

There's a remarkable quote in an interview in 1998 with Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor to the US President from 1977 to 1981) in Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15-21, 1998,

'That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.'

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Glasgow Peace Demo a success

14-10-2001 12:02

From a demosntrator for Peace

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14-10-2001 12:00

Another view point from a U.S. citizen.

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propaganda war kicks in- BBC downgrades murdered UN staff to "NGO staff"

14-10-2001 11:01

Press have now started reporting the UN guards killed by American bombs last week as "staff working for a non governmental organisation"

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Jo Moore was only following orders

14-10-2001 08:49

Jo Moore was only following orders (thats what the nazis said after WW2 at the nuremburg trials)

By Charlie Whelan

The sunday tory graf attacks Dr Joebbels and the NU Fascists propaganda machine.

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Exeter Pro Peace March Sat 20th October

14-10-2001 05:27

Exeter Pro Peace Demonstration.

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Counting costs

14-10-2001 05:10

Counting costs
The cost of oil and gas

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Yank CEO living in Canada launches crusade against prof.

14-10-2001 05:06

Parking lot boss swaggers around Vancouver threatening outspoken critic of US foreign policy. Update on earlier story.

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FBI after Women in Black

14-10-2001 02:47

FBI Investigates Peace Group

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London Anti War Dem 13 10 01 VIDEO

14-10-2001 00:16

Video clip of London's Anti-War demonstration, Saturday 13th.3 mins length 5-7min download
A diverse range of video interviews from demonstrators on the march.