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Schnews @ 10 Tour 2004 Comes to Liverpool.

16-04-2004 09:58

The Schnews Collective hit out across the UK on a 21 date national tour. Schnews at Ten hits Liverpool on Sunday 18th April from 6pm. in the upstairs bar of the Swan Inn, Wood St (next to the Fact Centre), Liverpool City Centre

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Iraq News as it is, today!

16-04-2004 09:42

NEW and TRUE story telling in Cornmarket Street (near Northgate Tower) from 12 til 4pm.
Readings from Jo Wilding and others eye witness reports of what is really happening.
Come along for support, to take part in the readings, to be enlightened or entertained.

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New freeBEAGLES articles available

16-04-2004 09:36

Two new articles have been added to the freeB.E.A.G.L.E.S legal website at

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Glasgow Autonomous Project events

16-04-2004 08:47

Glasgow Autonomous Project is a collective working towards the creation of a community action resource centre in Glasgow. At the moment we are raising money and awareness through putting on benefit gigs, film-screenings, and other events.

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Don't Deport Mohammad Ud Din!

16-04-2004 08:39

Ud Din is a 62 year old Pakistani man being held in Dungavel Detention Centre despite being in poor health.

Ud faces deportation to Pakistan from where he fled in 2002 following years of religious persecution from the state authorities and fundamentalist religious groups within the community.

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US snipers target Falluja hospital

16-04-2004 08:00

Freelance journalist Lee Gordon reports as the massacre continues in Fallujah

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Fantastic Night with SchNEWS!

16-04-2004 04:10

Around 80 people turned up tonight in Oxford to hear the SchNEWS crew in their 10th Anniversary Tour, hosted by Oxford Indymedia. The evening was a complete success; very inspiring to see how much you can achieve just by believing in what you are doing, just by really doing something concretely! This is what direct action is all about: do something, right here, right now!

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Dear European Leader

16-04-2004 02:12

Sample letter to european leaders.

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Peer to peer sharing of political information

16-04-2004 01:36

Why not use Peer-to-peer networks for sharing of cool content that is legitimate anyway?

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Truce Offered

16-04-2004 01:32

Osama Bin Laden has offered a truce to Europe! The potential end of all conflict! The potential end of war and death and destruction!

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Direct action saves the roundhouse

15-04-2004 23:07

Tony Wrench's and Jane Faith's home that was due to be demolished this weekend
Four people from Sheffield went down to The Land is Ours' action in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, to save the Brithdir Mawr eco-roundhouse and had a great time of very fluffy, very effective and creative direct action.

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"Alternative" media paymasters: Carlyle, Alcoa, Xerox, Coca Cola...?

15-04-2004 23:07

The Paymasters
The Ford Foundation, historically closely linked to the CIA and the military-industrial-academic complex, has in recent years provided substantial funding grants to a number of "alternative" media organizations, such as FAIR, Progressive magazine, and Pacifica. Also participating in this type of funding are other elite foundations such as MacArthur, Soros, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Schumann.

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BP AGM - pics, report and press release

15-04-2004 21:32

stop and search 1
police intimidation, surveillance and misuse of stop and search powers characterised today's BP AGM at the oil festival hall in london. in an unprecedented and probably illegal move, BP stopped legitimate shareholders from entering their AGM on the suspicion that they 'might' cause trouble.

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BP shoots own foot at AGM, 15.4.04

15-04-2004 21:16

...mighty spoof banner dropped from Waterloo Bridge...campaigning shareholders excluded...possession of scissors an arrestable offence...skeleton samba band...passionate Caspian speakers...rockin sound system...Channel 4 news...meeting stop an 'Exhibiion of Resistance to BP & Big Oil at BP-sponsored National Portrait Award', June 15-21st 2004...

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Slaughtering in Fallujah goes on.

15-04-2004 20:06

100 people killed today in Fallujah.

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Middle East confusion for terrorists

15-04-2004 19:40

Hizbullah, Lebanon's militant Shia party, has taken the opportunity provided by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's assassination to reassert its role as an anti-Israeli resistance organisation.

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15-04-2004 19:35

New issue of Bad Subjects.

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Are Thailand’s southern militants moving to soft targets?

15-04-2004 19:33

major terrorist strike against civilian or tourist infrastructure

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making the case for jew-hatred: martin jay tries to justify antisemitism

15-04-2004 19:30

A look at Martin Jay's recent essay, Ariel Sharon and the Rise of the New Anti-Semitism, which blames Jews for the recent insurgence of Anti-Semitism.

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Beijing's Errant Children

15-04-2004 19:10

Now that Hong Kong is anxious for self-rule and Taiwan is serious about nationhood, China is awakening from a dream of a peaceful reunification with its democratic territories -- another round of terror is likely.