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General Strike in Italy!

16-04-2002 20:43

General Strike in Italy

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General Strike in Italy

16-04-2002 20:34

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Eyewitness Update - Bethlehem

16-04-2002 20:12

Sarah is a member of the internationl solidarity movement from Manchester. She has been in the west bank for the last month..

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British Lecturers Union Encourages Boycott of Israel

16-04-2002 17:56

Lecturers feel the same as us on Israel

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34: Where are we leading ourselves

16-04-2002 17:26

This is a call for revolution
We exist within a community of life
Our choices influence the course of existence
Are we leading or are we being led
Will we choose peace or war

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Three Days that Shook the Media

16-04-2002 17:00

[poster's note] At this hour, (17:45 am gmt Tues. 16/04/'02), Ari Fleisher is busy denying U.S. involvement, or approval of the coup attempt. He admits that officials met with all the players before the coup, but did not endorse the dissolution of the democratically elected leader, Hugo Chavez government. He also goes on to question the legitimacy of New York Times reports of tacit Pentagon support of the coup and reiterates the "popular uprising" story.

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Percival Brine and the Siege of Paris [1870]

16-04-2002 15:27

A renewed appeal for information on the enigmatic Englishman who got caught up in the Siege of Paris

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2 millions in the streets in Italy

16-04-2002 15:23

More than two millions people took to the streets in demonstrations all over Italy for the first general strike in 20 years.

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General Strike in Italy

16-04-2002 15:21

by black bollock 2:02pm Tue Apr 16 '02

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Boycott Israel and the U.S.!

16-04-2002 15:18

Israel gets most of its financial/military aid from the U.S., and a big share of corporate investment from there as well.

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Peace Conference (by H.Karoui)

16-04-2002 15:03

A Cease-fire from the besieged!No joke! This is really something new in the records of military strategy and world diplomacy!

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People's Front Call for April 17th Protest Day on Gujarat

16-04-2002 14:53

Statement by the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the third largest part in the Indian parliament.

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India: general strike in defence of workers rights

16-04-2002 14:32

Please excuse re-post from BBC but this is seriously exciting stuff, especially coming at the same time as the general strike in Italy on the same issues!

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ITALY General Strike goes off well

16-04-2002 14:05
Massive rallies / demos throughout Italy . hundreds of thousands of protesters in all the major cities and tens of thousands in smaller provincial towns and cities.

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URGENT Your Signature Please : Belgian Petition re. Israeli War Crimes

16-04-2002 12:57

Petition the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
1,000,000 signatures needed; only about 400,000 so far ; spread this website around.

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An American coup in the offing...

16-04-2002 12:19

WWIII gets closer on Sunday as the US moves to discredit / destroy The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Will our government do anything to stop it?

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Mayday, Violence and the State

16-04-2002 11:44

Tactics and politics related to London Mayday 2002.

The essence of the State is organised violence.

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16-04-2002 11:25


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To understand the importance of Venezuela, go here, NOW!

16-04-2002 11:23

The failed coup d'etat against Venezuela marks a turning point not just for authentic democracy in our América, but also for authentic journalism.
The remote-control attempt by Washington and commercial interests - including various media giants within and outside of Venezuela - to topple the government of President Hugo Chávez by force has only made him stronger.

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SMI(le) action against arms trade

16-04-2002 11:18

In the run up to May Day, come join us to take autonomous action against the arms trade.