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Make the G$ History Event Tonight!

28-06-2005 12:27

Make the G8 History

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Get on down with the disco bloc on the 2nd July

28-06-2005 11:37

Get on down with the disco Edinburgh

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New Warning on Climate Change

28-06-2005 10:35

New Warning on Climate Change [from Prof. Bill McGuire, Benfield Hazard Research Centre, University College London’s] The UK could be transformed into a string of different islands due to climate change and rapidly rising sea levels, according to new research.

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Al Asria dancers have arrived - Merlin theatre 28/29 June!

28-06-2005 09:28

The Al Asria folk dance group from Jabalia refugee camp, Gaza, Palestine has made it to the UK - only just - and will be performing at the Merlin Theatre, Sheffield 28 and 29 June 2005. They will also be in Bakewell, Liverpool, York, and Birmingham. Tickets are still available but are selling fast.

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NGO life in Afghanistan

28-06-2005 07:12

Although intended to be humourous this gives some insite into life in Kabul for internationals

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28-06-2005 05:51

Infoshop (, Flag (, and related websites and email lists were recently offline for several weeks. During this time we set up a new server at a co-location facility.

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immigration deport a man awaiting Medical Foundation examination

28-06-2005 03:30

immigration sank to new cruel depths yesterday (Monday)

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G8 Journalism and Public Order Policing

28-06-2005 01:07

Public Order at the G8

What can journalists attempting to cover protests around the G8 meeting on 6-8 July expect? Louis Charalambous, a solicitor specialising in Public Order law, gave some notes to the June London Freelance meeting.

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Wireless World: The streaming babysitters

28-06-2005 00:35

Capitalist pigs extort youth using saccharine entertainment on mobile phones.

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Rightness Seen

28-06-2005 00:07

Da Bush Docta is now online describing the current situation in Scotland. Da Bush Docta is into some crazy voodoo!

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G8 - Our Agenda - Our World Working For All Of Us

27-06-2005 23:44

When We The People Lead - Our Leaders Follow
““You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”
BUT ………. You can sprinkle salt in its food.
If we go to Edinburgh with hatred, negativity and blame in our hearts and minds, we will be part of the problem, not the solution, the result will be more of the same if not worse

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BAeS Arms Trade Protest

27-06-2005 23:39

Development of regular protest at BAe weapons factory at Brough(Humberside). 2nd protest took place outside the main gates.

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Spodden Valley: regeneration concerns ...

27-06-2005 23:16



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Inside the Murky World of Make Poverty History

27-06-2005 23:16

Make Poverty History would seem an unprecedented success story. Uniting trade unions, charities, NGOs and a stellar-cast of celebrities, its cause is dominating media coverage while the campaign's white wristband is being worn the world over. So why, as the G8 summit approaches, are leading members briefing against each other to the press and African social movements saying ‘nothing about us, without us'? Stuart Hodkinson investigates.

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Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

27-06-2005 22:53

Former MI5 agent David Shayler, who previously blew the whistle on the British government paying Al Qaeda $200,000 to carry out political assassinations, has gone on the record with his conviction that 9/11 was an inside job

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Rethink policy of deporting failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers

27-06-2005 22:11

Officials in the Zimbabwe government have publicly said Britain is training spies, mercenaries and agents to destabilise the country and is sending them into Zimbabwe under the guise of returning failed asylum seekers.

On arrival the deportees are invariably met by Mugabe’s secret police, detained, tortured and interrogated. Some of the deportees have not been heard of since. Their families, both in Zimbabwe and in Britain, report that the last they heard of them was that they had been picked up by the secret police.

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Vote Now! World Stupidity Awards Nominees are in

27-06-2005 21:14

The nominees are in for the 2005 World Stupidity Awards. It is now time for you to VOTE!!

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make borders history poster

27-06-2005 20:59

Hi there, here's a bit of quick info about the Make Borders History day on Sunday 3rd of July. There's a pdf to print out. But for fuller information please check out the website.

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27-06-2005 20:52


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Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress

27-06-2005 20:51

Review of Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress.
Many Links to organic and sustainable technologies web sites.