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"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"

20-02-2005 00:57

"Stuff London - Back Paris instead!"
Paris 2012 a much better, cleaner city to hold the Olympics

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Will liverpool cut cars in the City Centre by 49%?

19-02-2005 20:56

Comments on proposals to meet European Directives to cut Nitrogen Dioxide emissions by 40%.

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Will City Council Cut Cars by 40%?

19-02-2005 20:07

Comments on proposals to meet European Directives to cut Nitrogen Dioxide emissions by 40%.

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Reports from the TUC Pensions Day of Action - a day which hit the right note!

19-02-2005 19:47

Undeterred by cold winds and an endlessly predicatable, last-minute, anti-union mainstream press campaign (yawn), public-sector workers around the country attended rallies and lobbies on Friday to protest at government plans to downgrade public-sector pensions schemes.

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19-02-2005 18:51

Scumbag officials from USDAW are giving a left cloak to Nazi ASBOs with a NIMBYite endorsement of an ASBO against someone accused of harassing shop workers. This is equivalent to trade unions supporting Hitler because he would lock up people who attacked workers

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Majid Tajdar must stay!

19-02-2005 18:23

Iranian refugee threatened with deportation

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Council caves in to Asda

19-02-2005 16:22

The rotten Borough of Rushmoor has granted 24 hour delivery to ASDA superstore in Farnborough town centre, meaning misery for those residents who live in the town.

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Repressing the Class Struggle

19-02-2005 15:42

As the employers' president said, capital and labor have long been reconciled among us. He said this while employers forced down wages with the help of politicians, cut pension claims, reduced social benefits and extorted dependent persons by threats of dismissal.

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19-02-2005 15:40

Tony Tether, director of the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, said that the Pentagon in Iraq also will use a new electronic detection device that could help pinpoint cell phones or pagers, which sometimes are used to detonate homemade bombs aimed at U.S. troops.

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Pictures of Cambridge TUC Pensions March and Rally

19-02-2005 14:53

Following The Piper.
Yesterday (February 18th, 2005) several hundred UNISON members, assembled in Cambridge Market Square to defend their pension rights.

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ICAHD Launches Bottom-up E-mail Campaign

19-02-2005 14:50

A new campaign from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions to apply more international pressure to the Israeli government.

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Evangelical christian kills and skins mother

19-02-2005 13:18

Ed Gein (original Texas Chainsaw killer) in a Netherlands version. Christian leaders silent.

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Indymedia World Map + List

19-02-2005 10:05

The indymedia network has grown enormously since its inception in November 1999. Here's a zoomable interactive map of many of the IMCs around the world:

And below an article from portland indymedia...

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Thames Valley Police very unhelpful over Pensions Protest

19-02-2005 09:19

Thames Valley Police very unhelpful over Pensions Protest in Oxford. Unions very unhappy about this obstruction to peaceful protest

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19-02-2005 09:06


Announcing a new anti-capitalist website:

It has lots of pamphlets in PDF form, as well as a number of online texts.

Check it out.

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Art of War : Black History Month

19-02-2005 08:57

Black History Month

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ITN Cameraman has to run for life after filming attack on hunt saboteurs

18-02-2005 20:35

An ITN cameraman had to run for his life to escape with footage of an appalling attack on 8 hunt saboteurs in West Sussex this afternoon (18th February 2005).

On the last day of legal hunting with hounds, a gang of up to 50 Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hunt supporters and riders attacked the 8 brave saboteurs who had been trying to stop the hunt killing foxes near Petworth Park, Petworth, West Sussex.

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Homelessness in Forming Mining Towns

18-02-2005 20:02

In a country full of greedy property developers and property speculators ( snakes with their ladders ) and people ownong multiple properties, keeping places empty cones this reportt fromI nside Housing:-

"Homelessness rockets in former coal-mining towns
18 February 2005

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18-02-2005 19:18

The International Campaign against Coca-Cola

Building the Network and Mobilising the Boycott

1-6.30pm, Saturday 26 February 2005

Leeds University Union.

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international women's day - iraqi women's speaker tour

18-02-2005 17:00

NUS Women's Campaign and No Sweat are organising a speaker tour around International Women's Day to promote solidarity with the new women's movement in Iraq. The main speaker will be Houzan Mahmoud, UK representative of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq.