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Things Go Better

07-09-2002 06:11

We are met on an already abused symbol of that war. We come to desecrate a portion of it, as a neatly packaged placation for those who never died here, creating pitiable tokens for those who live. This may, in pop psychology, give “closure”.

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Solidarity Appeal! Canadian Union Activist Fired!

06-09-2002 23:05

Reinstate Mike Palecek!

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i'd rather go naked than wear sweatshop

06-09-2002 22:34

i'd rather go naked than wear sweatshop
Come and join us for some fun at the Nike 10k "Fun Run" in Richmond Park on Sunday September 22. Fun at the expense of Nike's sweatshop bosses that is, like they way they have fun with the money they earn off the backs of their workers, whether thats their sweatshop factory workers making trainers in say Indonesia, or the workers selling them in NikeTown on London's Oxford Street. Join us to say No To Nike Naked Greed! Kick sweatshops out of sport! No Sweat! (article 1)

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chase sweatshops out of sport at Nike's RunLondon with

06-09-2002 22:16

chase sweatshops out of sport at Nike's RunLondon with
Come and join No Sweat for some fun at Nike's 10k Fun Run "Run London" in Richmond Park on Saturday September 22nd. We'll be meeting up at 9am at Barnes train station (lots of trains from Clapham Junction). We're going to tell Nike and everyone else to kick sweatshops out of sport and to stamp out Nike's Naked Greed.

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September 7 - Stop EU: Constant updates from Copenhaguen

06-09-2002 21:39

September 7 - Stop EU: Constant updates from Copenhaguen
September 7 - Stop EU Denmark: La Haine attends the call for protest against ECOFIN at Copenhagen

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US lost their Iraq war game exercise already

06-09-2002 21:26

Published in today's Guardian. Sorry for the repost, thought it might interest you lot.

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Mobilitation for anarchic ecologist Marco Camenisch

06-09-2002 20:37

13th september 2002 day of international mobilitation for the comrade anarchic ecologist Marco Camenisch

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SWP and the RCG

06-09-2002 20:26

a contribution to the controversy between the SWP and the FRFI/RCG

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Daniel Pearl And The Paymaster of 9/11

06-09-2002 20:10

It was supposed to be the key chain of evidence linking the September 11 hijackers to Osama bin Laden - a wire transfer of $100,000 to lead hijacker Mohamed Atta. Yet less than five months later, the man initially fingered as the paymaster of 9/11 would be sitting in a Pakistani jail, accused of a wholly different crime - the murder of Daniel Pearl.

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“Africa Need Not Suffer” - Canadian Puzzled as World Hoards Wealth of Knowledge

06-09-2002 19:04

Shelvan Kannuthurai wants to give the poor a fighting chance. He and the CCBC team have pioneered Professeurs Pour Liberté, which is utilizing the education portal,, to provide post-secondary education to as many as 92 million African students at no cost to them.

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National Portrait Gallery disrespects Carlo Giuliani’s memory

06-09-2002 18:30

Two months after the huge protests in Genoa to mark the anniversary of Carlo Giuliani’s death The National Portrait Gallery faces protests.

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US Ministry of Fear

06-09-2002 18:04

The REAL US Shadow Government in Operation

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IDF Attack in Tobas, Occupied Territories

06-09-2002 17:26

This is a report written a few days after the event (Aug 31st) which just gives a bit of an outline as to whats been happening recently in Palestine and a bit on the political history and climate there.

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Origin of Iraq invasion plan

06-09-2002 16:31

Notes made at a command center briefing five hours after the WTC attacks make clear that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was determined to use the 9-11 tragedy as a pretext for overthrowing Sadam Hussein.

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06-09-2002 16:09


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ANTICAPITALIST BLOC, September 28th - more info

06-09-2002 15:49

On the Saturday September 28th Antiwar demo, there will be an anticapitalist bloc.

Meet 1pm at Cleopatra's Needle under the Anticapitalist Bloc banner.

Only Direct Action can stop this war!

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06-09-2002 15:09

"Palestine Indy is no longer an IMC" - Is it truth ?
The IMC-Palestine site has been flooded by pro-fascist posting. If it's no longer an IMC - kick away this nazi-filth from the Indymedia( regardless of how you view the Middle East crisis ) !

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Major Record Labels and their sinister links

06-09-2002 14:45

A very interesting graph showing the links between Media & Music Corporations and the War Industry

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Stepford Citizen Syndrome

06-09-2002 14:08

We have an obligation to rouse our loved ones out of their stupor. If we don't, the thugs who've stolen America will steam-roll right over us. And if you can't see that, chances are, you're brainwashed - the top ten signs:

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'Thought Police' victims denied information

06-09-2002 13:25

The authorities are refusing information that the victims of an experiment need in order to take human rights court action.