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Civil Servants strike London 29/01/04

30-01-2004 12:34

Pix of PCS civil servants strike. Pickets from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Home Office London.
As usual comments and feedback about these pix will be very much appriciated.

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Students lobby against top-up fees

30-01-2004 12:12

Hundreds of students attended a lobby of parliament against the New Labour Governments proposed top-up fees. A peaceful sit-down protest was broken up by police who were uneccessarily heavy handed.
Your comments and feedback on these pix are very welcome.

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Asahi Glass Protest latest - arrests and injunctions issued

30-01-2004 12:05

Man arrested for using megaphone as plain clothes police refuse to show warrant cards and photograph and harass peaceful protesters. Bailiffs issue injunctions on behalf of Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers Limited.

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Foundation Hospitals

30-01-2004 12:00

Together with Private Finance InitiativeS, or PFI, Foundation Hospitals are the new privileged status that some hospitals can achieve, as part of a programme to reform the NHS.

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The Private Finance Initiative

30-01-2004 11:58

The PFI, or Private Finance Initiative, has been called by the Labour Government as "The Third Way". It is seen by the political leaft as a procedure by which a public institution remains public only by name. It is managed and profited from by a -usually multinational - company that charges the public institution (the NHS in case of health care) a rent for the premises and the running of the services.

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Is this the food we want ?

30-01-2004 11:57

This article from the Countryside Alliance shows the effect of cheap food

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30-01-2004 11:46

Some people, like George Monbiot, journalist and author of 'Captive State', think NHS is being privatised. Other people, like David Widgery, doctor and author of 'Health in Danger', think it is being dismantled. People like Theresa Wright who used to work as a nurse think that something is definetely going on but the Government is not being honest about its intentions.

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Dutch CIA-agent turns whistleblower (fact or fiction ?)

30-01-2004 11:20

I've seen this out on other IMC sites. Can anyone confirm if all the fact disclosed are truthfull, or are the claims just what some people would want us to think ?

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Civil Servants Strike for Fair Pay for All

30-01-2004 09:55

Fair Pay For All
Government offices across the country were picketed for a second day today in a dispute over low pay.

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Anne Campbell, Cambridge MP, chickens out of vote (again)

30-01-2004 09:28

Cambridge Evening news reports that Anne Campbell, the Cambridge MP, chose to abstain from voting on top-up fees. Apparently she was moved by two letters from students telling her that top-up fees are either good, or do not affect access! She did not mention all the students that oppose them :)

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International Food Not Bombs Gathering

30-01-2004 08:24

food, not bombs!
Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers from around the globe will converge in New
York City August 25-27th. Planned to precede protests against the
Republican National Convention, the Food Not Bombs International Gathering
will host activists from one of the world’s largest revolutionary
movements for three days of workshops, spokescouncils, skill shares,
foodsharing and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

Since its inception in 1980, FNB has grown from one chapter to more than
300 groups all over the world who are organizing against war and
militarization by cooking and serving free meals in their communities with
the idea that the billions of dollars wasted on military spending should
instead be used to nourish the hungry. An autonomous movement, FNB
chapters engage in various projects in their communities from fighting
against poverty, gentrification and governmental immigration policies to
organizing against the war on Iraq. One hope to come from this gathering
is that FNB chapters will be better informed of what other groups are
accomplishing in other parts of the world.

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30-01-2004 06:49

please forward

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Iraqi WMDs Destroyed by Regime in 1991

30-01-2004 04:08

This research by Dr. Glen Rangwala, was known by Blair, Bush, Powell, Cheney and most American politicians, including Kerry. This exposes the lies still being used to support the US and UK war propaganda.

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30-01-2004 04:02

Judge: The commission of this crime is such that many people died from the imperialist and predatory acts by the defendant and his co-offenders George Bush and Tony Blair.

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World Summit on the Info Society - report back event - fri 31st jan

30-01-2004 03:07

An evening to report back from the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva and the We Seize initiative - and to discuss further participation / interventions / activities in the field of communication rights.

Friday 30 January, 7pm
Limehouse Townhall, 646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA
Travel Details:

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30-01-2004 02:13

Art of War
Art of war

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30-01-2004 01:50

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.4MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, Spain, and Cuba.

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Upcoming Events @ Occupied Social Centre, Kentish Town, London NW5

29-01-2004 23:57

For the full list and updates see [url][/url]


Dir: 2 mins walk from Kentish Town Tube Station
Busses: 134 to archway - stops outside. 214 stop at Kentish Town Tube

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The Uk ESF is dead

29-01-2004 23:52

Meeting of the 'Organising Committee' for the uk esf 2004 report back.

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Summit of informations for the actions in Munich (no-nato)

29-01-2004 23:46

What is the “NATO security conference“?

At the annual Munich “meeting for safety policy” as it officially called, military strategists, generals and armament experts, the ministers of foreign and of defence affairs of the NATO and the EU states, as well as representatives of the armament industry and the media, meet at the hotel “Bayerischer Hof “.