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massacres now on colombian pacific coast, must be stopped!

12-12-2001 23:35

from belgium indymedia, this is about massacres happening now in the pacific region of Colombia - and a call for action around the world so these people are not just more statistics...

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Murder and Cover Up in Northern Ireland

12-12-2001 21:08


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Brussels: Solidarity demo with prisoners of this morning's occupation

12-12-2001 19:10

About 50 people demonstrated this evening in front of a police centre in Brussels, demanding the immediate release of the activists arrested this morning during the occupation of a corporate lobby's offices

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United States Greens call on Israel to end "terrorising"

12-12-2001 19:07

Activists in the Green Party
of the United States are asking the U.S. to hold
the government of Israel accountable for the
latest wave of bloodshed, and insist that Israel
seek negotiation instead of the "War on
Terrorism" against the Palestinian people that
Israel's own policy of assassination recently

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Bush About to Announce Withdrawal From ABM Treaty

12-12-2001 18:28

back to the arms race

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A Plea from the United States.

12-12-2001 18:08

A Plea from the United States.

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imc-uk documentation: how to repair broken pictures & more

12-12-2001 18:06

this text is as well on
for passwords please ask me or another techie in the wednesday meetings, or introduce yourself to either the features list or the tech list - we then can arrange a meeting. and there's more documentation by the way, check on - if you want to get the pdf's there, right-click and save file to disk! cheers andi

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Anthrax Matches US Army Spores

12-12-2001 15:24

Bioterror: Organisms made at a military laboratory in Utah are genetically identical to those mailed to members of Congress.

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EU-Summit-Repression takes Promising Start : 50 arrested judicially !

12-12-2001 14:36

All activists, without any exception, who on Wednesday=morning occupied the CEFIC-Headquarters in Brusselshave been arrested judicially. The lawyers of Legal Team couldn't believe this news but the Attorney was formal : all are arrested judicially (and not administratively) This promises serious repression during these next days !

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No more stolen software...

12-12-2001 12:55

There have been six UK arrests as part of the US global crackdown on 'warez' software. This is the first time that the 'global reach' of the US law enforcement authorities has acted to protect American leadership in computers and software, considered as "very much at stake".

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12-12-2001 11:37

45 activists occupaid this morning the office of the European Chemical Industry Council in Brussel and are still hold for administrative reasons

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The day before the WTC attack.

12-12-2001 11:13

Cast your mind back to the day before the military coup and what the issues of the day were, concerning the UK. The Trade Union Congress had just convened and raised a host of issues and grievances from workers, across the board.

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Police raid against German students

12-12-2001 09:35

Since Monday the 10th of December students and pupils in the European Union are campaigning against the GATS-treaty and the privatisation of education. Here a short overview of the first actions.

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Reflection of RAWA protest rallies in the press

12-12-2001 09:06

RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan ) protest rallies in Peshawar and Islamabad
International Human Rights Day, Dec.10, 2001

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12-12-2001 07:57


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The Long History of U.S. Counterinsurgency in Colombia

12-12-2001 03:51

This well-researched article shows that the United States provided the leadership for the Colombian counterinsurgency strategy in the late 1950s and early 60s, which were also the early years of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam. It may not be too long when we will all have to make the decision to support national liberation in Colombia and protest invasion just as we did in Vietnam, or, ignore the crimes of U.S. imperialism as most of us have been doing due to the ideological disease in western society called anti-communism from decades of political indoctrination.

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Noam Chomsky : Islam as a perceived threat (listen)

12-12-2001 02:53

Noam Chomsky : Islam as a perceived threat

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The smoking gun of the pipeline deal

12-12-2001 02:38

The smoking gun of the pipeline deal was brought out into the open on the Daine Rehm Show today (12/11/01) a National Public Radio call in talk show, by a caller who ask the an assembled panel, how is Afghanistan going to sustain it self after the reconstruction money runs out.

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"The Bristolian" - 10/12/01

12-12-2001 02:09


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8000 on streets for peace in Cologne / Germany

11-12-2001 22:38

Last saturday, 8000 people demonstrated in Cologne against US - war in Afghanistan. A video of the demonstration is now online.