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The day before the WTC attack.

Tinker's TUC | 12.12.2001 11:13

Cast your mind back to the day before the military coup and what the issues of the day were, concerning the UK. The Trade Union Congress had just convened and raised a host of issues and grievances from workers, across the board.

Composite-1 aimed to ensure real fairness at work and a Charter of Workers Rights.

The right to strike is prerequisite in a democracy, only a slave has no right to withdraw his labour but the government has made it impossible with a legal obstacle course, while employers deny workers rights with restrictive and repressive measures, exploiting weak legislation. For example, Philippino private nurses must accept contemptuous contracts, or face deportation.

Composite-4 demanded upholding lay participation in the Criminal Justice System by magistrates and jurors. The government is undermining community based justice and attacking the jury system. They have since legalised indefinite detention, without charge.

Mark Healy of The Prison Officers Association said, “high prisoner population does not mean good government, it means failures in government.” The gap between rich and poor is widening and longer sentences are pandering to Middle-Class insecurities.

Prison is not a deterrent but has become a dumping ground for the mentally ill, 67,000 this year. Jonathan Hedger of the National Association of Probation Officers said the causes of criminal behaviour are not being addressed. There is a record number of juveniles in prison, 11,000 under 21’s and 14-18 year olds have doubled. 19 children in detention committed suicide, this year.

Arthur Scargill of the N.U.M said Congress is as much use as a eunuch in a harem, totally ineffective and called for the repeal of all anti-union laws. He said, “resist unjust laws!”

RMT & ASLEF represented by Phil Boston told how there was a 9-1 majority against privatisation of the underground, but they cannot take legal action. He demanded safety before profit.

Tony Blair was due to address these serious indictments of his leadership on September 11th. It was cancelled and the above domestic concerns have been flatly ignored. How convenient for Tony as he began a never-ending round of shuttle diplomacy with his War Coalition-G8 cronies. He is now being hailed as the new Winston Churchill and being rewarded with the Presidency (Dictatorship) of Europe.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Social Services are failing children. Rail Services are the worst in Europe, a train ride is like Russian roulette. Roads are gridlocked. Livestock has been slaughtered and farmers ruined. The Health Service is diabolical. The solution for disaffected youth is to build more prisons. Refugees are treated as sub-human and racism has been whipped up to an all time high by the Home Secretary, in league with the BNP.

We are being government by crooks and conmen, Scotland’s First Minister was sacked for fraud, the Deputy Prime Minister punched a punter and we accept it. Corruption, tyranny, injustice, oppression, war and poverty have been “normalized” and we don’t challege it. So who is to blame for this global disaster? Us!

Tinker's TUC


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