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Bristol Queer Cafe... December Dates

01-12-2008 16:34

Queer Cafe & Film Screening: Kinsey
Thurs 11th, 7pm onwards

Discussion: Creating Queer Spaces
Tues 16th, 7.30pm

both events @ kebele

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Vulture funds

01-12-2008 16:23

The market for yuppie flats has collapsed, the speculative property bubble has burst. Vulture funds are stepping in to buy toxic assets at huge discounts. Their only interest is the property they pick up on the cheap when there is a default on the loan.

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Cornwall airport closed

01-12-2008 16:21

An airport in Cornwall was closed down today.

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Palestine Today 120108

01-12-2008 15:16

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Monday December 01 2008

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#11 The December Show

01-12-2008 15:06

riseup dec
Riseup! Radio presents the December show.

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CLIMATE MARCH - Bus from South Wales

01-12-2008 14:59

On Saturday (6th December) people will be marching on every continent in 100 countries for action on climate change. In Britain, many people will be marching from the US Embassy to the UK Parliament in London Town. See: for more info!

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Amey offices entered as campaign for sacked colombian cleaners grows

01-12-2008 14:18

More than twenty protestors entered the offices of Amey Plc in High Holborn on Friday in protest at the sacking of five Colombian cleaners and the rejection of their appeal. The protesters entered the office building to give a petition letter to an Amey representative but were blocked by security in the lobby and were told Amey did not want to see them. After the occupation Julio, one of the sacked cleaners, stayed behind to give the letter but Amey still refused to see him.

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EU makes hacking legal for the police.

01-12-2008 12:28

As part of a 5 year action plan to 'combat the growth in cyber theft and spam' the EU have granted Europol £250,000 to create a system to allow european police forces to share data with each other which they have gained be illegal means. Obviously they worded it slightly better than I have, but essentially that is what they have allowed.

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Dyncorp found guilty by jury of racism in Iraq contracts.

01-12-2008 12:18

The massive US military contractor has been found to have discriminated against an african-american run corporation over contracts in iraq.

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Warwick university E-ON demo

01-12-2008 11:36

This is a report about the demonstration at E-ON organised by the Warwick university People and Planet.

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Crossing Channels: NoBorders Benefit @ Rampart December 6th

01-12-2008 10:57

crossing channels
Crossing Channels: Benefit @ Rampart Social Centre December 2008

NoBorders Benefit for Transnational Solidarity

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Yorkshire Activists blockade Sheffield Border Agency Centre

01-12-2008 10:53

At 8am this morning a group of Yorkshire activists blockaded the
Sheffield Border Agency Interrogation Centre at Vulcan House using
bicycle locks and superglue to attach themselves to both entrances. The
group are there in response to the introduction of compulsory ID cards
for non-EU people on student or marriage visas. They are displaying two
banners, one reads “My identity is not your property” and the other
“Nothing to hide? Everything to fear! Defy ID!”

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Nottingham's November Critical Mass and Bike About :: Piccys

30-11-2008 22:59

On Friday 28th November, Nottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride started from the Market Square. Critical Mass is for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham and wants to take part.

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Nottingham's part of 48 hours of nationwide action against E.ON

30-11-2008 22:49

As part of 48 hours of nationwide action against E.ON, called for by the Camp for Climate Action, Rising Tide, Plane Stupid and Campaign against Climate Change, Nottingham students called a demonstration outside E.ON's city centre offices (Mount St, NG1 6PG)

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Dialect - Anti-Nuclear Campaigner Criticises Planned Expansion of Hinkley Point

30-11-2008 22:33

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Tuesdays 9:00 PM.

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Methadone clinic in Camden faces closure to make way for animal lab.

30-11-2008 22:22

Camden Maragrete Centre could close to make way for the notorious "28 Days Later" lab in Camden. The Margarete Centre in Camden dispenses metahdone and provides services for users with drug addiction, alchohol and mental health problems. There are 4 thousand, two hundred class A drug users {estimated} in Camden.

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Nazis and Nationalists demonstrate in Sweden. Anti-fascists attack.

30-11-2008 21:22

projectiles against nazis
Every year sees a lot of Nazi activity around Sweden this time of the year as the Nazis celebrate the imperialist Swedish 'war' king, Karl XII.

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Lindela picket

30-11-2008 20:51

Photos and Report of the 24 hour picket outside Lindela Deportation Centre in South Africa on 21/22 November, 2008.

Privatised ‘nationalism’ and xenophobia continues in South Africa today

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Indymedia refuses to be co-opted by the Knight Foundation

30-11-2008 19:35

A $200,000 grant proposal, submitted by a group of Indymedia volunteers to the Knight News Challenge contest, has been blocked by other IMCs and subsequently dropped due to the abiding ethos that Indymedia is a counter to corporate, money-fiaxted media entities. The grant application to the Knight Foundation was to fund technical development work for Independent Media Centres (IMCs), also known as Indymedia, and has caused much controversy within the global network. The debate has encapsulated, once again, the thorny issue of how to sustain radical projects without compromising that radicalism by accepting tainted money.