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Methadone clinic in Camden faces closure to make way for animal lab.

anon | 30.11.2008 22:22 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Social Struggles

Camden Maragrete Centre could close to make way for the notorious "28 Days Later" lab in Camden. The Margarete Centre in Camden dispenses metahdone and provides services for users with drug addiction, alchohol and mental health problems. There are 4 thousand, two hundred class A drug users {estimated} in Camden.

There are plans to build two animal testing labs in Camden. One in Somers Town, Camden next to the British Library, adjacent to St Pancras Eurostar and a second at Hampstead Road on the site of the old National Temperance Hospital.

The Maragete Centre will go if the lab gets planning permission.

There were plans announced in this week's Camden New Journal that a new needle exhange and advice centre "could" open in South Camden.

Given that Frank Dobson MP for Camden stated at a meeting of local residents against the lab that "he could not stop the lab but at least he stopped the needle exchange" does not bode well for Camden's 4,200 addicts...or indeed the rest of Camden.......



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