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Preventive Detention: A Shield or A Sword?

30-10-2005 03:19

Preventive detention is an unnecessary evil
Yet there are no bombs being thrown any where in the country. If anything, it was only the 'smoking gun memo' and troops off to wage war that occasionally pervaded the atmosphere in Australia.

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Proposal for the Australian Sedition Act

30-10-2005 02:57

Shall be punished by imprisonment
Australia, Statutes at Large, Canberra, A.C.T., 2005.

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Uzbek Opposition Leader Tortured, the West Does Nothing

29-10-2005 23:46

Sanjar Umarov, leader of the Uzbek opposition Sunshine Coalition, is currently in solitary confinement suffering torture by psychotropic drugs. Craig Murray analyses the complex realpolitik behind the lack of international response.

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Media neglect of Pakistan, Kashmir quake victims - media crave terror news

29-10-2005 23:18

Why the ‘developed world’ media who control the ‘developing world’ media are wrong to prioritise the agenda of terror

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Critical Mass 28 Oct video

29-10-2005 23:09

Short film of the Critical Mass cycle ride, 28 October, 2005.

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More Wapping homophobia

29-10-2005 22:21

Sun's homophobic sniggering over George Takei in an article by US editor Emily Smith

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Radical Social Centres in the UK - new list

29-10-2005 21:30

Social centres organise to create new worlds, new possibilities, real leisure and social alternatives to wage labour and centralised power. Although more established in countries like Italy and Spain, the concept of social centres as a political strategy is taking off all over the UK.

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Camp Bling (Southend, Essex) Five weeks old!

29-10-2005 20:29

Road protest site into its fifth week. Come down and help out, check out the website.

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Halloween 05 NYC Critical Mass - a great ride

29-10-2005 20:02

Approximately 400 critical massers roll unharrassed by cops though Manhattan Oct. 28th.

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Familys of Police victims march in London.

29-10-2005 20:01

The wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children,
cousins, grandparents and friends of those who have died at the hands of
the British Police and legal system gathered in London today to remember
the dead.’
I have not bothered to caption the pics below as they speak for themselves.

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Critical Mass 28/10 photographs

29-10-2005 19:05

Before the start
Some photos I took of the amazing Critical Mass in London yesterday.

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Titnore protesters defy police - but one arrest

29-10-2005 18:55

A PROTEST against the destruction of Titnore Woods in Durrington, Worthing, went ahead this afternoon (Saturday October 29), despite police attempts to crush it.
One man was arrested but at the time of writing is not known to have been charged with any offence.

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Bristol solidarity ride a success

29-10-2005 18:35

Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night. The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns.

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Press Release: Class War Bonfire Night at London Fields, E8

29-10-2005 18:13

Burn Thatcher & Blair in effigy on 5 November in Hackney's London Fields

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New Crymlyb Burrows Incinerator Bankrupt!!

29-10-2005 17:43

Disater prone Incinerator goes bankrupt

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Saving iceland activists blockade Alcan aluminium smelter

29-10-2005 16:55

Activists blockaded the Alcan aluminium smelter in Fort William on Tuesday 25th October.

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Protest against airport expansion

29-10-2005 16:43

From November 28th - 30th, over 300 airline executives from all over the world will gather in London to discuss how to expand the aviation industry. Meanwhile, aviation is now the fastest growing cause of climate change, and transport is the only area of energy use in which greenhouse emissions are increasing rather than falling.

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Seedy Sunday, Sunday 30th October

29-10-2005 16:26

Seedy Sunday,2-4pm, 30th October 2005
OARC, East Oxford Community Centre

Community seed swap

An event for keen, experienced or novice gardeners,
allotment cultivators and window box potters.

Come and get some seeds or share the seeds you've
saved from your favorite plants. Learn how to collect
and store seeds for the next growing season.

"Seed saving is a way all of us can do our bit to protect bio diversity and contribute to safe, local food production." Warren Carter co-organiser of Seedy Sunday, Brighton.

for more info contact Vicki on 01865 721768

see for more info on previous
Seedy Sundays

for an oxford indymedia report and film of the last Seedy Sunday in OARC.

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Ministers back GM maize...

29-10-2005 15:27

Gov ministers have approved the use of GM maize in the UK
sneaked it thru the arrogant b*****d's...

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Appeasement or Cover-up

29-10-2005 14:02

Bush has announced that Libby is “innocent until proven guilty”, one law applies to disgraced officials while another to the Australian, David Hicks (and many others) who have been denied even the most basic human rights (while they rot for years in illegal detention centres around the world). Should we cite the flagrant double standard or rest in the assurance that a glaring hypocrisy and double standard would not pass unnoticed?