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Does this represent Liverpool's view on Israel?

19-04-2004 12:08

Louise Ellman MP doesn't say much in Parliament, but when she does speak she seems to speak only for the Israeli government rather than for the people she represents.

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Pressure grows on RESPECT to come clean on abortion

19-04-2004 12:02

Pressure is growing on RESPECT -in particular George Galloway- to make a firm stance on the issue of abortion.

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Scottish Global Awareness Conference 24th/25th of April

19-04-2004 11:45

Invitation to the Scottish Global Awareness Conference.

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Bayer Boycott continues.

19-04-2004 11:31

The campaigns against Bayer and GM have claimed a major success as we continue our struggle to protect the UK against genetically modified crops. On 31st March Bayer announced that they will not commercialise their GM maize Chardon LL in the UK. This comes only weeks after the Government gave partial approval for the growing of this crop. The reason given by Bayer is that the climate of public opinion makes it economically unviable to grow it in the UK at the present time.

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Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo

19-04-2004 11:10

Originally published in Spanish by the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities
Translated by irlandesa

Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo Good Government Junta

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[Biddu] Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Another Palestinian Unarmed Protester

19-04-2004 10:55

1) Israeli soldiers shoot dead another Palestinian unarmed protester- Biddu
2) 5-year-old girl injured by Israeli tank fire - Tulkarem
3) Verdict in case against Huwaida and Shelly - Jerusalem
4) Letter from Craig and Cindy Corrie to the CEO of Caterpillar

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News From Bagdad: A New Song Called "The Anger" about Fallujah

19-04-2004 10:26

Saturday 17 April 2004

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Iraq - for sale - just don't go there.

19-04-2004 10:23

In the week before Iraq Procurement 2004 - where big business gets to bid for slices of the Iraqi pie, the UK state has been forced to advise UK businesses NOT to travel to Iraq.

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GATS Meeting in Cambridge

19-04-2004 09:57

Want to know more about GATS? What is the General Agreement on Trade in Services and does does it impact on you and on the poorest people in the world? Who Benefits from GATS? What can we do to stop it?

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A new global democracy takes off in Cambridge

19-04-2004 09:48

A pledge form signed by a Cambridge-based LibDem candidate in the forthcoming European election, Rosalind Gill, is claimed by campaigners to be the first crack in a political system which has failed the people and turned the majority away from voting.

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Socio-environmental movements call for closure of World Bank climate fund

19-04-2004 09:36

Today, over fifty environmental and social justice NGOs and other groups sent a letter of protest to the World Bank calling for the closure of its new emissions trading fund, The Prototype Carbon Fund. In the year of the World Bank’s 60th anniversary and in the run-up to intense protests in Washington D.C. at their annual meeting this month, the groups state that the Bank’s new fund is destructive greenwash and has in fact created extra problems for communities and the environment.

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حهçàلûâàهىûé îٍنûُ يà ٌàىîى لهًهمَ ×هًيîمî ىîًے.

19-04-2004 09:16

حهçàلûâàهىûé îٍنûُ يà ٌàىîى لهًهمَ ×هًيîمî ىîًے.

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Free Computing

19-04-2004 09:07

Oxford Indymedia are building a network of computers assembled from scrap, as a community resource, to be deployed at the OCSET community centre (220 Cowley Road, Oxford).

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New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

19-04-2004 07:41

BASRA - Fifty days after the first reports that the U.S. forces were unloading weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in southern Iraq, new reports about the movement of these weapons have been disclosed.

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Any photos of CODEPINK 'funeral procession' on April 17th?

19-04-2004 07:03

Friends, does anyone have a good photo or two of CODEPINK's 'funeral procession' through Whitehall, or our laying of (broken) flowers at the Senataph?

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Protest against BNP parade and 'fun day' in Essex, Sat 24th April.

19-04-2004 02:18

Stop the BNP! Anti-Fascists are gathering at 11am, Wickford Railway Station, near Basildon, South Essex. Sat 24th April. 20 minute drive from the M25, eastbound along the A127 towards Southend.

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Anti-war march photos

19-04-2004 01:23

Security hurts
I have been documenting with photographs the marches and demonstrations in San Francisco since October of 2002. These are posted on my website:, including 148 photos from the protest on March 20. The emphasis is on individuals and their signs. I hope to have an edited version of these photos published in a book. Working title: Signs of Life.

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BRISTOL Stop-The-War *SUPPLEMENT* : 19th April 2004

19-04-2004 00:02

For News Around Bristol Visit:

*NOTE* : This is a supplement to our monthly Bristol-Stop-The-War News.
For the main April newsletter of events in Bristol & beyond, please see:

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People vs Total War Incorporated

18-04-2004 23:58

Press Release Saturday 17 April 2004