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American professors boycott Israel.

29-01-2009 13:02

David Lloyd
They are organizing an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

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Greenpeace Lose The Plot

29-01-2009 12:51

I’ll admit it, I signed up to the Greenpeace “Airplot” scheme, putting my name down to be a joint owner of a piece of land adjacent to London Heathrow Airport which would have to be compulsorily purchased should the airport be expanded. What happened next really freaked me out.

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Manchester tipped for ID 'beacon area'

29-01-2009 12:36

The Home Office has said today that Manchester is being considered as a 'beacon area' for the introduction of ID cards, ie. it is to be one of the first places where mandatory ID cards will be introduced for British citizens.

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North east regional opencast conference

29-01-2009 12:32

Flyer for opencast conference
An oppurntunity for groups, campaigns and indivduals opposing surface mining projects in the north of England. All welcome.

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Joanna Lumley helps Jamie Oliver reveal state of our pigs

29-01-2009 09:42

"Sow stalls are like battery cages - intolerable cruelty to produce our food," says Joanna Lumley, patron of farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming.

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Please help Rashida Yasmeen and her four sons

29-01-2009 07:36

Rashida Yasmeen and her four sons
Rashida Yasmeen and her sons Safeer (8), Zaheer (9), Mahmood (15), and Qadeer (21), all nationals of Pakistan and residents of Glasgow. Were 'captured' on Tuesday 27th January whilst signing at the Home Office reporting centre in Glasgow. They are now in Dungavel IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Pakistan International Airlines flight PK758 from London to Lahore at 20:00 on Tuesday 3rd February.

The family were previously detained and threatened with forcible removal as recently as August after their claim for asylum was refused. On that occasion they were released and the flight stopped when their lawyer successfully applied to the High Court for a judicial review of the decision to remove them.

Rashida and her sons arrived in the UK in 2007 after fleeing religious persecution in Pakistan. As Ahmadiyya Muslims, they were subject to death threats and were attacked at home by the extremist group Khadam-e-Nabuad, during which Mahmood was stabbed and Rashida's husband fled.

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The Sri Lankan Government's Genocidal War

29-01-2009 04:20

ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.

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Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka Don’t Let This Become Another Darfur

29-01-2009 03:24


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Global Carbon Reduction Fortnight: 5-18 December 2009

29-01-2009 02:00

A proposal for everyone concerned by climate change and who wants to
make a difference... Please discuss, and forward widely!

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Pictures of Law Faculty occupation from Sunday...

29-01-2009 01:48

Cantabridgian & Palestinian Trade Unionists come together...
In case you're wondering why I'm so late delivering these pictures, it's because I've been a bit ill this week.

Here goes...possibly what will be my last photo report from inside the occupation, given recent events.

Mind you, it's not over yet!

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(Cambridge) Statement on the behaviour of the university authorities

29-01-2009 01:07

This is the statement issued by the general assembly of the Cambridge law school occupation about their imminent threat of eviction.

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Update on law school occupation

29-01-2009 00:51

At about 9pm the university closed the doors of the occupation not
allowing anyone to go in any more. A statement from the university was
distributed inside stating that the occupiers were trespassing (but of
course no injunction -- therefore not making it an actual legal issue
yet.) A group of about 50 people were outside to show their
solidarity, including lots of people who had left the occupation to be
present at the CUSU (student union) meeting where motions relating to
the occupation were discussed.

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Breaking News: Student Occupation at Nottingham University

28-01-2009 23:24

A sizable group of Nottingham students have tonight occupied a large lecture hall in the Law and Social Sciences building at Nottingham University. This action appears to be both in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and in defence of students' own right to protest and free speech, and students have already indicated a number of demands for action on the part of the University.

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Eviction Threat at Cambridge Gaza Occupation

28-01-2009 22:05

The following is from the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Occupation at the Law Faculty...

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DHL - Olive underneath a yellow camouflage

28-01-2009 22:01

This text introduces a proposal for an action related mobilization towards the NATO-festivities in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden in the beginning of April 2008. The idea is to turn into practice the critique on NATO and the new NATO doctrine (with its core "comprehensive approach") by focusing on the postal service and war logistics company DHL. This 100% subsidiary of the Deutsche Post today shows its true colour, which is best expressed in its new name "Deutsche Heeres Logistic" (German Army Logistics).

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Sequence for Mumia Abu-Jamal

28-01-2009 21:56

Mumia Abu-Jamal on Prison Radio:

Denis Brutus Freedom Fighter of Global Apartheid

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Bayer Day of Action in Cambridge

28-01-2009 21:32

Bayers' track record shows they don't give a damn about all life

In support of the Day of Action against Bayer, activists visited their offices in Building 230, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WB.

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Sheffield Hallam Occupied in Solidarity with Gaza

28-01-2009 20:40

Students of Sheffield this evening occupied an upper floor lecture theater in Sheffield Hallam University after a meeting on the conflict in Gaza.

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Trial against two spanish Euromayday activists postponed

28-01-2009 20:07

This is a continuation of an earlier report:

Teh courtcase is postponed to April, apparently, and there was a supporting demo in Sevilla. Here are infos in spanish, maybe someone could translate or summarise them in English, pleeeze?

Video (Interviews, demo):

Pics demo:

Messages of support:

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Crimininalisation of Sex Workers Must Be Opposed

28-01-2009 20:02

The proposed measures threaten the safety and incomes of sex workers at a time when economic conditions are worsening. It is likely to make sex workers more, not less, vulnerable, making it more difficult for workers to denounce cases of exploitation, abuse or assault at work.