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Global Day for Darfur

14-09-2006 13:26

Demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy in London.

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Future Prospects for the Young Generation

14-09-2006 12:15

The social contract of modern times based on lifelong full-employment in paid work is broken.. We produce with Bill Gates and distribute with Bismarck. We have a hundred-year distribution deficit.. After 200 years, we need a new social contract making possible a new reconciliation of work and life for men and women adapted to the way of life of nature.

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'Mass Lone Protest' around Parliament

14-09-2006 11:43

Discussion of a 'Mass Lone Protest' to circumvent the idiocy of the SOCPA act

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Zimbabweans call demo against mass deportation this Saturday (16th)

14-09-2006 11:33

Blair and Mugabe are on the same side
Thando Dube, who was recently freed after 12 months detained in Yarlswood after joining a hunger strike among Zimbabwean detainees, will join a demonstration against the deportation of Zimbabweans in Leeds this Saturday 16 September.

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14-09-2006 10:46

LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE (Anti school fingerprinting campaign)

News Release: For immediate release: 14th September 2006


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A noisy event for a distruction aiding company.

14-09-2006 10:37

the latest anti-EDO protest

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14-09-2006 10:33

carmarthen/SIR GAR anarcho-SYNDICALIST network>>> new GROUP forming. text messages INITIALLY to 07981393616

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Civil society groups denounce Singapore government, IMF-WB for barring activists

14-09-2006 10:33

12 Sept 06 - Protest against World Bank at Makati Shangri-la
Jubilee South and the Freedom from Debt Coalition of the Philippines, two of the proponents and lead organizers of the International Peoples Forum vs the IMF and World Bank, denounce the latest move of the Singapore government to prevent the exercise of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

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The Art of War

14-09-2006 10:15

Likud threatens Latuff

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A Worlwide Call To Arms

14-09-2006 06:53

Please help save the life of a grandmother

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SOCPA - superintendent terry on trial tomorrow

13-09-2006 22:42

barbara tucker takes superintendent terry to court tomorrow morning, and perhaps to the cleaners. horseferry road magistrates will sit for her 'abuse of process' hearing in reference to police arrests, reports and summonses in the socpa zone. she will show that the police have acted unlawfully by not authorising her one-person ongoing protest and instead embarking on a campaign of harrassment, intimidation and violence.

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Military Families to defy Manchester's New Labour Council

13-09-2006 22:26

New Labour in Manchester is trying to ban a peace camp by bereaved military families on the pretext that 'Providing facilities for the campers would not be logistically possible.'

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Day 10 of Mersey Fire Strike: Yet More Strike Dates Promised

13-09-2006 21:18

Eight more strike dates were announced this evening, which are scheduled to take place from 20th September. Meanwhile, it seems that the solid strike has finally forced the Fire Authority back to the table.

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Two Axioms of 9/11

13-09-2006 20:08

The War on the American People – that psychological operation against our minds and emotions that began with the demolition of the World Trade Center and has continued unabatedly for five consecutive years – has been reinvented and redeployed, its army of lackey journalists, talking heads, government institutions and authoritarian politicians eager to spread the language and images needed to resurrect emotions and feelings, spreading the filth designed to manipulate our fears and hatreds, conditioning us into accepting the dictates of the state and the corporation along with the reality of a world of perpetual war and perpetual terror.

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Is Gun Crime Terrorism?

13-09-2006 19:35

The resources that go into anti terrorism far outwiegh that which is spent on crime.But for the people of Liverpools Croxteth and Norris Green gun crime feels like terrorism.

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Funeral of anti-fascist veteran

13-09-2006 19:30

Veteran anti-fascist, anti-capitalist activist Alf Burtman, from Lancing near Worthing in West Sussex, has died at the age of 90.

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Corporate Watch is Ten!

13-09-2006 17:05

The UK's leading anti-corporate research group celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

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When will someone on Britain's left break ranks?

13-09-2006 16:02

This article challenges the assumption that the Parties on the left, by definition are opposed to all of the War Party's doctrine.

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Tony Blair: noun 1. politically insane 2. asshole / SOCPA: bullshit 1. gag order

13-09-2006 15:23

Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain. How insane is that for a democratic foreign policy?